Living Doll Takes Off Makeup

Living Doll Takes Off Makeup

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Hey everybody! So you guys, can’t believe how many people still ask me “What does your face looks like, without make-up?” Even though at the beginning at most of my make-up videos I don’t wear any make-up, and also sometimes post naked face selfies on my Instagram Which you should follow :>And then I realized, that I actually never told you guys My method and keeping skin flawless, and pimple free! So that is why….Today I’m gonna show you my….. My Ultimate. Make-Up. Removal. Routine. Make-up strap case Ok! Let’s get started! Now there’s different skin types They are going to be different method’s and products to use, in order to remove your make-up and polish your skin So you probably can’t notice, because it looks so natural, but I’m actually wearing circle lenses So before taking off your circle lenses, you want to make sure your hands are sparkly and clean 🙂 When removing my make-up, I always remove my circle lenses first thing. That is because….. Because it is inevitable to not rub your eyes while your removing your make-up. Am I right? Am I right? Am. I. right. So there was this long time I forgot to take off my circle lenses Because they look so natuRaL XD. I know. Just kidding. Um. Yea, I really forgot to take off my circle lenses. I rubbed my eyes and the circle lenses actually switched to the side of my eye ball And it was kinda hard to get it out, of the side of my eye ball And it was just really super scary. It was like in a horror movie. From mistakes you’ll learn. So I just pull the skin of my lower eye lid, and then… Pull the lenses down with my thumb, and grab it. So yea, I just cleanse and store my lenses in lenses liquid. Inside this Macaroon case. Ok. Now we’ll get to the awkward part of the video which I clip off my bangs *humph* *humph* *serious humph* Just wondering guys, but…Do you have bangs or is your forehead naked XD. Let me know in the comment’s below Do you guys actually know if I jump out of this video, I can crawl behind the comment section? Guess you didn’t know that. I’m watching you guys. This make-up removing oil. Really removing all of the make-up that is all on your face is- Essential. Essential to keep your skin pimple free and fawless Flawless. Oh.My.Gosh. NO. What is happening? Ok. XD So save time and keep the products simple but still effective. I take this Make-Up Removing Oil. Simple drop a little bit of it on my hands Rub my hangs together. And apply it on my face. Make-Up Removing Wipes. So with these you can actually remove make-up that is usually really hard to take off, like Mascara. To save time and be more effective, I usually use 2 wipes at the same time Start to remove make-up from your nose and then go to the outer side of my face And then just keep on doing this It’s working~ But, there might be some small partials of make-up left on my face which isn’t good for your skin. So you really wanna make sure that you remove the entire make-up you put on in the morning off of your face. The most effective method to remove dirt, impurities and all those kind of things, also make-up. Is of course, peeling. So you really shouldn’t use peeling or scrub on your face Every single day It will weaken and damage your healthy skin. I actually use a peeling. However it is a Jelly peeling and, it looks just like this. The Jelly will form tiny little Jelly balls that will take away the dirt from your skin But they’re too soft to actually scrub away your skin cells Now that were sure that we remove a large part and all of our make-up off, we can… Wash off the peeling. I use a special towel to take off the excess of water I got this soft fiber towel for just $1 at Dasel But it is just soft enough to take off the right amount of water but still keep my face Hydrated. What’s really basic, and I think that everybody, and even though you don’t wear any make-up should have a… Basic face cleansing routine. Having a daily face cleansing helps to prevent pimples And I just wanted to let you know that this is actually one of the cheapest face cleansing washes that I could find At my local drug store, so… Even if you skin care routine is not at advanced, you can start right now which is getting a simple… Face Cleansing Wash from your Local Drug Store. Now it really increases the effect of the face wash by applying it by using a face washing brush So what I do is I apply a little bit of the face cleansing wash on the palm of my hand And use the brush to create foam. And start cleansing by moving your brush in a circular motion across your face I have blackheads. DIEEEEE. And this is basically is how far my cleansing goes However you should keep in mind doing face cleansing products actually removes a lot of moisture off from your face So in order to replace that moisture you want to use some hydrating creams or lotions Here’s what I used. I use this simple Collin Lotion to hydrate my skin If the lotion gets absorbed really quickly, I just apply it twice If the skin under your eyes, especially sensitive, and mine tends to get dark as well I use this special hydrating and skin lighting eye cream If you got super dry skin like me, any lotion or creams will get absorbed quickly. So what you do is instead of applying too much at once, you want to layer all those creams and lotion top on top. So they can be absorbed step, by step And what I like to do for an extra hydrating treatment for my dry skin is to apply a facial mask. Now I want to apply a facial mask everyday and using those common single packets are just a little bit too expensive to buy everyday. That is why I got…. This super duper ultra make-up pack of skin packs. Usually I leave this facial mask on for about 15 Minutes. I really shouldn’t be moving my face right now but, this is for a video. So, yea that was my last 100 steps of my daily skin care routine. Let me know in the comments below if you learned anything! 🙂 And remember I’m watching you from behind the comment section


  1. Wait she already has blue eyes? I've never seen a natural blue eyed person wear blue contacts. Also I've never seen an Asian with natural blue eyes! My god she's cute :O

  2. Me: watches video
    My brother: what is that?
    Me: its venue
    My brother: let me see
    Me: okay? shows him
    My brother: this is a ultimate cringe show mama
    Mom: yea?
    Me: shows mom
    Mom: she ain't even Japanese…

  3. I have bangs, but since I have curly hair I need to cut it, otherwise I look like an elf (I can tell by experience that curly hair is the only thing on earth that don't respect the gravity laws QwQ)

  4. It's sad how she's being controlled by her mom…

    Edit:At this time

    Edit:i'm not late subscribed just wanna let haters know how is she being controlled at this time

  5. I used to have bangs because when I was little I got annoyed at my hair and cut the front parts. But now my gigantic forehead is nAked.

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