Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics – Perflectly Pure Podcast Tutorial – Film and Video Production

Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics – Perflectly Pure Podcast Tutorial – Film and Video Production

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So perfectly pure is really natural barely
there make-up look so we are making sure all of your features
are just slightly enhanced without overplaying one particular feature
so its a very understated look so we have already applied the foundation if you need to find out more about the foundation
tutorials Just look on the Lily Lolo website we are going to start with defining the brows so we dont neccessarily want to make them
look darker we are just filling them in so I am just taking Mud Pie and just gently feathering in between the
hairs just to add a bit more definition this is essentially so that the brows can
be framing the face if we want, so that we dont have to work too
much make-up in to the look so to keep a little emphasis on the eyes we
are going to sweep soft brown mineral eye colour shade over the
eye lids just close then just using a circular motion just to
really buff that colour in the great thing about this brush is that it
is fantastic for blending and mineral powders are so soft they are really
easy to blend anyway just to add a bit more subtle definition i
am using the smudge brush with some Mud Pie again to just work in to the roots of the lashes it is very subtle but will just give a bit
of definition around the eyes so that they dont get to lost just rubbing that along the lash line and i am also going to apply it underneath just look up for me just taking it from the outer corner and almost pressing it between the lashes lashes just need a little bit of extentuating so I am going to just lightly apply a bit
of mascara just really subtly to add a little bit of
definition but not to overplay it okay so for blush you just want to add a little
hint of colour not too much but just go for one shade darker
than your natural skin tone so i am using rosy apple blush, with the blush
brush and i am going to just take that in to the
apples of the cheeks if you find it hard to see where the apples
of your cheeks are just smile slightly and you can see whewre
the raised area is then just buff that in so finally for this look we are finishing
off with some lip gloss we are going for clear and im using the Lily
Lolo clear lip gloss which is pink in the tube but actually goes
on extrememely clear it is very natuaral and adds a lovely moisturising
effect to the lips there we go now it is an option to add finishing powder and i am going to use the translucent silk and i am going to just buff that in to the
skin using the finishing brush and litterally just taking it in to the areas
that just might need a bit of attention just mainly across the t-zone and anywhere
that adds shine

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