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– Today I’m testing out
magnetic nail polish. I even bought a separate magnet because This didn’t come with a magnet! – But it’s ok I’m excited. These colors look really pretty. One of the reviews said, It looked like northern
lights on her nails. This is by the brand Born Pretty. But this retails for $24.99
on Amazon with Prime. So they do say in their instructions that to get the best results
from magnetic nail polishes is start off with a black base coat. Or a black nail polish for the base coat underneath the magnetic nail polishes. And that’s what I did. I used a peely base coat from Holo Taco. And then I used her one
coat black nail polish. But the one thing I’m gonna mention again you do have to buy a separate magnet for this right here. This one actually said it was recommended to use with this polish. So, that’s what I did. Let’s put the nail polish on. Ohhh.. you see that? That’s amazing. And then this little one. Wow! That’s so cool. Let’s see another color. (laughing) This is just so fascinating. Wow! All right. Let’s begin with the pinky. And we’re gonna start off
with this shade right here. This is called the summit. Like I said I’m gonna
work one nail at a time. Just because it do recommend
using the magnet right away. This nail polish is a
very fast drying polish. So you wanna use it right away. Let’s see if we can go a
little bit of a thicker coat. Just to see how well this kind of layers. All right, you guys ready? Let’s try this. Hm, nothing really happened. Okay, do we see anything? (laughs) I don’t really see anything whatsoever. I guess you just have to hold it there until the polish is totally dry. The closer the distance,
the more obvious effect. All right so we’ll just hold it there. I don’t know for how long. I don’t really see anything happening. I mean.. I see something happening when you move the polish around but that’s obvious. All right so let’s go with this next color for the ring finger. And I’m going to try to
do it as fast as possible. And just kind of hold it there. Ooh, you guys see that? (gasp) Okay, this one you could
actually really see that line. It’s not like super drastic but at least it’s something. (laughs) All right let’s try this
next polish right here. I’m gonna hold it at a diagonal. Ooh, you could totally see
that working right away. Ooh, that’s so cool. (laughs) – [Andrey] That’s pretty cool. – [Milana] Ooh this color is stunning. Wow! Okay, I was getting really worried that nothing was gonna work for me. – [Andrey] Oh that one you should be able to see really well. – [Milana] All right. Let’s do this one the other way. Ooh, you guys see that? Wow! I kinda messed up these ones. (laughs) But it’s okay we’ll go in with the second coat of the colors and see we can fix that. All right let’s do the thumb. Ooh wow! That’s really cool. All right I’m gonna do these
colors right again right here. They’re pretty much dry. And we’re gonna try do
the magnet right away. There we go. Wow! It’s actually really pretty. All right, I think we kind of figure down how to do this. Basically apply a thicker layer. Not too thick but something a
little bit thicker than thin. And then go with the magnet right away and hold it where you
kind of want it to sit. And make sure you actually hold it there. Not on actual nail polish but right above it as close as possible. I kind of mess this one up but it’s fine, we’ll fix that. Yes, see it only works
for that first period. But that’s really pretty though. All right so let’s apply the top coat. It actually doesn’t come with a top coat. And it doesn’t really say there has to be a specific top coat. But it says apply top coat and use the magnet stick close to the nail again
for at least 30 seconds. So we’ll do that. I’m gonna use the Holo Taco one. I’ma use her Super Glossy Taco. So I’ma start off with
these fingers first. The middle, pointer, and thumb, and then go back to the
last two that I just did. Babe can you time it? I’m gonna hold it for
30 seconds per finger. – [Andrey] 30 seconds. – [Milana] All right that’s 30 seconds. You can kinda see I
touched it at the very tip but still looks so pretty. Wow! I feel like it really really
makes it stand out now. All right so for a first time use, I’m quite impressed that’s it quite easy. Well there’s a little bit
of trial and error obviously but so much fun. All right, let’s do the
30 seconds on this one. All right, 30 seconds. Wow! Okay that’s really cool. That’s such a cool effect. Ooh wow! That is so cool. I know I keep saying that, it’s just really so it’s so fascinating. All right let’s finish off the last two. And then we’ll do a quick look of what they look like altogether. This is just so much fun. Wow! It’s so pretty. Like this is pure joy on my face. (laughs) I can’t hide this. I’m just so ecstatic. That these nails actually worked and they look fabulous. I just keep on looking at the mirror. I’m just so like fascinated right now. They look 3D. They look kind of like some kind of mirror or glass on the nails. Kind of look like marbles. But that one girl that said
it look like northern lights. That’s literally what
this is reminding me of. I mean any kind of movement you make it’s a completely different look. And I’m just so happy that the actual colors they
look different on the nails than they do in the bottles. And what I mean by that, I mean all of these
some look very similar. I mean these three, they look super similar until you start to kind
of moving them around and you can see the different colors. And then these three, same thing, they look very similar in the bottles until you start moving them around. So this one is more blue green. This one has more of that lilac purple. This one has that kind
of orangey peach tone kinda like gold-esque. And this one is that beautiful fuchsia. And this one right here is kind of a mixture
of that gold and peach with a little bit of pink. It’s really really pretty. I mean I’m just.. I can’t stop looking. The one thing is, I was so
worried in the beginning with my first two fingers. You guys saw that? Nothing was happening. It was nothing was working. So basically how to make these work is first get a good base
coat that you can peel off or just a good base coat
if you want them to last a lot longer. Then second is use a
really good black polish that’s really opaque and intense but fast drying. Like this Holo Taco one it’s super fast. There’s a lot of other great ones. And then you have to go
one fingernail at a time and then right away as soon as you’re done putting the first coat
right away with the magnet. What I was doing wrong was I was just kind of moving
it around around the nail. And it wasn’t really setting the polish in place with the magnet. You have to hold it in
a area where you want your polish to stay and hold it there for at least 5 seconds for the first coat. And with that middle finger
you guys saw it right away I just held it there in
place took it off and bam! You can really see the design, the shape that you create. It’s definitely a lot of fun. So make sure you keep it in place. In that one little place that
you want your polish to sit. And then move on to the next fingernail. And same thing with the top coat. Like you guys saw, I only did two coats of
the color for my pinky and my ring finger. And I didn’t do– I only did one coat for the other nails. Just because I got the
effect that I wanted and I just move on to the top coat. And with the top coat they do say in the instructions. Do the top coat and then
hold for at least 30 seconds where you want your nail polish to set. Or where you did it with the
actual magnetic nail polish. And I just followed the same exact way that I did, and it worked beautifully. A lot of people said that
it did not work for them just because either they like were doing what I was doing kind of moving it around
on the nail polish. And it didn’t really set And then a lot of people said they didn’t really use the magnet after they put the top coat and the magnet effect kind of disappeared. So make sure the last step you hold the magnet
for at least 30 seconds in that one spot. And hold it as close as
possible in that area. But don’t touch the nail polish. I did it accidentally, but I
just kind of pick it back up, and it didn’t ruin the
effect or the nail polish. And another thing, with the actual magnetic nail polish, I went with a slightly thicker coat. Instead of a very thin sheer coat. I have noticed with my nails it works better with a thicker coat. Don’t just glop it on there. But do a thicker coat than a thinner coat. And it’s gonna work beautifully. This is just.. I’m sorry this is just so fascinating. I’m not sorry actually this is incredible. So I think this is actually a really cool gift idea
for the people in your life that love nail polish, and they want something different that they can do themselves. This is fun and it’s
actually easy and it works. Just do the right steps. Do a fingernail at a
time and then move on. Don’t do all of them
at once and then do it. But do it one fingernail at a time. It’s a little time consuming but not that bad. Not bad at all. The only thing is you have to make sure you have the black
polish first underneath, have it completely dried. And then you have to go in
with your magnetic nail polish. This is a phenomenal set. You get six bottles for $25, and I think that’s phenomenal. Yes, these are a lot smaller
than your regular polish. But again, this you don’t
have to do two coats. As you guys saw. They’re totally fine
with just the one coat. But you can see the difference. This is Holo Taco. And I believe this one .4 fluid ounces. So this one is probably a good– Oh man, I don’t even know how little this is They’re a good size for those
types of fun nail polish days. I don’t think you’re gonna always wanna do this every single day. Just because you know what? You wanna change up your
nail polish like I do. But this is so fun. It’s kinda like a chameleon honestly. It’s like ooh! What are you gonna be today? You know? Ooh that’s so pretty. I love how the blue just
kinda bounces. (laughs) All right guys, I’m so happy
that this actually worked out. I bought all this myself. Not sponsored to talk about it. You guys know me already by now. I will tell you if I was sent this over. But I was just so excited
to test these out. And one other thing. Please don’t forget. You do need to have
your own magnet on hand. It does not come with the set. Keep that in mind. It actually does say in the title. “Magnet not included”. So again, it’s kind of like
a battery type of thing. Please keep a magnet on hand. Actually bought this on Amazon. Just to kind of have you know.. Be with the nails. They’re friends now. But yes you guys. Thank you for watching, spending time with me and
my magnetic nail polishes. I am just So happy and satisfied… But again you guys, I’ll see you to the next video very soon. Bye! [muah!]


  1. Live Love Polish has some great magnetic polished and they all include a magnet with the polish. Plus, they're always having good sales.

  2. I've been eyeing a set like this for a while – it does really annoy me that it doesn't come with a magnet though! That's just trying to milk money out of people.

  3. Revlon had one like this with the magnet in the top part, I didnโ€™t had time to go and do my nails for my wedding so I painted them at home with that and looks so cool!!

  4. would be interested to see how it is on the nails as acrylic polish totally ruined my beautiful natural nails and therefore I am leery of trying anything different

  5. On another topic.. I read that you should put hair conditioner on your hair when it is toweled dry. Not deep into your roots. Do not wash out. I tired this today and the difference it made to my hair was amazing.

  6. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Born pretty polishes are on aliexpress for like $1-2 a bottle. Just have to wait couple weeks for shipping

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  8. Looks nice..I wonder if you had a much stronger magnetic if it would do more..Not sure how strong your magnetic is….I do like it!! Hugs Loretta

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