Lush Cosmetics: Love Your Packaging. Skip Ours.

Lush Cosmetics: Love Your Packaging. Skip Ours.

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I guess I just like
the way it makes me feel. It feels liberating. It feels honest. It feels free. It's about being open
and totally unashamed. It's baring it all and it's
actually really empowering. So when you think about it, why does it even need to be covered up? It makes no sense. It's not that hard of a change. Why be afraid of doing
something differently? It's a bold statement and
we should just embrace it.


  1. In terms of mental health, it’s very important to accept yourself at whatever stage in life you’re at. Yet, on the other hand, obesity is not something we should accept as a constant in our lives. At that point, the body has stored more energy than it needs and the skeletal system is supporting more weight than it is meant to hold. We should also embrace helping each other strive for clean healthy diets.

  2. This is lovely. Brings everyone back to reality after seeing social media filled with unrealistic body goals and photoshop. We need to see more pores, bumps, hair, etc to remember that we are all human and have these features. Thank you for being realistic, Lush. This was refreshing.

  3. You all never show hairy body like come on am I the only girl who has thin layer of hair covering whole body 😒😒😒😒I feel sad 😢

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