MakeUp Tutorial for Older Women: How to Apply Eye Makeup When You Wear Glasses

MakeUp Tutorial for Older Women: How to Apply Eye Makeup When You Wear Glasses

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Hi. I’m quite lucky I don’t wear glasses
except for driving or for watching the television but if you do wear glasses all the time
then it’s nice to know how to apply eye makeup so that it looks really good when
you’ve got your glasses in front of it. My name is Tricia and I’m founder and MD of Look Fabulous Forever and we have products
formulated specifically for older eyes, faces and lips. What we’re going to show you in
this video is techniques to enhance your eyes so
that they look really lovely when you’re wearing your glasses. I hope
you enjoy it. So our model for this video is going to be
Penny. Penny has been wearing glasses all her life but she still likes to wear
makeup and she still wants to to put eye makeup on. And our makeup artist for today is Linda
who is going to show us the techniques of how to make Penny look gorgeous when
she’s wearing her glasses. So the first product that Linda is going to use on Penny is the eyelid primer (Fabulous Eye Prime) Primer is extremely useful when you’re older because what it does, it ensures that the makeup stays put for longer and just looks better it glides on more easily, more smoothly. So you can see here that what Linda is doing is just applying that primer with a brush. Our eye primer is flesh coloured and what that means is that it covers up
any discolorations that there are on the lids and it makes a lovely neutral base for
the colours that you going to put on top. The next thing that Linda’s going to do is she’s mixed a small amount of the base that Penny is wearing on her face, that’s Fabulous Base 02 and she’s mixed it with Fabulous Conceal 01. Now the reason for doing that is that
it’s slightly lighter which is important because of the
magnification of the glasses that you’re wearing. If you’re short sighted it will make
your eyes look smaller and if you’re long sighted your eyes will
look slightly larger. Whatever happens that under eye area is
important to conceal slightly so that any blue
areas disappear. The other area that’s important when you’re wearing glasses are your brows. Eyebrows are difficult when we get older
anyway because they tend to become quite sparse or they can become straggly and wiry. So get them sorted out
professionally, preferably, and as you can see that what Linda’s
doing here is she’s groomed the brows and now she’s going to use the brow shape. She’s shaking it up to make sure that it’s well combined and taking the excess off on the back
of her hand and using very fine, quite delicate
strokes. She is she just going to fill in any gaps that Penny’s got in her eyebrows. You can see that from the centre point out to the end, there isn’t very much eyebrow there. So the brilliant thing about the brow
shape is that with fine feathery strokes you can create the illusion of individual hair. That looks really natural, in fact it’s
much more natural than using something like a pencil or a shadow which is quite smudgy. So you can just see how effective this is at creating a really nicely shaped
brow on Penny. So when Penny’s got her glasses on the brows will sit above the
glasses frame and they’ll be very much more visible.
It’s almost like the glasses frame draws attention to the brows. So I how you can see how effective that has been at just balancing Penny’s brows out and making them look perfect. So what Linda is going to do now, she’s
just going to work some of the Taupe eye shade into the roots of Penny’s eyelashes. When you’re wearing glasses it’s important
to have a nice clean look to your eyes. so nothing too smokey or smudgy. I think if you went for a really
smokey eyed look wearing glasses it would look quite
unattractive. So this way we’re keeping the look clean and light but we still want to add definition to
Penny’s eyelashes so that they look thicker. So very fine brush, which is brush number five and Linda is, as you can see, she’s just working that
into the base of Penny’s eyelashes. You can see the effect of that almost
immediately. Compare it to the eye that hasn’t been made up yet. It really creates a pretty effect. You can use our eye shades wet or dry. Linda’s obviously using it dry at the
moment. If you wanted a more distinct line, a sharper line, you can wet it. I think this looks
particularly attractive used dry because it’s not so hard or sharp. So onto the other eye and can you also see how Linda has
created a slight winged effect on the outer edge? What she’s doing with that, pulling the
shade out beyond the natural end of the eyelashes, is to make the eyes look bigger. So the next product that Linda is using
is our wonderful Silver Mist lid colour. This is an extremely pretty colour and is very flattering with Penny’s
beautiful white hair. The lid colour has an integrated sponge applicator. So what Linda is doing here is she’s just putting that over the eye lid, above the shade that she’s just used and she’s working into the eyelid with a brush. You will find that it’s quite sticky
when you first put it on but it dries quite quickly and if you work it into the eyelid with a
brush, as Linda is doing it will very quickly dry to give a really beautiful finish. When we’re older it’s a good idea not to
wear anything glittery, anything that catches the light in a particularly fierce way. And what is nice about this is that it
has a slight shimmer without actually being shiny as such. It really does create the most lovely
effect. The reason for not using very glittery
shades when you’re older is because it tends to grab onto any
lines or wrinkles that you have on your eyes and it just exacerbates the problem, it makes them look worse. So the effect of using an eye primer
first, which creates the base on which to put the colour, and then adding the colour on top means that your eye lids look much better, smoother, less wrinkly, less creased and much prettier. So the next thing that Linda is going to do is to put some of the light pen (Fabulous Light) onto the top of Penny’s cheekbones. This is a highlighter and the top of Penny’s brow bones. Now these two areas are areas that you want to make more prominent because they’re areas that make us look prettier. So by pushing this arc of colour, just as you can see at the
top of the cheek bones there, and onto the brow bone, so it’s above the Silver Mist lid colour, under the brows that you’ve done and it’s just to make that brow bone and
the cheek bones stand out more. It’s a very effective way of making your face look prettier. So we’re now ready for some mascara and before the mascara you can see that Linda is just going to curl Penny’s eyelashes. This
is a really, really good tip when you’re older. If your eyelashes
have become quite sparse then curling them, really optimises the effect that you get with the mascara. It pushes the eyelashes back and up so that you can see them more clearly
when you’ve applied your mascara and it just generally looks prettier. You can also see that what Linda has
not done is put any kind of line underneath Penny’s eyes. When you’re wearing glasses it’s much better, as I said, to keep the
makeup simple and clean and it really isn’t a good idea
to start drawing lines around your eyes. So we’ve kept the line above the
eyelashes nice and soft, we’re now adding mascara to
the lower lashes, which is the only definition that we’re
going to give to the under-eye area. Our mascara does not make your
eyelashes all spikey and stiff it actually leaves them quite soft and pliable. Behind glasses remember the magnifying
effect of the lenses if you’re not careful. If you put very thickening and lengthening and volumIsing mascara on you’re going to get a very heavy effect. So this mascara that we’re using won’t do that it just defines the lashes, makes them look thicker and darker but without looking clumpy and
that’s really, really important. Now you can see with what Linda’s doing there, is that the effect of curling the eyelashes is really quite dramatic. Looking gorgeous! So to complete Penny’s look we’re going to put some lipstick on her. We’re going to start with a lip
primer. Lip primer is wonderful when you’re older because
its seals the edges of your lips. You can see that Linda is just putting it onto the edges
of Penny’s upper and lower lip in order to ensure that the lipstick stays put. What happens when have lines around our mouths is that the colour that we put on our
mouth means that the lipstick tends to migrate into the lines,
it’s called feathering or bleeding, into the outer edges. If you use a lip primer that will stop it
happening. The colour that we’ve chosen for Penny is Soft Plum. Linda is applying it with a brush. If you’ve got time it does look better more professional.
However you can put it straight on from the container. The thing about using a lip primer is
that it does away with the need to use any kind of lip liner. Lip liners can look extremely hard, unless you choose the right colour and you can get that awful kind of eighties
effect of if you drink a cup of tea or something, the
lipstick goes, the liner stays and you look like something out of a bad
1980s movie which is not a particularly attractive look! So put your primer on first and then lipstick on top to make lipstick last longer and generally look better. That’s lovely! So, I think we’re finished. Penny’s going to pop on her glasses on and we’ll see that you can still see the
eye makeup. The brows look pretty above the frames
of her glasses and the general effect is just gorgeous! here


  1. I feel as if I have been waiting for this tutorial for decades (lol) and FINALLY you've blessed all us glassed wearers with something so easy, beautiful and radiant…WOW😻. Thank you Tricia & Linda ‼️
    Merry Christmas and many many blessings for the coming year 🎄🎆

  2. This is a nice video, but it would have been better if Penny had applied it herself. Not all of us have makeup artists. It would have been more meaningful. That is all I am saying.

  3. I found this very helpful, but as I live in Australia I am at a loss as to what to buy to try and achieve something like it. I Am 63 and feeling rubbish as I feel my age because I look it, perhaps even older. Such a pity you are so far away and the exchange rate for our money is so bad or I would just purchase your products but not being able to actually see them means that I would be very hesitant about paying effectively double the actual price and then the colours may not suit. Any suggestions…or places you sell your products in Australia …would be gratefully accepted.

  4. hi tricia,  I wear glasses 24/7 but I have failed to find a video that shows how to get the brushes and applicators under the glasses if you have to wear glasses to apply the makeup and cannot see at all without the glasses.  No one is showing this – so what im saying is – I have to keep my glasses on to apply the makeup, but have difficulties seeing what Im doing.  I  cannot even see my reflection in the mirror without glasses, so how do I apply it whilst wearing them, they become an obstacles or barricade .

  5. Thank you so much, Tricia, Linda, and Penny! I am of ''that certain age'', and I do wear glasses. Penny does not look overly made up. I think she looks lovely. I agree with no eyeliner as well, it makes small eye's look smaller! Thank you for the great tips! Less is more!

  6. …. but she is not applying the make up herself ? could she do it if she was wearing her glasses ? we don't all have a make up artist to do it for us !

  7. with gray hair what color brow pencil should you use, brown seems so artificial, can you focus on that and the technique up close?

  8. I don't have the beautiful grey/white hair as of yet (74), but was wondering if you still use silver lid color with the darker hair?

  9. I think light colored eye shadow is not flattering on most people. I am 65 and I would never use silver or grey eye shadow a more earthy brown would look much better.

  10. Thank you for this. I'm surprised to hear we 'must not make eyes smudgy' as this is how I love to wear my eye make up, it's not overly dense but is a darkish blue and am surprised by the number of positive comments I receive – I suppose there are always exceptions to every rule! Also after years of not plucking my eyebrows I now have them shaped as I felt that it was OK when I was younger, but now in my 60's I felt it important to look more groomed!

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