1. Micheline Pitt is so beautiful! I am so happy for her. I love that she is so sweet to her fans! See you at Viva in April!

  2. You successfully created an icon from mine and others' childhood with the use of paint. Great job always, Mr. Baker.

  3. Hermoso el maquillaje podrias decir que productos ocuparon, en el maquillaje de rostro y las cicatrices, por favor!!!!!

  4. It's a beautiful makeup job, no denying that but I wish he talked us through the steps and supplies so others could attempt this as well.

  5. Wow! This unbelievable! What an incredible Bride. Rick did an awesome job adding depth and texture to those scars. The Nefertiti dreadlock wig is the icing on the cake. Well done! James Whale, Elsa Lanchester and Jack Pierce would all be proud!

  6. I know Micheline was THRILLED to do this for you, being such a fan of horror. And it's an unbelievable thing you did. Stunning and beautiful work…

  7. Acrylic makeup? I'm intrigued! My question is, how easy is it to clean off? As ever, Rick Baker's genius is breathtaking. He's the greatest makeup artist in the world!

  8. Would've been even better if either the face or the neck portion we'd different color to make it look more patched together

  9. How incredibly amazing and haunting this look is. Such beautiful work. Love the detail in the stitches it looks so real with the white highlight added to it. It makes it pop off the skin. This will definitely be my video makeup re fence for Halloween this year.

  10. this is probably the most beautiful halloween makeup i've ever seen. you can feel the hand of the makeup master in here. stunning!

  11. Beautiful. This probably sounds gay but If you're absolutely in love with makeup artistry as I am, you'd understand and really appreciate his talent. I literally had years in my eyes. What an inspiration. ❤️

  12. Rick Baker is an amazing artist. I love all of his work. He's truly inspiring. That's why my heart is broken to hear that he is retiring (although, it's well deserved).

  13. I wish this was longer. every second of the editing, his voice, the music… I wish MAC uploaded this from beginning to end… the second the model sat in the chair to dressing her up. I could sit here for hours rewatching this… this was breathtakingly beautiful.

  14. He’s a great artist but the camera work is annoying. I want close ups of his technique, stop blurring it out! I want to see it up close.

  15. This is why Mac consistently stays relevant. They provide the tools for even the professionals. Broadway uses their makeup for their darker/goth musicals.

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