Matte Plaid Nail Art – Burberry nails

Matte Plaid Nail Art – Burberry nails

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Hi guys, I’m Lena. stamping & wiping plaid nail art and secret plaid pattern nail art which even beginner can do! Let’s get started. Put a white color gel on the sponge and pat it on the pallet. If you don’t spread it evenly, it will make pattern with a hole. After patting, stamp vertically. Tap it to distribute it evenly. Don’t push too much or too light. Actone. Soak acetone in a flat brush and drain the paper before use. Check the part to clean and wipe from top to bottom. If there is a less polished part, wipe again with acetone. If you finished, and curing Stamp again, horizontally. After that wipe it with flat brush to finish. This is not difficult way but beginners feel difficult this mathod. So today I’ll show you very easy method. After finish and please curing. Cut tissue on a proper size. Make size thin or thick to fit your design. Separate the tissue from 2 layers to 1 layer. two layers make better overlapping patterns. At home, Follow this method and do burberry nail art It’s funny 🙂 Mix the color gel with cleanser and color the tissue. Use only a small amount of white gel for a translucent look Mix black color with cleanser. It soaks well. 🙂 Apply base gel before putting the tissue. Place the tissue on the nail using tweezers. Cut the corner part before curing. Tap on the tweezers so that the tissue does not float. After curing and cut. it’s a good idea to sketch in advance what shape you want to create. place tissues horizontally and vertically as you think. Be careful when you move the tissue. Tap again on the tweezers so that the tissue does not float. If the tissue has been torn, just move. Place the tissue and curing. repeat this process. If you don’t do that, the tissue will move. After curing, you can use file and remove. or use scissor. After that, overlay it smoothly with clear gel. The overlay should be good s that you can draw the lines without shaking. It’s really, really important! Cure and wipe uncured gel. Dip gel evenly to 2/3 of line brush and draw slowly so that line thickness is constant You don’t have to draw at once Continue drawing while checking the lines to draw correctly. If you’re curious how to draw a line, watch the second video. When you do this at home, Draw side-line like me. Now I’m drawing buberry design, but you can do any design what you want. Draw this line, many student say diffcult. And I teach them more easy way. Also In this viedo, I’ll tell you. apply the gel lightly to the front of the mini angle brush and tap it. Like this. Even me, doing my nail art so hard. really so hard Apply matt top gel to finish and Curing. 유광테크 Many people think, applying matt-top gel more beautyful on this art. After last curing, Finished! Today I showed you plaid pattern art that is quick, easy and beautiful for beginners Practice makes perfect! Practice hard and see you next time. By~~~~e


  1. 레나님 제가 젤크린저를삿는데요 알콜냄새가너무코를 찌르는데 이거 크렌저아니구 알콜아닌가요?ㅠㅠ 클렌저도 이렇게 알콜냄시가 강한가해서요 점원분이 잘못주신건가..ㅜㅜ

  2. 라인을 어쩜 이렇게 깔끔하게!!
    저는 부들부들해서 넘 어렵던데..
    레나쌤 아트들은 볼때마다 존경스럽습니당…

  3. 레나님 인스타보고 영상도 보러왔오용! 레나님 꿀팁은 늘 대박인것같아요! 저런 먼지 체크? 고민됐는데 해봐야겠어욤❤❤

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