1. mac i already love you guys.. strange for a guy i know. i use loads of your products.. again strange for a non makeup artist guy.. but please please do a permanent collection with rick baker and more products with him.

  2. Mali,I don't know how old you are but I was ten when I started. You don't have to get bigger to start. It's fun just to play . I wasn't good when I started but I got better as I practiced.

  3. Rick I'm older (not that old, 29) and want to break into special fx makeup and don't know where to start. These videos are wonderful! Awesome to see the creation come to life!

  4. You have always been one of my favorite creature artists and these MAC looks clearly illustrate why. Super inspiring! Great work!

  5. Wow, you are such an incredible artist. I am just watching your latest videos in complete awe. I hope that with practice, I will be able to reach your abilities at some point in my life. This just blows me away.

  6. Mr. Baker, you, along with Rob Bottin & Tom Savini, have been my SFX idols since I was 12. I'm now 38. Thank you for being a positive role model to me. And, finally, WOW, what a brush collection. Cheers!

    – Wulf

  7. Amazing stuff. Rick's brushwork is wonderful. Would love to get made up by him. Looking forward to more videos like this!!

  8. Hey! I'm a young aspiring MUA in Australia and I was wondering if you had any advice on breaking into the industry. I'm starting to make contacts and upgrade my makeup from grease paints to skin illustrator and liquid latex to silicone. I love the idea of working on movies, and I am currently doing a certificate in hairdressing (because I've heard that would help in this industry). Thank you so much for your time! I'm a big fan!

  9. God I love Rick Baker. The dimension & texture he got on there just with make up is incredible, really inspires me to try stuff like this.

  10. I hope mac does heaps more stuff with Rick; he's got the best attitude and love his approach. I have no idea how he turns his hap-hazard style into such precise, beautiful masterpieces but I love it! So great to watch.

  11. RICK.. I want to get my Makeup done like this.. can you go to the MAC Counter and get this professional done? please advise.. I like Monster Bride and Day of the Dead 🙂
    I live in Los Angeles, CA

  12. My hero <3 Every person that says "it's a makeup brush, not a magic wand!" really pisses me off… they CLEARLY have not met you! You are living, breathing proof that yes, they absolutely ARE magic wands. So glad to be a part of the company that brought you even more into the spotlight that you so deserve. <3

  13. Rick is the man. The first time I ever had exposure to this god of incognito was in 1983 when I saw the making of Michael Jacksons thriller and his previous work on American Werewolf in London. I was not only hooked but also inspired.

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  15. Pfff… Admiraba mucho a Rick Baker antes de "lo comprara MAC"… ahora hace parecer todo tan difícil, como si esto fuera algo imposible para un simple mortal, por que solo tienen la intención de vender y deben utilizar toooodooos esos productos… (por cierto, la pintura acrilica no se debe usar en la piel)…
    Los invito a que visiten mi pagina de face "RETO CREATIVO"… ahí aprenderán a crear efectos mas realistas y de forma mucho mas practica… 🙂

  16. Multiple Academy-Award winner Rick Baker, known for doing makeup in some of the most famous films and music videos in our lifetime. He is a true artiste, a master in his craft and with a flick of his wrists puts to shame most "fashion makeup" people. THIS is art.

  17. Do WAY more stuff with artists like Rick Baker, for Christ's sake. Remember, you said you are a brand designed for artists? You don't need a launch. Id be happy with more youtube vids, yall. Featured artists? Maybe do that.

  18. Watching this man at work is pure fucking therapy. I’m too old to do makeup FX professionally, but he sure inspires me to make it my new hobby!

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