Makeup Tutorial for the 72 Year Old – Fast, Easy & Effective

Makeup Tutorial for the 72 Year Old – Fast, Easy & Effective

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Sharon Danley here with another
two-minute tip and this week it’s about how I’m currently doing my makeup for
this 72 year old face. And here’s my makeup bag with everything in it that I
could possibly need I’m taking out what I need like my brushes and my palette
with eyeshadows and foundation in it my magnifying mirror and my long handled
brushes now I’m going to apply the dual finish Burrell foundation with the
sponge and I’m going over it you know not in a very detailed way but just to
kind of cover the canvas broadly and then I will be more detailed a little
bit later but I’m concentrating on the center part of my face that gets the
most wear and tear so that’s like just down the center corners of the eyes
around the sides of the nose the mouth the chin the upper lip and then the
sides of my face where the the Sun could get at it and just continue to place it
as I said in the broad spectrum approach and my two eyes will start to look like
pea holes in a snow bank but that’s just the way it you know it goes just the
broad strokes okay yes two pee holes in a snow bank now I’m
going to go over my eyes with the sponge and again not be too detailed with it
but just give it kind of an overview but I do make sure with the pointed end of
my sponge to make sure I get around the underside along the lower lash line
because often times it can appear a little bit red for us older dolls and
then I just you know cover that in as you can see just make sure I get right
up there to cover all the red and now I’m taking the foundation on the
foundation brush and being more detailed with my eyes and getting into all of the
crevices and things and now I’m going to mix together the highlight with my
foundation to add a little brightness to the eye on the lid and I’m just going around covering everything every nook and
cranny that I can find and now I’m going to add just the highlighter to go over
my lids especially and in the corners of my eyes and around the trench that dark
rounded spot at the bottom part of my bag I don’t want to cover my bag itself
because it stands out it’s wherever there is a shadow it’s where I want to
put the highlight and so that’s where I put it and what’s what with what’s left on the brush I just add a little bit down the
center of the nose now I’m going to mix both the foundation and the highlight
together and I’m going to go over the entire eye again and I’m using the dome
brush and getting right into the corners and really pushing it on like packing it
in especially in the corners and this is what gives the long wear for the day and
it really helps to make the skin look smoother and I do the same thing around
the sides of the mouth and the sides of the nose now I’m going to take my kabuki
brush and go into that couple of shades darker same Foundation and use it under
my chin to to contour that to darken it down a little bit and the you know cover
over a little bit of jowl that I have going on there and then I’m adding the
same color on to the sides of my nose because my nose has become a little
broader over time and now I’m taking that same dome brush and I have a couple
of spots on my chin there so I’m pushing it in with just the foundation I just
push push push and that should do the trick and then I just kind of touch up
wherever I think I need it just you know just doing that
okay now I’m taking my little blush brush and I’m going to combine both the
pink blush and the orange eyeshadow together and put my blush on and it’s
kind of a sea Shea up over the cheekbone up in to almost
around the eye almost like a c-shape just wear it a little bit higher and
then I’m going to use that white slightly shimmery color and I’m going to
go over the cheekbone just to give it a little bit of highlight not glimmer
glitter or anything like that but just a little bit of highlight like a sheen and
now I’m pulling out my glue and my tweezers and I’m going to add some
dollop of glue on the corner of my sink because it’s non-porous and then I’m
going to take a flat edged angled brush into that slate color and I’m going to
add my eye shadow eyeliner because it’s softer it’s more appropriate for this
age range and I can either keep a little bit more defined or I can soften it up
which I often do because of the creepiness that I’ve gathered over the
years to this point and I love the flat edged angle because it it allows me to
push right in along the lash line because I don’t wear a mascara if I’m
wearing false lashes why would I add mascara it’s not
necessary so again I just push it in and it doesn’t take that long at all and finishing up here you can see my
lashes they’ve got a kind of a gray dull look to them now I’m going to apply the
glue to my lashes see putting the the glue on the sink prior to putting on my
eyeshadow liner allows for the glue to get a little tacky and now I’m just
spreading it along the strip of the lashes and more on the underside of the
roll of the lashes and I blow on it further to make it even more tacky
because that’s the trick in false lashes and if I think I have a little bit too
much on I lay it on my finger and wipe off any excess and it and just rub it
away then one more blow on it to make sure it’s tacky and place it down in the
center first and then I do either the back end or the front end first it
doesn’t really matter oh that mirror but I’ve had it for so
many years it’s just part of me as you can tell now once I’ve stuck those
corners down and it feels good then I squeeze together my lash with the false
lash so that it brings my own lash right in with the false lash and it and it
they become one almost and then I push it up however I wanted if you haven’t
want it to flare up a little bit then I just push it up a little bit while it’s
still slightly damp or if I want it to stick straight out I I just leave it be
so now I’m putting on my second lash again blowing on the lash to make sure
that it’s good and tacky and again sealing down the ends then
once that’s done sometimes it can’t be a little for nikah tea but that’s just
something you have to play around with an experiment with and again I pushed
together my lash with the false lash so that it’s it’s nicely glued together and then just push it up or do whatever
I want to it which I’m doing there and there and that seems to be just fine
and now I’m taking my dedicated brow brush it’s a flat edged angle and going
into a print dupe eyeshadow and drawing on the guidelines for my eyebrows now
unfortunately in this lighting it’s halogen lighting and it’s not the very
best and having that mirror in front of my face doesn’t help either
but there’s other videos I have on this better are closer up but the thing is I
always draw my guide lines because it’s a whole lot easier than trying to wing
it apart in the expression you know to just try to eat wing it it doesn’t work
as well as just drawing them in and then filling them in and then turning the
brush on its side and drawing in the little hair like strokes it’s it’s
almost foolproof to do it this way then once they are on I check in the
mirror look straight ahead and adjust in the front where I have to even up I may
have to raise or lower one or the other of them and just do that final bit of
finessing and adding the hair like strokes and at the end just the final
bit of finessing that needs to be done and then I’m good to go with that now
I’m taking a fluff brush and I’m going to use a color similar to Coquette and
I’m going to go into the crease of my eye even though my mids are dropping I
still have a crease so I I still take this approach to it
but once once I’ve got it in the crease then I let my my my excess skin hang
down as if I were talking to somebody because you don’t look like this when
you’re speaking to anybody so I let the the crease hang down and then go over
top of it where I need to when my face is relaxed so I’m sure any second now
that’s exactly what yes you see now I go over top where it’s relaxed to add that
little bit in to to raise the crease where it would have been normally now
I’m going to take a broader fluff brush and I’m going into both the foundation
and the highlight and I’m going over top of the front end of my lids I gain just
to you know fix up if I had dropped any of the Coquette in that area
I just want to brighten that up a little bit more it’s adjustment as you go and
go around into the corners as well next I’m going to take my gel pencil and
I’m going to run it under the hot water to soften up the gel inside the pencil
and I’m going to just remove the excess water and then I’m going to run that
over my upper waterline most times like during the day that sort of thing I use
the gel pencil but if I need extra bang and extra longevity then I use the
actual gel liner now I’m taking a flat dome brush and mixing the Coquette and
the Brune dupes together for my under liner and I just go straight across I
don’t go up and around at the end I go straight out just to add the definition
to the lower lash line I really believe at this stage of the
game that’s an often overlooked area of
lining that’s really important for us because somehow it just seems to bring
the eyes out back more to of a bit of an almond shape like they were in our youth
and it just seems to add so much more in my opinion now I’m taking a fluff brush
and that same fluff brush that I did for the the crease in my eye
and I’m just adding a little bit more off both the Coquette and the Brune or
whatever I feel like that day or how much intensity I want or don’t want but
I find that adding just a little bit more to the end of the eye just gives it
what I need and then of course I go back in with the shimmer and the highlight
and do the corners of the eyes once again now we’re on to the lipstick and
I’m wearing number 25 my Old Faithful for summer and number 150 as a highlight
and notice how I wipe off any excess onto the wand so that I’m not putting on
too much at any one time and I love it because it it’s like I
don’t have to use a lip liner so I just placed everything where I need to on the
outer side of the the lip I don’t worry about the center yet and it just makes
sure that I’ve got the correction done that I need to do for my particular lip
shape and notice I’m not filling in except in the corners only I’m just
doing a little correction here I always have to do that and a little bit on the
other side now see where I’m just making it a little darker in the corners only
this is what helps to make that 3d look darker in the corners and lighter in the
center so now I’m going to add the 150 I’m and I’m not gonna you know cover the
lips if I’m going to put the 150 on I’m not going to cover it with red first I’m
just going to put the 150 right over top in the center and this is what gives it
a nice a nice gradient for the lips that really does help to to give that 3d look
now you can do this as much or as little as you like it just depends on your mood
and then I just blend it all in together however you need for whatever look you
need for that day let that dry and then I add the gloss that goes where the bomb
actually is what it’s called that I put on and we’ll be adding that now and
that’s it. Now all I have to do is my hair.


  1. I agree about using an eyeshadow as a liner. Much softer. I use a primer before applying concealer in three areas; around nose, chin and in the dark eye circles. I don’t wear foundation. I think it’s aging and my skin is still pretty good. Never wear mascara which always ages. Use blush and highlighter. I like a pale lipstick which is better for my fair coloring and I think more modern.

  2. While you don't appear to have thinning lips, I did she a video where the makeup artist suggested lining the upper lip with no dip in the middle just straight across for those who do. I'll see if I can find the video

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  5. i,m 74, and stumbled on you ,your amazing, i try to look the best that I can but found to much makeup bleeds through out the day .i,m very active and wish there were products that wouldn,t do that and still look natural. thank you for your video. Sandy M.

  6. Thanks for helping us here you make it seem so easy I learn how to do my brows by watching you. Your a beautiful soul

  7. I noticed you didn't use any loose powder to "set" you makeup, is that correct? Also, can you please tell me what lipstick brand you use?

  8. I am your age,thank you for make up tips.I have more wrinkles then you, I stayed in sun to much,without protection.I would have trouble with false eye lashes,even with magnifying glass.

  9. It doesn't matter how much coverage or how much you apply over the nooks, crepey skin and wrinkles you go over, the wrinkles will still show up…at least for me. And then if you perspire or sweat, all of it comes off. (You have a lot of patience! I think magnetized lashes would be faster and not so much trouble).

  10. I love your tips and watching you do the application as you narrate each step. I wish I could do the false lashes half as well as you do, because as I get older, the mascara irritates my eyes overnight, no matter how careful I am to remove it. Also, I, too love the lip colors you use, as in this video. I have even had dental cleaning done, wearing this, with no smearing! As always, I love your makeup and hair applications, and you always look so beautifully "finished" without looking "made up."

  11. Question I have white hair around my face and the back is salt and pepper . I use a
    hair dryer the one that dries
    quickly but my hair looks frizzy
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  12. Just look at Dame Judi Dench or Dame Maggie and you will see, agreeing is gracious and youthfulness comes from within

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  27. I appreciate all this, but feel I should warn of lead in makeup, especially lipsticks, because I was tested and found to have an overload from decades of using makeup. It has literally made my life miserable at times, due to all the symptoms it causes, and I have been detoxing for several months which could end up being years. My profile pic is over 10 years old, but at age 78 which I am now… I looked young for my age until my weight dropped 44 lbs from stress caused mostly by lead. Almost overnight my face aged a good 12 years and I am at my wits end! The only way I could survive this was to turn it over to the Lord. Make sure you check all makeups online before buying any. There are some good natural brands out there.

  28. Sharon, this is a video I have watched several times, have added it to my Favorite video playlist on YouTube, and find new and useful information each time I watch — as I do with all your videos. Mixing the PINK blush with the orange eyeshadow on the palette is BRILLIANT! Thank you, always.

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  32. I so enjoy your videos! Could you please tell me where you purchased your lashes? They do not make the eye look real heavy and I really like that! Thanks so very much!!!

  33. I find that dabbing a little bit of under-eye moisturizer on top of my makeup, under the eye, softens any wrinkles or bagginess. I also use a creamier foundation because it makes my skin softer. I put the moisturizer on my hands, rub my hands together to make the cream even less "chalky" and smooth it over my face. I keep the overall application as light as possible and then dab on concealer/moisturizer on problem spots… I also don't put liner on my lower lids because, on me, it seems to make my eyes look smaller and it draws attention to my under-eye wrinkles. Probably the best thing a woman in her 60s or 70s or more can do is keep her skin moisturized. You can even tap a little on during the day. And drink water. I also am a big fan of broad brimmed hats in the summer. My moisturizer is SPF 15, but I dab on SPF 75 when I am at the beach. I am quite pale to begin with, so I need to be careful. I am 64 and most people think I am about 50, so I think I must be doing something right? All this isn't a criticism of the tips we see here, just sharing a different approach that works for me.

  34. Just recently found your channel…you do a fantastic job! At 82, soon to be 83, I love make up…you can pull me up on FB to see how I do my hooded eyes, one more than the other..the photo is 2 yrs old…keep on look marvelous.

  35. I agree that the higher the blush or any shading the better. For some reason it lifts the face and diminishes the eye bags. Don't try to shade under the cheek bones like the people on TV. And for the sake of all that is holy, DO NOT go outside the lip line with lip pencil or lipstick. It's frightening.

  36. Very nice tnk u. I'm having terrible time no matter what eye makeup I use even non allergic even, my eyes itch and get irritated I have lt blue hazel eyes. I've noticed liquid makeup feels a bit better but harder to achieve the look I've always used . If you have any suggestions I use eye drops helps a little

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