Makeup Trends Everyone Ditched In 2019

Makeup Trends Everyone Ditched In 2019

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Makeup trends seem to be evolving faster than
ever before. Bold statements like neon eyeshadow and even
glitter made their way into the mainstream in early 2019, but many were already fading
out by summer. So what looks won’t be cruising into 2020? According to the beauty experts, here’s what
everyone ditched in 2019. “Girl bye.” Instagram brows are officially dead! Much to the delight of, like, everyone we
talked to. “This snatches your brows in three easy steps. Or whatever.” Rick DiCecca, creative director of makeup
design for Artistry by Amway, revealed, “The days of using 15 steps to make your brows
look perfect have ended — we don’t have time for that.” Instead, he claims people are focusing on
celebrating their own, unique beauty. “They felt a sense of empowerment. They were having fun.” Professional makeup artist Bryan Cantor agrees
that ain’t nobody got time for Insta brows anymore, saying, “No one wants to spend ten minutes with five
or six products just to put on their brows.” Of course, a trend as big as Insta brows can’t
go away without another one swooping in to take its place: “Virgin Brows.” Cantor added, “The trend is moving to fluffier, more natural-looking
‘Virgin Brows’ that require far fewer products and steps to create.” Likewise, Ally Seago, makeup artist and founder
of Ally Things Beauty recommends a full and neatly groomed eyebrow. This is much easier to pull off than the Insta
brow, considering you’ll only need powder for filling in, and maybe a brow gel to add
some definition, according to Seago. “And who doesn’t love easy.” Apparently, full-coverage foundation’s days
are numbered. Krystal B. Armstrong, a professional makeup
artist based in New Orleans claims we can say buh-bye to matte and heavily applied foundations
— and the dry skin that comes along with them. Replacing the thick makeup trend is a light,
dewy look, sometimes referred to as “Glass Skin.” Armstrong says, “Glass skin, natural skin, luminous skin — it
all says hydration and does not say matte.” California-based makeup artist Mandie Brice
said people have given up their “matte, full-cover foundation” especially during the hot summer
months, which is no surprise. She says, “People are embracing more of a ‘glowing from
within’ look with effortlessly perfect skin (thanks to a good skincare routine) showcased
with tinted moisturizer or a BB or CC cream and a nice highlight.” “Her skin has never seen the sun so of course
it’s good.” But if you’re not ready to take the leap from
full coverage to barely-there, it is possible to get the dewy skin look with a heavier application. Armstrong recommended trying a quote “skin-like
medium coverage foundation with a hint of facial oil.” This combo will probably still feel lighter
than you’re used to, but it’s a great option for those who wanna stick by their signature
look. With dewy skin being such a huge trend in
2019, you’d think there’d be no such thing as too much glow. “I could get really carried away when it comes
to highlight. I really could.” Nevertheless, overdoing it on the highlighter
is a trend we all fell for — and probably now regret. Ally Seago admitted that even she is inclined
to overdo the highlighter on herself, at times. The best way to use this product, though,
is to sweep it across what she describes as, quote, “the high points of the cheeks to create
a healthy glow that looks authentic.” Carlina Zacarias, a makeup artist based in
New York City, told Insider, “Highlight that is too shiny can make you
look like a light bulb. It’s supposed to be used to create a glow
— not high beams. A sheen, smooth texture of highlight is the
best and will give you a nice glow that you’re looking for.” Seago also revealed that she personally uses
products like Luminous Dewy Skin Mist by Tatcha to get the desired, subtle effect. The cut crease eyeshadow trend took root in
2018. But it sold itself out, just a year later. The technique called for applying a lighter
shade of eyeshadow across your eyelid and then a darker shade in the lid crease. This certainly defined and called attention
to the eyes, but it was a bold look that definitely didn’t stand the test of time. Just as we all started gravitating to the
less-is-more foundation trend, a less dramatic eye also replaced cut crease shadow. Louisiana-based makeup artist Krystal B. Armstrong
said, “[The trend] was cute while it lasted, but
you never see it on the cover of Vogue. Color is still in for 2019, but it’s more
like washes of color instead of color-blocking with harsh lines.” “I gotta do something about the way I look.” Some have even opted for an even more minimal
approach to eyeshadow. With a larger focus on skin, Armstrong said
sometimes people are using just mascara and liner. And that minimal look is a good one. “Guys I need to warm up a little bit.” In 2017, Allure reported that faux freckles
were having a quote “major moment on Pinterest.” But this wasn’t exactly an easy trend for
fans to master. Krystal B. Armstrong said, “Nothing looks worse than fake freckles done
wrong — and MOST of them were done wrong.” By late 2018, faux freckles were still a thing. But, despite being on trend for a while, Armstrong
said she is happy faux freckles finally died out in 2019. Real freckles, on the other hand, are having
their much-deserved moment. Thanks in part to the Duchess of Sussex Meghan
Markle, many have been inspired to show off their beauty marks. In an interview with Allure in April 2017,
the former actress revealed, “To this day, my pet peeve is when my skin
tone is changed and my freckles are airbrushed out of a photo shoot.” “I don’t like hiding my freckles cuz they’re
my favorite part of my face.” With the rise of minimal makeup, Armstrong
said people have started to embrace their uniquely beautiful beauty marks. “Your imperfection is your perfection. Every skin’s beautiful.” Ally Seago is totally over the mega-watt under
eye. She says, “Super bright under eyes are over. I do think it’s good to highlight and brighten
[the under eyes] a bit, but having a stark white under eye is not flattering and not
natural. Try using a concealer just one shade lighter
than your face instead of three to five shades lighter. Also, try setting it with a translucent powder
instead of a lighter highlighting shade that’s commonly found in contour palettes.” “Everytime I do my makeup, I bake. I love how baking looks. I swear I could just go out like this.” If you’re hoping to mask dark under-eye circles,
you’ll want to pay special attention to the inner corners of your eyes, as New York-based
makeup artist Ashley Riley told Reader’s Digest. You’ll also want to consider using a concealer
that’s not just a shade lighter than your foundation, but one that is actually yellow-toned. Riley says this will “brighten under the eye.” When you first tried contouring, you were
probably pretty in awe of the results. Who knew you could chisel out cheekbones with
only the tools in your makeup bag! But, alas, the days of Kim Kardashian-esque
contouring are over. And a much more natural look has taken its
place. Don’t worry, though, there’s still room in
your makeup routine for contouring — it’s merely become more sophisticated. Ally Seago says, “Contour softly with a slightly larger brush
and with a powder to buff it out. Try using a face powder that is one to two
shades darker than your skin tone to add dimension to the cheeks, jaw, forehead and nose and
blend until you can’t blend anymore.” “Blend it, twist it, turn it, flirt it.” And don’t go crazy with the contour kits,
either. You don’t need to blend in a bunch of different
shades. In an article for PopSugar, makeup artist
Nicole Moleti put it bluntly, writing: “Embrace your face, people. There is no reason to stripe it up.” Just as matte foundation is out, matte lips
have also been placed on the back burner in favor of a more hydrated style. Los Angeles based makeup artist Mandie Brice
says, “Matte liquid lipsticks aren’t going away
by any means, but a more satin or even glossy look is becoming more prominent again.” “That looks beautiful. You do look like a popular 13 year old.” Lip gloss was a big deal in the ’90s, as you
may well remember, but it didn’t surprise Sascha Jackson — Stila UK’s national lead
makeup artist and trainer — that it’s made a triumphant return. “If you had a Juicy tube, you’ve made it. Your parents loved you and that was it.” Jackson told Who What Wear, “We have […] seen an increase in a more
natural approach to makeup, and having a more glossy, moisturized look on the lip really
compliments that.” If you follow any beauty gurus on social media,
you are probably all too familiar with the glitter lip phenomenon. We have to admit that glitter lips look amazing
in photos. But they definitely have a hard time existing
anywhere outside of Instagram. Like, say, real life. Bryan Cantor says of the trend: “[It’s] too impractical and high-maintenance
for most people. The only way to get them to stay well was
to use lash glue over your whole lip, which is incredibly uncomfortable and probably not
so healthy.” But glitter hasn’t left the makeup scene entirely. “I’m not done yet.” Cantor says of the reimagined trend, “In 2019, glitter has moved off the lips and
is basically being applied everywhere else — the eyes, the cheeks, the temples, the
forehead, and even the body.” As Marie Claire revealed, the reinvented glitter
makeup trend is all about looking “chic” — not like a quote, “human disco ball.” And if you’re feeling it, you can still keep
a little glitter in your beauty routine. The secret is both in the application and
the shade you choose. Makeup artist Rommy Najor told Cosmo, “Choose a shade that’s lighter than your skin
tone to mimic the look of a pearl highlighter.” You’ll want to apply a small amount to your
cheekbones, or even the inner corners of your eyes. This technique is called strobing, according
to Najor. When choosing a color, remember that silver
and pale gold compliments light to medium skin tones, while bronzes and deep golds are
a great fit for deeper skin tones. “Spill those lips. What’s in em, are they wax?” Gabriel De Santino, beauty guru and owner
of Gabriel Cosmetics knows what we were all tryna strive for, with those overlined lips. He said, “We all want fuller and more luscious looking
lips, but you don’t want it to seem like you have an entirely exaggerated mouth.” “It’s just really easy to apply.” But, unfortunately, “exaggerated mouth” was
just what literally everyone was getting when we overdrew and overlined our lips. If you were going for a Kylie Jenner or Ariana
Grande look, but instead ended up with Miranda Sings’ signature pout, well…hopefully you
didn’t post it to Instagram. Thankfully, though, there’s another way to
get fuller-looking lips that doesn’t call for an essentially low-key clown mouth. De Santino recommends… “Dabbing some gloss in the center of your
lips [or] lining them with concealer to make the color pop.” You can also make your lips look larger without
using any makeup at all. By drinking eight glasses of water each day,
Healthline revealed that your lips may appear fuller. Exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub — or
even a toothbrush — can also improve circulation, thus leading to a fuller appearance. If subtle makeup isn’t your thing, you’ll
be happy to know that bright eyeshadow is still trending strong in 2019. However, Rick DiCecca says those bright popping
eyes and perfectly matched lips aren’t as popular as they once were. He predicts that bright eyeshadow will stick
around in 2020, but it certainly won’t be paired with a full face of the same color. He says, “We’re only going to pick one feature to put
a bright color on.” If you’re going to use a colorful eyeshadow
palette, a nude lip is always a stylish bet. But you don’t have to ditch the color completely. “Beach please. Beach please!” Byrdie suggested pairing a red lip with gold
eyeshadow or a peach lip with forest green shadow. These colors compliment each other, and your
look. “Makeup is transformative. And in transforming, it grants you the permission
to do what you wanna do.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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  1. Luminous skin, more natural eyebrows men are always complaining the are not feminine.I agree, also neon eyeshadow👎🏽

  2. I've done lip liner, lipstick, faux lashes, Glitter, FCF, highlight, blush, high pigment eyeshadow looks inc black smokey eyes and cut creases BEFORE it was considered trendy by all these baby hoes and I have NO interest in stopping now!

  3. Or just don't use makeup at all and accept who you are and be proud of it and don't feed these companies with even more money

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