1. LOVE his work! Love Rick Baker but, not too crazy about the MAC Cosmetics collab. Soooo disappointed everything is permanent, not even special packaging.

  2. This absolutely amazed me. I'm actually impressed with this, MAC. You're redeeming yourself for your past collections!

  3. Boy this guy is so talented and devilishly handsome and humble,,he reminds me a lot myself:). Seriously though ,thanks for the kind words. I'm looking forward to the how to videos going up.

  4. Mr. Baker you are an unbelievable inspiration. I can only hope to work with people of your caliber in the industry one day.

  5. Yours is a study I'd love to explore, Rick Baker! This video shows some incredible mementos from your various projects. The Thriller video is so iconic, they showed great insight inviting you to collaborate on the vision for that project!

  6. You continue to inspire and I'm so grateful for your work and ingenuity in the arts. Im excited to see all the upcoming videos. You are phenomenal!

  7. This is quite inspiring.
    My art practice involves ceramics, sculpting & modelling (clay) etc, and Rick Baker's skill – combo of makeup artistry & special effects is just awesome. Would love to do this one day!

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