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MAC Lipsticks MATTE Review & Swatches *Hindi Subtitles | JoyGeeks |

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I didn’t make a video within different formulas of matte lipstick this is just featuring the matte finish from that if you haven’t seen that I will post a link above so shall we begin this right tray with just the matte lipsticks I have 10 of them 5 mini mats and 5 full-sized matte lipsticks keep watching hiya partner animation I welcome you to join gigs a channel where I create beauty and wellness videos definitely wellness is very close to my heart and I want to share with you guys I know right now there is no Beauty content on my channel but that’s gonna change soon matt has been here forever and it is known for its extremely good quality we all know that I know a lot of people find it expensive but I also know that people who are extremely conscious of quality may want to buy one Mac instead of buying four of more fordable lipsticks so it’s completely up to you what is affordable is also very subjective actually so you be you and you do you and this is just a video for people you like to have MAC lipsticks and sure I would say it is very decent quality this is Mac the most classic Lulu’s lipstick that you find I do like this packaging except that the color is not given in the bottom that’s a huge – for me because it’s very tough to read this when you have like a bunch of lipsticks with you the beauty of matte finish is that it’s opaque with a one swipe application it’s non drying and it is reasonably match it’s not one of those shiny mats I’m very surprised how with one swipe you get the full pigmentation without it egging or making your lips I’m very very surprised with how long is lipstick lasts actually like I had a meeting and fail Italy went off and then of course you can touch it up even if it you know goes off in the inner corners it is around 1600 or so I will put in the description box the only con of these matte lipstick I would say is that a it will seem a little too expensive for college kids and for somebody who’s not too much into makeup second is that it’s not truly free I will be sharing the exact order of route 6 I have shown you today so you can check those out the best part about these lipsticks is that it is available throughout India easily anywhere and online they have plenty of sales many such in fact I’ve built my collection with using those offers a lot so this video will have a mixed bag with a lot of bright shades dark shades vampy shades new cheeks I’m pretty sure whatever lipsticks I’m sharing today will be suiting all skin tones so shall I begin this wash party let’s go this is the matte finish in the shade sin and this is a deep deep maroon really dark color I do like this and especially because I know it’s going to stay for a long time again I’m not using any lip liner right now if you’d with that the finish would be a lot smoother you can see in my close-up that you know how to finish and be better if you like this kind of content please don’t hit the subscribe button also with the Bell button so that you do not miss future posts I love D for the injurer because I think it’s a little unique shade I love these kind of things which is a deep deep pink which makes the Indian skin tone really stand up I love how opaque this is i have heavy pigmented lips if you see the powder case lipsticks they are not as opaque burning love is a similar shade Flemish pink is the word for this burning lava streams to that so if you not have to do it very matte finishes then you can check the powder these lipsticks out but know that that’s not as pigmented as this I also really appreciate that it does not leave a tinge behind when you’re trying to take it off you can see it’s clear off despite it being such a dark shape Schiele is this beautiful british red i would say it’s a little tough to describe this because it handled it the orange brown red it’s a beautiful beautiful thing chilli is definitely one of my favorites and I guess you’re going to say a lot of them seem to be your favorite well the MAC store has some hundreds of lipsticks so I couldn’t have made lipstick video with all the shades watched like I know you liked so these are my favorites from the map I will be continuing with my swatches but before that if you like this so far please sit on the like button please subscribe if you have in it’s just a quick reminder let’s continue this is Russian dread for beautiful deep red that I am very very comfortable with I think I prefer these kind of Reds than very bright red I think sometimes this is a what I would say like amateurish I really really like this color Russian red and I must correct myself from my travel essentials with you I showed Russian bread knife infuse it with another shape saying it’s a pinkish tone it’s not actually it is a deep red which I absolutely love between fever and sin I would say diva is mama troll sin is more vampy than fever you can choose as for what you’d like to have yes I’m shooting this again in natural light because you guys consistently demanded that please keep your constructive feedback coming I love to read each and every comment and I try to meet you guys midway as much as possible and try to kind of you know work it out I want this to be interactive this channel is not just about me giving you the information I want to get information from you guys as well this is Lady danger and I love such bright colors actually you don’t need to know much when you have such a bright lipstick this where something basic just wear this and get out of your house you’re just dumb lady danger and so showed are very close so short is a deeper orange this is a bright orange this is a nice one for sure this is my hair a shade that I think a lot of people love it’s a beautiful everyday pink and I have worn it earlier and share it with you guys on and star somewhere and you guys really loved it so definitely a shade to try out if you are somebody who likes lighter shades nudes I like a mixed bag isn’t this like a super bright beautiful thing it’s so complimentary to my skin tone I think it just bring my face alive it might seem a little too bright for some people but I like the bright shades too this will even work for darker skin tones with the light and girl this is going to even pop more but I’m very happy with how this pops for me this is what I call a happy happy happy color and I just absolutely love this shape is just blending with my skin as such a beautiful nude something about these lipsticks that I’ve picked I think it suits a cross skin tones even this may not wash the dark skin tones out I think let me know in the comment section if somebody with dark skin has used it it would help the other girls fit up Cal you know sometimes people think how can you do so many lips swatches in one video and how is this okay and you know it doesn’t their lip hurt but trust me when you really love lipsticks as much as I do I just feel genuinely so happy wearing and sharing them with you I don’t think this is work for me then I really enjoy them and I’m so glad you guys are enjoying it too this is so sure like I said it’s a deeper orange this is the color I did show in my ten formulas of Mac if you haven’t seen that see that you will see then different finishes of math easily one of my favorites the shade I think it would bring anybody you know alive out of the dead space and if you think this is too bright for you then maybe you should just dab it or you know work around that you know everybody should experiment with colors the lipstick I think nudes are great for everyday but you know once in a while you want to have pop of color on yourself I hope you following me on Instagram there’s lots of fun happening there check that out let me know which is your favorite shade let me know which other lipsticks that you have any specific shades that I have you have to go and get please write them in the comment below there are videos on your screen that you must watch if you like this kind of content that’s all for now see you [Music]


  1. Hiii…today I m first…yeyyy…watching now….I own MAC studio fix powder plus foundation…but surely want to try lipsticks from it…I liked diva, d for danger and Russian red…can u plz tell me what's on yr nails during this video…love u for yr explanations…😘😘😘😘😘

  2. Do you have the shade impulsive in Mac powder kiss lipstick? I heard it’s a pretty shade. Would love to hear your opinion!

  3. I always break the bullet of all my lipsticks any solution….
    And love u soo much….ur almost equal to my skintone and it's very easy to select my shades becoz of😘

  4. I have the shade Whirl which is of same Matte category and its really comfortable to wear in office for the whole day. I mix it with Ruby woo and automatically a new shade is created

  5. So lovely… Missed the makhan emmotion today… πŸ˜‚ Planning to buy a lipstick… Definitely a very helpful video 😊

  6. Love from Kerala β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️

  7. I love sin and d for dancer so much!! I only have one Mac lipstick and that's Ruby Woo hehe loved the dark lipsticks on you 😍😍😍

  8. As I always say I love the way you describe…
    N the lipstick close-ups n lip swatches close-ups…
    Eeeeee m repeating….. M obsessed 😍
    Who is not obsessed with Mac lipsticks by the way…
    I have none of Mac
    So all your Mac videos are treat to my eyes😊😍😍

  9. I love mehr…..and I am waiting for swatches of m.a.c. I tried that shade from my friends collection… looks good on u means I'm definitely buy this… I think we r same skin tone … which concealer u like pls tell me

  10. Ruby woo is there bestseller… but I like Russian Red more and it is more comfortable and just tiny mini difference in shade…

    My mom is NC45 but velvet teddy suits her…

  11. The natural lighting really helps us to see the true color of the lipstick, which is extremely important for purchasing it online, so thank you so much πŸ™‚

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON FOUNDATIONS AND CONCEALERS SOOOOOOOON, I'm literally only waiting for you to do a video before buying one πŸ™ˆβ€οΈ

  12. Also, please let us know the shade of the nailpaint which you have applied in this video, it looks gorgeous πŸ™‚

  13. Thanks for the video! As always, I enjoy the content you put up on YouTube ❀️ I love matte lipstick and I love mac!!

  14. Loved your lipstick swatches. Which is the nailpolish you are wearing in this video? Very beautiful colour. Please share

  15. I love the fact that you don't apply any primer and give a true review for pigmented lips πŸ™‚
    I would suggest you to try out Persistence and Taupe in stores… I personally liked Persistence because it felt more pigmented and I think it would suit your skin tone πŸ™‚ It is a nice Peachy Cinnamon colour.

  16. Best lip Swatches on the Youtube β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️
    Love your review videos Aparna.. please review faces weightless lipsticks and also Physician Formula Liquid Lipsticks ☺️☺️☺️ Please make a video on them sooooooon
    Love love πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  17. I love velvet teddy on you 😍😍 all shades look good on you .. and I appreciate the fact that you consistently remind us that we should be confident in shades that we love to wear.. they may not look good/washout/dark on us to others but doesn't matter.. if u love it..flaunt it..πŸ₯°

  18. Thank you for filming in natural lighting which is not sunny as well. We are able to see the true colors. Please continue this… and totally love u for ur efforts to give us unbiased reviews.

  19. Thanku for the swatches πŸ˜ƒ i have ruby woo n I wanna own mehr since long but confused as I hv maybelline touch of spice.Do they have same shade?

  20. Loved your video Aparna… Really appreciate the effort you put in your each video. Have been your fan since beginning.. love it every time I see the notification. Your Mac swatches really helped me in choosing what to buy in my next shopping ( hehehe…another salary into Mac store… ). If it's not too much to ask… Can you please swatch their foundation too ? Esp..Mac studio fix ??
    Thanks for your efforts. Love to see more videos in future. Happy festivities !! 😍😍😍

  21. As soon as I started watching the video, I saw ur nailpaint. It is simply gorgeous. I stopped the video midway and commented here. Kindly let us know the shade name. Plzzzz 😘

  22. I also have a mixed bag of mattes, amplified, satin and retro matte shades from Mac. My favourite formula is undoubtedly Matte and my favourite shade is Mehr. I have another Ultra popular shade Whirl which I don’t enjoy on me, its deeper variant Verve also doesn’t suit me, don’t know why I bought them. My all time favourite Mac shade is Retro which surprisingly is underplayed. Its an awesome pinkish-red-brown shade and compliments indian skin tone completely. Its in satin finish though. Thanks for showing difference between diva and sin as i own sin and was planning to buy Diva, now i know how similar or different they would be. You donned lady danger with such a finesse, i have hardly been able to use it as its so bright but after watching you maybe i will wear it more often and more confidently. Velvet teddy looks good on me too whereas I thought it would wash me out but surprisingly it doesn’t. I am so glad you made this video, thank you so much.

  23. Hi Aparna..Beautiful video..😍..Waiting for the other lip swatches of MAC lipsticks of different finishes just like the Matte ones. I have dusky skin and both MAC Mehr and MAC Velvet Teddy washes me out ☹

  24. Whenever I want to buy any lipstick I search for the swatch in your playlists first, plz keep on making videos…

  25. Hi, superb video! Now i know wat shades to buy. Can you also do a similar video on Pac soft matte and pure matte lipsticks?

  26. Hi Aparna, fantastic video! You must try whirl,smoked almond and girl about town!these are such beautiful shades for us brown skin girls😊 oooo also twig! It’s my most used Everyday shade! I have built my collection of Mac lipsticks by using their β€œback to Mac” service.i love it when companies are responsible in their recycling, now I just wish they would go cruelty free☹️that would be the icing on the cake!

  27. U rocked the Russian reddd !!!!! ❀️🀩🀩🀩🀩🀩 I'm really buying that!!!

  28. Your videos are so honest and pureπŸ€—πŸ€—
    I literally watch ur swatches only if I have to buy something 😊😊
    These lipsticks are so expensive I cannot buy them in my entire life😁😁

  29. I loved D for danger and Diva. Beautiful colours! Love all your swatch videos and your description of the shades too. Following you on Insta too. Much love to you from your own city, Mumbai. 😘😘

  30. Hi,Aparna!could you please show a side-by-side swatch of D for Danger and Burning Love.are these exactly same color,then I'd buy powdered matte lipstick?

  31. Hi,Aparna!could you do a lip swatch video on the Mac Amplified finishes lipsticks…want to see specially Mac craving on you☺

  32. I’ve always loved wearing nude shades which have a slight peach/orange undertone.
    Mac Mocha is just the colour for me!

  33. Hi Mam, hope you are good.
    I am lately in search of orange and terracotta lipsticks. Chilly looks good.
    Can you suggest such lipsticks for dusky skin tone??

  34. My favourite is chiliπŸ™‚ Ma'am can u please do a swatch video on Lakme absolute revolution matte lipstick. I blindly trust your swatch videos.

  35. OMG!! Sin was complementing you soooooooooo well… 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  36. Great video! I love Mac lipsticks. Russian red, chili, Taraji P. Henson viva glam, relentlessly red, twig, and captive are some of my favorite lipsticks.😊

  37. M little late this time as i was on vacation😍…mac n huda beauty are still my dream lipsticks..kindly do a video on foundation for dry skin which is not so sticky. LoveπŸ’ž

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