Long-lasting Kira Kira Makeup | A-TEEN 2 | (Click CC for ENG sub)

Long-lasting Kira Kira Makeup | A-TEEN 2 | (Click CC for ENG sub)

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Hi, (The camera was borrowed from Boram) How are you, guys? Today I am going to see fireworks with my friends in the evening, and, because I was often late before I’ll get myself prepared quickly to leave. Since I just got back from school, I already have BB on, so let me proceed for the following process. This is the pouch I carry everyday. Blusher Mascara Eyelash curler What is this? I thought I’d lost it, so I bought the same one again. Oh, my. It’s always found after buying a new one. Ok, first, let met curl up my eyelash with the curler. You know, it really hurts if I make a mistake. Pushing up my wrist, softly squeeze it. Is it curled up? Now, eyebrow. I’ll draw my eyebrows now. People say my eyebrows look the same as Cha Kihyun’s and so does my face, but, no it is not. Kihyun’s look like a gull, but mine is round and pretty. Shadow (softly) (whoosh whoosh) Now, I’ll apply the blusher. Actually I have greed for cosmetics, so I bought so many blushers with different colors. Out of these, I like this color best. This is F4 color. Because it has a little bit of prune-like color, it makes my face a little brighter when applied. Let me try this. Put it on the brush a little, and apply on cheeks softly. It has such a strong coloring
(strong coloring) so it turns it pretty with very little touch. Pretty, huh? Next is tint. This is one that I lost but found. This is new one I bought again. I’ve often lost my tints
(in a play structure lot long ago) so, now I have several like this. After lunch at school, friends usually have no color on lips. But, this one is so durable that I still have it the same back home. I have no other option than this when going to school. I used to use this thick one before, but nowadays I like to make gradation with this thin one and the thick one, so, let me make a gradation starting with a thick one from inside. This is so moist that it’s easy to use. Ok, now, lastly, because I am going to see fireworks, I’ll make a highlight with this sticker on my face. (working hard) (becoming bling-bling) Now, I’ll change my clothes and take care of my hair. Finally, I’m ready. #fireworks #luminous How is it? Ok, now I’m going to see fireworks with my friends! Bye!


  1. Which product did Cha Ahyun use? 👇

    (official goods)

    * Only available in countries below

    Thailand – https://www.stylehan.com/a-teenmoart

    Singapore – https://www.qoo10.sg/shop/kpopstarindo_ID_sg​

    China / Taiwan – https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.5-c.w4002-18798232595.17.1684674aOmVWJN&id=596402169871

  2. I wish A Teen merch was available in the US because I would totally buy it. Everything looks so cute! Love Kang Min Ah! She is so cute and chic.

  3. y'all i think ahyun is in another web series but i fforget the name. she acted a bit mature there thats why i didn't recognize her at first. her hair was curly there and she dated her bestfren then broke up or smethg

  4. Lol I didn’t recognize first and I was like “That can’t be KimHa or Boram?” Then I heard the voice and I realized it was Ahyun 😂

  5. Video ideas 🎥

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    Morning routines
    After school routines
    Night routines
    Self care routines after exam
    Outfit ideas

  6. I'm just curious. What brand are the stickers?
    Or do you know on which website can I find face stickers?

  7. Playlist Global please make this available internationally or atleast in Asia. I'm willing to spend on make up. Pleaseeee🙏.

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