Marella Explorer Cruise Ship Tour

Marella Explorer Cruise Ship Tour

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Ahoy there cruisers. Welcome aboard the “Marella Explorer”
for a full ship tour in Ultra HD. Let’s start at the top with the
main pool area. There’s two large pools and plenty of deck space to soak up the sun. There’s also private cabanas to hire
for an extra cost. On this deck you’ll also find
“Indigo Bar, Club and Casino”. Offering beautiful panoramic views
across the front of the ship. There’s also a door to access the
outdoor section of the front of the ship. Back outside you’ll find three large hot
tubs next to the main pools. And some lovely themed beach huts to enjoy your food from the “Snack Shack”. The snack shack offers hot dogs, burgers, packaged sandwiches and salads. There’s a large outdoor screen showing movies. The aft there’s a mini golf course as
well as some super comfortable beds to chill out in. Next to the pool area we
have “The Marketplace International Buffet”. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It offers salads, main courses and a large selection of desserts. There’s a drink station here where you
can help yourself to tea, coffee, water, ice cream, beer and wine. Next door, in the solarium, you will find the Mediterranean Italian. Offering pizza and pasta. There’s plenty of places to sit and relax. On the other side you can find the
Mediterranean tapas offering smaller bites. There’s an outdoor area to
enjoy your food alfresco. At the front of the ship you’ll find a well-equipped gym and the “Champneys” spa. Going down to deck 8
you’ll find the “Gamer Zone” with games consoles and the “Attic” – a small library with board games. Down to deck 7
you have the “Squid and Anchor”. The onboard pub with a stage for live music. Next door you have “Umi Sushi” . The extra charge sushi restaurant. Moving further forward,
two more extra charge restaurants. “Surf and Turf” steakhouse and
“Kora La” the asian-inspired eatery. At the center of the ship you’ll find a
large shopping complex the “Broad Street Shops” At the front of the ship you have the
“Broadway Show Lounge” The main theatre onboard. We really liked the comfortable spacious seats and tables for your drinks. On Deck 6 moving forward from the theatre
you have the Photo Gallery and a small cinema. Showing films during your cruise. In the middle of the ship you can find
“The Coffee Port”. Offering speciality coffees and sweets for an extra charge. Moving aft you’ll find
“The Lounge” piano bar. There’s another bar and seating area
just before you enter the grand main dining room. On the upper level of the dining room
you’ll find the Italian included restaurant “Vista”. On the lower level you’ll find the
main dining room “Latitude 53”. The dining room offers you
spectacular views across the aft of the ship. There’s interactive screens around the
ship with maps and ship information. There’s also a wraparound promenade deck
with seating and games. In the main atrium you’ll find the reception and the destination services desks. Just off the atrium you have the “Dining
Club”. An extra charge restaurant offering
fine dining designed for foodies. Our ocean view cabin was located just
along from the atrium. It was super spacious with loads of storage space. We were super impressed with the “Marella Explorer”. What do you think? Thanks for watching and please consider subscribing. We have so many cool videos
coming along. That’s it till next time. Happy cruising! you


  1. Nice looking ship, although it does appear to have more "up charge" places than not… and that mattress didn't look very comfortable.

  2. Thanks for this guys, I’ve been on 4 cruises with Thomson / Tui / Marella and the Explorer is my favourite ship so far, I’m booked to sail round the Eastern Med next summer on her and can’t wait.

  3. Beautiful ship, great video too. You guys do a great job. I never heard of the line which I'm guessing doesn't sail from the US. Is it a European cruise line?

  4. Ben and David Thanks for the video, we are on the Explorer next Wednesday and looking forward to it. Did the pair of you (with the help of Emma!!) drink the ship dry?

  5. Ooo I've tried the Marella Celebration but not Marella Explorer yet…might see if I can get onboard! I loved how friendly the staff were on the Marella Celebration, really made a massive difference. Also got to sit on the Captains Table for dinner which was lovely 🙂

  6. Another beautiful ship, was nearly going to book a cruise to NZ for November but decided on a month in Malta 🇲🇹 instead, but always love 💕 seeing beautiful ships I’ll watch them sail in from my hotel balcony in Malta 🇲🇹 instead 🥰

  7. Great video!!! Booked onto the Explorer for my 1st Marella Cruise next October. As an ardent P&O/Princess fan I bit the bullet due to the amazing itinerary and great value.

  8. Love you two and we thank you for your helpful and entertaining cruise videos. We're cruising for the first time on February 2nd on the Carnival Pride and your videos have really helped us understand how to prepare. It's our 45th anniversary vacation and we want it to be special. We subscribed to your channel and look forward to your upcoming videos. God bless you! Jim

  9. Thank you for the great tour! This ship looks fantastic! I love the cabin like booths near the pool! The staterooms look nice and spacious. We'll need to look into this ship's itineraries the next time we're planning a cruise! Thanks again

  10. As I said in my comment about Marella Explorer in one of your other social networks; I worked on her when she was the MS Galaxy from Celebrity Cruises but I have to tell you that she looks so updated and beautiful, she doesn't show her age at all!!!
    Thank you, Ben & David, for bringing some great memories from my days on her

  11. Ben and David you did an EXCELLENT job of this ship tour. We were on her 2 weeks after her refit a couple of years ago and she looks as good as she did back then. I had some great flashback memories watching your tour. Well done again guys.

  12. Very nice, we took our very first cruise on this ship in 2007 when she was the Celebrity Galaxy. They have done a beautiful job on the redesign but kept a lot of the major features. Thanks for the video it brought back a lot of memories. I sure it will bring back memories for a lot more. It would be fun to sail on her again.

  13. Just sailed for 2 weeks in Baltics ! Was fantastic ! Had inside cabin on deck 8, lots of room and storage
    Food great, but not amazing, but staff fab and overall value for money was fantastic!
    Going again, lol but transatlantic this time ! ⚓️

  14. Just remember that this ship is elderly not just old elderly.
    If you value your sleep avoid cabins on low decks Aft.

    I was lucky enough to have a Cabin mid ship on deck 8. Talking to people around the pool from low decks Aft I learned that the noise from the engine room was intolerable.

    The food the beverages and entertainment are all excellent. The additional restaurants are well worth the small cover charge.

    The only minus is that the Coffee Port closes too early.

    And last this ship is Butlins at sea you can be assured that your Cruise Director will 100% refuse to give it a rest.

  15. Nunca te olvidaré,para mí siempre serás el maravilloso Galaxy!!! donde fuimos muy felices en septiembre de 2008…🇦🇷Cris y Juan.

  16. Have only cruised once with Thomsons, it was on the Celebrity. All I can say, it was what I would imagine Butlins on a boat to be like. I’m sorry to say, your video of this ship hasn’t inspired me to cruise with TUI again, the surroundings look so cheap compared to other cruise lines.

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