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Hey guys, it’s Annika. Welcome to my channika. Today I’m going to be doing one of your guys’s favorite videos, and one of my favorite videos to watch and film. I’m gonna be doing a haul. Um, this is a super f-ing collective haul. I’ve been collecting this s–t since, like, August. A really long time. Also, I know that my hair is in a ponytail, and my forehead is looking like a good 254 gigabytes, but just try and ignore it. Maybe I’ll just talk like this so that you can’t even see. I just wanted to say when I get money, I spend it on makeup. So even though I’m definitely not the richest person in the world, I have a lot of makeup. And this video’s gonna be filled with a lot of makeup, because when I get money, I want to spend it on makeup. So, let’s just not judge each other’s decisions. Let’s just make this a place of amor and paz. I sound so dumb. Okay. Mostly, this stuff is from Sephora, e.l.f., and then I’m gonna be showing you guys some PR stuff. And I did get a fan mail thing that I wanted to open, because it was super sweet. But first I’m gonna be starting off with DERMA E. They actually put me on their PR list. I’m so excited. Like, they didn’t just send me one thing. Like, they put me on their PR list. So this is what the box looks like. We have a Rejuvenating Sage and Lavender Face Oil with Jojoba. That’s a fun word to say. How about that? And Marula Oils. Also a fun word. This is aesthetic. I need to display all my DERMA E stuff. They sell this at Ulta. They also sell it at Whole Foods. It smells really good. It smells like sage and lavender. And then they also sent me the Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer with Probiotics and Rooibos F—. DERMA E just changed their packaging and sh-t, and honestly, I’m living for it. I’m so here for it. I’m really excited because I’ve been looking for some good new moisturizers, because I like to stay moist and creamy. Oh! When he n–ts. Oooh, she thick. I like her. And then they also sent me a package of Yogi Tea. This is Honey Lavender Stress Relief. Thank you so much, DERMA E. This is super sweet. Thank you so much for putting me on your PR list. I love your products. I love you guys. You guys are the GOATs. So . . . I think I have a few more things that companies sent me. PÜR sent me two of their palettes. They sent me the My Little Pony: The Movie Palette, which I actually really wanted. And then they send it to me, and I was so f-ing happy. It’s different than I thought, honestly. It looks like a kid’s palette just because of the way that the squares are laid out, and just the fact that it’s a My Little Pony palette. But I love the colors in here, and I do feel like you can make a bunch of complete looks. I used this in my Halloween tutorial. I used this red, which is super pigmented. The colors – like, the bold colors – are really pigmented. I just . . . the only ones that I have a problem with are like this “Fluttershy” shade. Oh wait. Maybe I don’t have a problem with it. I mean, the thing is, it’s a light color, so it’s gonna show up lightly. Honestly, like what can I expect? And they also sent me their Soiree Palette. Um . . . This is absolute trash. It blends well, don’t get me wrong. But I literally use every single one of these matte shades to create a full look. Like, you can’t do different looks with this. And it’s just so bulky. And it’s, like, thick. Two more things that companies sent me, and then I’ll move on to things that I bought myself. This is the IBY Beauty Highlight and Contour Palette. I’ve only used this like once or twice, and it’s good. Like, no complaints. And then I got these Bioré Pore Strips which are absolute sh-t. They don’t dry down. They don’t get, like . . . So now I’m gonna be moving on to the sh– that I got from e.l.f., b–s. I got so much stuff from e.l.f. because in September, I think, they were having a sale. Some things half off. I don’t really know. Okay. So I got all of this stuff from e.l.f. As I mentioned in my September Sh–s and Hits, I got two of these facial whips, which are really nice. Mine are kind of janky, though. They’re definitely not supposed to be like this. They’re just really liquid-y even when I shake them. Kind of annoying, but I can work with them. I also got their Targeted Natural Glow Stick, because I wanted to do that like glossy eyelids thing. But this is just not good for it, honestly. It just kind of looks like sweat. I knew that it was clear, but it’s just like . . . It looks like sweat. This, I’m really excited for. This is the e.l.f. Shimmer Highlighting Powder in the shade “Starlight Glow.” I was worried that it was gonna be too dark for me, but it seems like it’s just gonna be just the right shade. A lot of people talk about these. I just busted the world’s fattest nut. Oh, hell yeah. That is gorgeous. And for six dollars? Like, this is good quality packaging. This is like . . . it has a mirror. Like, e.l.f. getting their sh– together, but also raising their prices. Like, e.l.f., you need to know . . . Remember where you came from. Like, go back to your roots. I don’t know. It kind of triggers me a little bit. I’m not gonna lie. Okay. Then I got their Aqua Primer Mist. I honestly haven’t tried this, but I know that I don’t like the spritzer. It’s so much, so fast. But I love the bottle. It’s wicked cute. And this was like eight bucks. That’s kind of expensive for e.l.f. Like, I just . . . I’m kind of confused, honestly. I got the Eye Refresh, because all the Instagram beauty gurus use this underneath their eyes. It’s good. I like it when my eyes are puffy, because it’s really cold and it feels really nice. Two more products and then I’ll move on to what I got from Sephora and sh–. This is the e.l.f. Mad for Matte 2 Palette. It’s actually called “Summer Breeze,” which I didn’t know. I thought it was called Mad for Matte 2. This is what it looks like. Do you see how gorgeous this is? I’m actually really excited to start using this. This has been in my “haul” drawer, so I haven’t really gotten the chance to play with it. “Play with it.” But it has such good reviews, and I’m so excited. Look at these colors. Aren’t they just the epitome of fall? Okay, it shouldn’t be called “Summer Breeze.” That’s some bulls–t. And then we have the e.l.f. . . . this thing. It has two sides – one is for eyelashes and one is for eyebrows. It’s like a brow gel, but the spoolies are exactly the same. I don’t know. I’m just kind of confused by it. But I just use it as a brow gel. I’ve only used it once. It was pretty good. It kind of reminds me of the Maybelline Clear Lash Sensational, except it is cruelty free and no animals were harmed. And it’s also way f-ing cheaper, so I would go for this over this. Alrighty. That’s everything that I got from e.l.f. Let me put it away. This video isn’t funny. Everything else that I got is from Ulta or Sephora. I honestly don’t remember, and I really don’t give a f–. I bought another BeautyBlender because mine has seen better days. This was once this color. I’m so sorry. I abuse my BeautyBlenders. I feel really bad. But I got a new one. I got it from . . . Sephora? I don’t know. I just needed a new one. I’ve been using that one for five months. It’s definitely really gross. And I think like every two months, you’re supposed to change it up. So . . . I got a few pairs of lashes, because I’m gonna be doing a Best Eyelashes type video, like, comparing the eyelashes. So I got two House of Lashes ones. These are actually from the website, but I’ll just include them in this video. These are the “Noir Fairy Lites.” These are gourgeois, b–. And then these are the House of Lashes Sephora collection in the shade “Natalia.” They just look like this. They’re so freakin pretty. I love House of Lashes lashes. I haven’t gotten the chance to wear them yet. I’ve trimmed them because I hate, like, wanting to wear eyelashes and they’re not trimmed, and then having to trim them. It’s annoying. I’m gonna be doing a Best Eyelashes video really soon, and it’ll include Huda Beauty, Dodo Lashes, Kiss, Ardell, House of Lashes, this pair of Tarte lashes, which I was just about to show you. These are in the shade … “in the shade!” . . . These are in the style “Fuller.” They’re much more natural, but these are the Tarteist . . . “Tar-teest.” I hate it when people say “Tar-teest.” It makes me want to shoot myself. I used my Sephora points to get this Tarteist PRO Glow Liquid Highlighter in the shade “Stunner.” This bag is so cute, I almost don’t want to throw it out. I’m actually a hoarder. Like, “Hi. Nice to meet you. My name is Annika.” I’m gonna be on “Hoarders Buried Alive” in like three years max. I can’t open this. My nails are too long. F–. I’m gonna sue. F–! Ooh. Hell, yeah. It’s like a mini of their liquid one. It’s so pretty and it just looks so aesthetic. That’s pretty. That’s pretty. I like her. I’m gonna throw this away. I have way too many highlighters. I got two more of the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liners because I love these so frickin’ much. I have “Midnight Cowboy.” But honestly, I just find myself wanting the pink one all the time, and wanting the blue one all the time. So I got the shade “Junk Show” and the shade “Amp.” And this one is like a bright turquoise, and this one is like a pink. “If we don’t f– this whole thing up guarantee Imma blow your mind.” Mmwa. From Ulta, I got two Essence products. I got this Essence Shine Shine Shine Wet Look. I love it when I just look moist. Lip gloss in the shade . . . does it not say the shade? It might be in the shade “Prisma Glow,” but I don’t know if that’s just like saying . . . I don’t know. Octoly sent me one of these. They might have also sent me this one. I honestly don’t remember. It’s just been sitting in the drawer. And I love the wand of them. They’re just so thick. And they smell like kids’ makeup, which is really nostalgic for me. Like, I don’t dislike the smell of kids’ makeup. And, yeah. I really like these, actually. And they’re wicked cheap. So . . . I have an appreciation for them. They sent me this one, and I don’t really like this color because it’s so opaque. But this one is more like . . . Oh. This one is in the shade “Smile, Sparkle, Shine.” From Ulta, I bought another one of the Essence purple Lash Princess. This is my favorite frickin’ mascara of all times. I don’t know what I would do without it. It just makes my eyelashes so long. I’m not wearing it today, but I wish that I were. I got another Shape Tape, because I knew that I was running low on mine, and Tarte had a sale the other day. So that’s where I got this one. I’m just saying that I got it from Ulta, but I actually got it from Tarte’s website. They had like 25 / 50% off. I honestly don’t f-ing remember. But I got the shade “Light.” Okay. I think we’re at the last thing. Oh my god. The video’s over. Aren’t you happy? I got the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel because this is my favorite brow gel, and Ulta was having a sale. Um, so yeah. I got this. I actually think that I used my Sephora points again to get a mini one. I used like a hundred of my Sephora points to get a mini Anastasia Clear Brow Gel. And it looks like this. Very mini. I feel like it’ll be good for traveling or just if I need it. So, yeah. I love this brow gel, honestly. As you can tell. I literally have three. I look super cute right now. Okay. So, yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching. I’m sorry this was kind of spoiled, kind of annoying, kind of not funny, and kind of just me wanting to die. But, like, it’s okay. There was the burp. It just wasn’t satisfying enough. I feel like I need to satisfy my craving. Okay. I’ll shut the f– up now. Thank you guys so much for watching. Please comment, rate, subscribe, and keep on shopping! F–. Now I need to pull things out for the thumbnail. Why did I put everything away? Ugh!


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  5. annikaa i love you so much just thought you may want to know this since you are cruelty free, huda beauty lashes are not cruelty free, they advertise them as ‘’cruelty free mink lashes’’ but there is no such thing as a cruelty free mink lash, minks can’t be in farms like that, companies usually say that their mink lashes are from cage free mink farms at least that’s what i know, you can google about this i may get some stuff wrong but there are many articles about this, you can do your own research about it just thought you might want to know this :))

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