look good without makeup كيف تكوني جميلة بدون مكياج؟

look good without makeup كيف تكوني جميلة بدون مكياج؟

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Hi beautiful people Welcome back to my channel This video is so special because it has been very requested from you I always see in the comments that you want to see my skin care routine how I take care of my skin How do I go out with no makeup on and be confident at the same time so I decided to film this video to show you how I take care of my skin and I will tell you all my skin care tips and tricks and what I personally do I will also talk about other things you can do to have a good skin so if you want to know how to look prettier and cleaner without makeup on and go out with confidence please keep on watching first we drink our coffee this video is sponsored by FOREO FOREO is a Swedish brand and of course you’ve all seen this little thing before on instagram and on youtube and guys *Disclaimer* you know that I don’t work much with brands and it’s actually my first time that I do a collaboration with a brand on youtube I don’t like to work with a brand unless I’ve tried it for a long time even when brands ask to work with me, I first try them for a long time to have my own opinion later on and share it with you guys because it’s a responsibility and because I see you as my family and everything that I recommend to my family I recommend to you also My sister Dodi already got one for her, the pink one This is the FOREO Luna 3 I had the Luna 2 and I’ve been using it for about a year yes I’ve been in contact with the brand for that long they sent it to me about a year ago and I started using it and I really loved it so I made it a part of my everyday routine I use it every night and sometimes in the morning depending on how my skin feels I remember the first time I used it, I went to my sisters and told them to touch my skin and see how soft Like how can this happen from the first time so now they released the FOREO Luna 3 the shape is almost the same but it differs from the FOREO Luna 2 such as the bristles that are so soft! so first you download the application from the app store which is called FOREO This tool will do deep cleansing it goes everywhere on your face, it removes really small things that can’t be taken off by hand because of that I really love using it especially if I had makeup on before I’ll be sure that all the makeup is gone the first step in my skin care routine is to do cleansing Long long time ago we used to do a double cleansing which means washing your face twice to make sure that all the dirt is gone but today with technology and with FOREO, you don’t have to double cleans because in 1 minute, it removes everything from the face so you can use any face wash that you like I use different ones Today I will use FOREO’s I love foam cleansers this is kind of foam also this is the micro foam cleanser so the first step is to wash our face with water to be able to use the cleanser I will now put the FOREO under the water so now on the application you first connect the FOREO by turning on the Bluetooth and then we press the button to turn it on so they tell you the time needed to do your cleansing and to remove all the dirts and this time is 60 seconds in these 60 seconds you’ll be sure that everything dirt is gone so you regulate the intensity needed, how strong do you want it to be but since its morning and I didn’t have makeup on before I put it on 6 at night I sometimes put it on 13 because I like it strong but now we have to be gentle to our faces because there isn’t that much dirt to remove or makeup, so I’ll put it on 6 so before turning it on, I will put the cleanser the FOREO micro foam cleanser and apply it a little bit here then press start guys be very gentle you should be hard since it already does the job neck Around the nose here is where all the dirt stays so we finished part 1, I will wash the FOREO another thing I love is that it’s very easily washable because it’s silicone so when you put it under the water, the dirt will be gone, and bacteria doesn’t sit so there are a lot of tools for face wash such as brushes but they’re really bad because the bacteria stays and then you put it again on your face alright, stop talking Natalie wash your face and remove the foam it feels so good on the skin I will continue a little bit with my hands and then I’ll wash my face so I won’t dry my face, and moving on to the second step that I don’t always do I do it once to twice per week and it is the exfoliation peeling is so important to remove the dead skin cells from you face because they clog the face pores then you’ll have acne and pimples this scrub is from L’occitane, it’s called radiance scrub of course you can use any scrub I always change, you don’t have to use the same one always my face is still wet I will apply this scrub so I will move in circles now take a towel and tap to dry it’s not good to be harsh with the towel on your skin because it would be really sensitive after the scrub another thing you can do one to twice a week or even three times, is the mask I always use different masks depending on what my skin needs but I won’t apply one today because I did yesterday so moving on to an important step which is the toner the toner regulates the ph level of your face so when you wash your face with a soap and water the level changes, so the toner regulates it again and also depending on the toner kind, it benefits your skin this tonic is by Pixi, it has vitamin c and ferulic acid this brightens the face I love using toners that have vitamins so using a cotton, I will apply it very gently now we start with my favorite step which is by using the Luna 3 we open the application so even in the old Foreos there’s this massage side That I really love but I didn’t know how to use it but now it’s really easy, using the app go to massage treatments you’ll see the different massages that they have there’s Eyes on the prize, which is for firming the eyes I use it a lot because as you know I have black under eyes a lot of you thought that I did fillers to remove them but no, I still have them of course I don’t like them, but what can I do then you have Nothing but the neck this is for the neck a lot of you don’t know how important it is to take care of you neck when you’re young, thinking that you have a lot of time to age the more you take care of your neck while still young the more time it takes to show wrinkles on your neck and then there’s Contour crazy which is my favorite basically it contours the face of course you won’t have a fully contoured face but you’ll definitely feel a difference in the definition in the morning the face is bloated so when you do the massage in the right way you will feel the face firming and it will release the bloating I used to use the jade roller for that I think it’s a tool from the Chinese skin care I used to use it for the same idea to contour my jawline my cheekbones, and all of my face but now I don’t use it as much because now I have the new version which is the Luna 3 with the different massage treatments so today I will do the Contour crazy because we’re in the morning and I love doing this massage before applying makeup because I feel like the makeup will look nicer so how do I like doing the massage? I love putting serums before that and as you know I love using the hyaluronic acid in all my serums hyaluronic acid is very important for your face it hydrates your face it does this plump effect I’ve been using hyaluronic acid for a long long time I use a lot of serums you can use any serum that has hyaluronic acid today I will use the FOREO serum and guess what? it also has hyaluronic acid look how much I’ve already used so when I recommend something, I would be using it for a long time before to tell you my review and recommendations so keep this in mind so usually I don’t put a lot of serum but because I want to do the massage, there should be enough so I will put more than what I usually put to have a thick layer a little bit more I should buy a new one so now spread it all over your face also on my neck beck to the application press on Contour crazy they tell you everything you should do just do as the woman on the screen don’t do it your way, because this is a really effective way so 3, 2, 1! and we’re done! it’s for 4 mintues, you do it when you have time of course I don’t do it everyday but it’s very effective so now I will tap on my face with the hyaluronic serum still on I’m already feeling fresh! so now for the eye cream I will use the one from origins it brightens the under eyes with this finger I will apply it on the eye bone very very gently, because under the eye is really sensitive and I will do gliding the on the eye bone above the eye it’s very important and then also something I forgot to say about this side of the FOREO the massage is targeting for the anti aging if you’re thinking: you’re still 21 why are you using something for anti aging you won’t believe how important it is to take care of your skin you must use anti aging before you grow old to prevent aging if you don’t like to use a product for anti aging, I recommend you to use the massage side of FOREO at least or any other massaging tool that you love I do this step once a day, in the morning or at night the Dior capture youth glow booster you can see how much I use it, I really love it it is thicker than the hyaluronic acid from FOREO so I use this first for my skin to absorb it the I apply this before the cream guys I don’t know if you already know that whenever you apply serums or creams or anything on your face, always always always move your hands upwars If you apply it downwards, the muscles of the face will go down and you’ll look tired you won’t realize the difference now, but in 10 years you will if you’re doing the movements upwards it does like a lifting effect on the long term also on the neck, which is more important do upward movement the last step which is moisturizing hydrating, cream what else should I say of course morning and night creams differ like this video if you would like to see my night time skin care routine how I take care of my skin before I sleep so in the morning or any time during the day I always use a cream that has SPF the sun is our enemy you won’t believe how damaging the sun is to our skin, especially on the long term it causes wrinkles, and for what? really for what? even if there’s no obvious sun, you should apply SPF even in winter even if there’s clouds the uv rays still pass through and hit your skin and damages it at the same time, I know it’s hard to find a cream with SPF that doesn’t show a white layer with makeup and has a nice texture I use the Clarins hydra essentiel it has SPF 15 I really like it’s texture, let me show you it’s not thick at all it’s so light I put too much, but it’s very light as if it doesn’t have this strong SPF and SPF 15 is actually enough now I will apply it on my face so, circular motions and then upwards guys don’t think that all the details that I’m doing and that I’m showing I do only on camera, no I really do these things everyday I really care about my skin I don’t mind staying 10 minutes in the bathroom to do my skin care routine the important thing is to have a clean and healthy skin yeah I just wanted to tell you that because I sometimes watch skin care routines and think: swear that you do all of this everyday I don’t know you never know so now let’s talk about stuff other than skin care routine how to look good without makeup and more confident you’ll laugh at this thing and say oh how much we’ve heard this sentence but its: Drink a lot of water. I don’t drink a lot of water because of that I realize that when I drink water, I see how my skin is better day by day how my skin will glow more and if I don’t drink, my face will be gloomy and tired I feel tired and so does my face so really it’s not a myth the water is a secret for skin care and I really believe that everything that goes in your body has an effect on your face this thing is known and proven the second point is eating healthy I’m the last person to talk about eating healthy because I don’t always eat healthy food and I have a lot of phases in my life sometimes I’m so into eating healthy and working out and all these stuff and sometimes I’m not, and that’s normal everyone passes through these days but you must be strong, because healthy food shows it’s effects on your face if you eat a lot of fried food and chocolate you’ll wake up the next day with a pimple and of course everyone can relate tell me if it happened to you that one day you ate something and woke up the next day with a pimple also linked to healthy food is exercising when you exercise, you remove all the toxins from your body and it’s also linked to your face also if not for the sake of having a nice body, do it for your skin Also one more tip: the eyebrows the eyebrows are very tricky, because they can make you look better *is that an existing arabic word?* or your eyebrows can make you look worse for that, always take care of you eyebrows when I have good eyebrows, I have no problem going out with no makeup so always brush them upwards because look at the difference, if they were downwards that’s how you’ll look if you brush them downwards they even make your eye look sleepy so when you brush them upwards you’ll feel the difference I hate it when the lips are chapped so always use a lip balm this is a mini lip balm from l’occitane I took it from my advent calendar I always have it with me wherever I go so when your lips are hydrated and have a shine or a glow from the lip balm you’ll look more attractive without makeup so I know that I said I won’t be using makeup in this video but I would like to add one more step if you’re interested, but you can also skip it and go out like that it’s the concealer it’s for the ones that have black under eyes I will apply a little bit of concealer under my eyes, to cover the darkness you’ll see how my face will transform my face will be looking a little bit tired just because of the darkness under my eyes so for the ones that don’t have any darkness under their eyes I hate you I’m joking, I’m so happy for you so this is my favorite concealer from Tarte the trick is not to buy it lighter than you skin tone it must be as your skin color because if its lighter than your skin tone white on black will turn out grey so please avoid it if you have black under eye circles you should always use a tone near yellow, yellow tint or a corrector, but I don’t have one with me now so I will use the concealer and I will apply a little bit and a little bit here so now using a damped beauty blender say it guys.. didn’t I transform! What do these black circles do to the human! I will add only one more step because I discovered this thing a few days ago I got it from Sephora Dubai so if I don’t have makeup on and want my lips to look a little bit bigger you’ll get the attention to your lips, and no one will realize that you don’t have makeup on psychological so this is from Too Faced and it’s called Lip Injection I didn’t believe that it would work honestly but basically you apply it then wait for a minute and a half to 2 minutes and then you’ll feel like there’s a plum and they look a little bit bigger you’ll feel a tingly feeling, it burns a little bit Hello Mr.Y: What are you doing? I’m filming a skin care routine video Mr.Y: oh nice! Let me know when you’re done okay okay so it’s about 2 minutes now I don’t know if you can see there’s a little bit of difference of course there won’t be a huge difference because they’re not fillers or whatever they put in the lips but it is good enough for me I don’t mind and yeah I think we’re done thank you so much for watching I will link the FOREO device in the description box if you already use a FOREO device let me know which one, and if you like it and also if you’ll buy it let me know I want your honest opinion Thank you so much for watching I love you all don’t forget to subscribe and to like the video in order to upload more videos!


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