Makeup Artist Recreates A Pennywise-Inspired Halloween Makeup Look

Makeup Artist Recreates A Pennywise-Inspired Halloween Makeup Look

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  1. This isn't an "inspired" look, its straight up recreating pennywise
    I would've preferred an actual inspired look, something kind of everyday or maybe a night look

  2. I just wondering why she didn't carry the white cream paint down the neck and on the ears. Ruins the illusion of Pennywise.

  3. It’s only penny wise on a woman… inspired makeup means to get inspiration from, not to recreate the same damn look on another individual.

  4. This is not an inspired look, it’s just a regurgitation of the literal look :/Honestly buzzfeed as a whole has just been feeling very sloppy, superficial, and dry lately…is the current staff the problem?

  5. When they said INSPIRED I was hoping to see something that would make up think of pennywise but not straight up look like the character. This a re creation on the original look, An inspired look would have been more alone the line of a bold red lip with a blown out red Smokey eye…

  6. Umm not to hate or anything but this look is literally like white face and red stripes.. It's not that creative nor scary sorry guys but you could've done better.

  7. You guys just did this with the "friend chooses halloween costume" video…….. -_- Getting tired of such redundant content.

  8. Way to completely steal glam and gores version of this. As big and rich as buzzfeed is, come up with your own ideas.

  9. Wish the editor of the video would have shown more of the after shots of the make up without the horror inspired filters and edits.

  10. I feel like working at Buzzfeed, especially in October, would be a constant loop of hearing all your friends go, "Hey… lol, look "
    Turn around and its just stunts like this haha, what a great time !

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