Mauve/Lilac Ombré Nails

Mauve/Lilac Ombré Nails

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I just want to play at the nail table. I’m gonna play with “mauve” or “mauve”, whichever way you pronounce it. It’s light purple I’m gonna do this It’s so fun to play with nails. Let’s get started! *Music* *Music* So I’ve laid down two layers of my base color, which is Kiara Sky. It’s called ‘Hey Gorgeous’ Two base color coats down, except for this one ’cause that’s gonna be one of my accent nails, and it’s going to be this color This is by ‘BE MI’ and it’s called the Metal Leaf Line, and it’s a lilac color. Look at this. Just gorgeous! It’s a very pretty match for this. Kiara Sky color I’ve got down first When I say base color, I’m just saying that it’s the first two colors that go down. Okay, so I’m gonna get my gel brush Make sure my gel bristles are all going the same way I just get a little bit of alcohol on a pad, and I just Give it a nice clean like that make sure they’re all going the same. We’ve got one That’s kind of straying off, but that shouldn’t bother us Okay, so all I’m gonna do is pick up this Beautiful purple. Oh my goodness That is gorgeous I did lay one layer of the color down Just so it didn’t- because I had this underneath before so I just wanted to give it some nice Purple under there, so it didn’t come through. This stuff is really concentrated Just gonna put a nice thin layer This stuff, I love this stuff Cameraman: It is sparkly
Suzie: It is so pretty So pretty I’m done with that… I’m gonna do some mermaid chrome So I’m gonna give this a bit of a nuke, and that’s 30 seconds. 30 seconds in an LED and it’ll be about um a minute in a UV I don’t know much of us are using UVs anymore, most- the LEDs because they’re so fast, we can just nuke it so quick with an LED So next let’s get some mermaid chrome You haven’t seen mermaid chrome until you have seen it on a light mauve It is breathtaking So here’s my mermaid chrome. This is by Exclusive Nail Couture You don’t need a lot of this stuff. All you need is an eye shadow makeup applicator and the mermaid chrome Look how pretty that is. I’m not gonna do all of them- Don’t know if I mentioned this But the Kiara Sky polish that I’m using is a mood changing polish So let me see- the color of the mood changing is on here So that’s why I’m sort of experiencing the light purple and the tip of it You can see is sort of the deeper purple or a bit of a blue So you can see the two colors around my nails right now. My hands are very warm But the room is kind of cold so the blue tips are really shining through (Laugh) That is pretty though. You know one thing I’m gonna do, I’m gonna try the mermaid chrome on the sparkle, so let me top coat it Mermaid chrome has to stick to a no wipe top So a gel that is, won’t stick to polish. I shouldn’t say that, it’ll stick to polish Like nail polish, it just won’t cure to polish Just gonna Get rid of some of the excess mermaid chrome before I topcoat it. A little bit on my lamp there. So I might as well Just put the top coat on this one now So when I nuke it, they can nuke together Okay, so I’m gonna nuke those two and I’m gonna put the mermaid chrome on there too The mermaid chrome surprisingly looks quite beautiful That is so pretty Wow Okay, so let’s do a little quick stamp. I’m going to use this stamping polish I love this stamping system. As you can see, I’m using an eclectic bunch of products today. And here’s my stamping pad And I think I’m just gonna pick this one right here We don’t need much because you’re gonna scrape it across. Here’s my little scraper And here’s my Picker upper, and I’m just going to lift, and I’m gonna place it on this finger right here Quite nicely Pretty Now I’ve also got some Swarovski crystals But I’ve got them in different sizes. This packaging always floors me. This is crazy. I think I want I’m gonna use a super tiny one. How you do the sizes is it says SS 4, then there’s SS 3 and a 5 so the 3 is gonna be the smallest. I’m gonna use one 3, and I’m gonna use one 5 So I’ll put those ones away. But the packaging, I don’t know how I do not lose all of these. Watch this When it comes to Swarovski I want them in my like sealed you know with a combination (Laugh) But look at this Look how beautiful those are But they’re just loosely in there Amazing I have not lost those. I just really want one or two, so I’m just gonna grab a bunch and put them on my Tray here And I’m gonna put them over there right now until I can Put them together properly. I should put them in a proper container. I’m gonna sneeze and lose 144 of them Now this is the bigger one, I wanted a bigger size Those are the big ones these are the smaller ones. So I just want a couple So sparkly and again, I’m just gonna put them there Don’t nobody move the table Okay, so I’m just gonna get a little tiny gummy gel. Gummy gel adheres your gems like they won’t move and when you’re talking Swarovski You don’t want them to move so I’m gonna get a cuticle stick So just gonna put a tiny little bit of the gummy gel Right on that there spot So then I’m going to put just a thin layer of the ShineE secure right in there Then I’m gonna take this tool, which is my wax picker-upper, and I’m gonna go in and get my big gem Stick it to my wax tool, and I’m gonna place it right in there So I don’t bump it I’m gonna nuke it. I always like to nuke it right away Just in case I bump it ’cause even just a slight little bump knocks it right off center Okay, and just to tie the other two fingers in together. I’m just gonna put a little gem on them too Just put a little bit of the gummy gel There and a little bit here Just going to get a nice light- oh look at, you can see the blue. That’s the mood changing That’s gonna secure that right in there, so I’m gonna pick up the little tiny beads And you’re just getting another little bead for the pinky That’s cute So I’m just gonna nuke it, that will seal it and we’re good to go Now we’re just ready for the reveal shots. Let’s take a look So all you need is a few fun things and the color scheme you’re looking for and you can create a nice little design It’s always fun to play at the nail table. Catch you in the next video


  1. I had to rhinestone my dance costumes back in the day and I never understood why the Swarovski crystals come like that either! XD So frustrating.

  2. I need advise nail community. The lady at manicure cut my eponychium, how do i grow it back fast without it looking rough and ugly?

  3. Hi! It would be fun if you bought gels on eBay and compared it to more ”expensive” gels, so you could se all the diffrence. // All the way from Sweden.

  4. I had these thermo polish… i have long nails (longer then suzie in the video) and my hands are so warm it just was one color al the time…

  5. Hi Suzie! I LOVE your videos and want to know when you are going to bring your Professional Acrylic Starter Kit back and is it going to be improved?

  6. Chrome powder is so difficult to clean(sticks on hands and the table), Suzie has any tips to make it easier? Thank you. 💜

  7. Suzie, could you please show how to apply crystals, beads, gems on nails that are covered with regular nail polish. what materials do you need and will they stay or is it done only using gel polish

  8. Hey susie , I literally binge watch every night, and the work you do is amazing x I was wondering if you could do a collection tour of all your nail stuff x it would be amazing!

  9. Susie, can you make a video about how to choose the nail shape for you based on your natural nail shape

  10. I did my nails light purple right before watching this! Then I put holographic powder close to the root with pink metallic gradient in the middle. Loving the sparkly lilac! Where did you buy the swarovski crystals from?

  11. Hi, loving all Ur vids! If U could please answer a few questions I'd really appreciate it., Who makes that cute pink lamp with the little heart, that U use all of the time? Do we have to get an UV/LED lamp or is LED good enough? Thanks Suzie. Pam

  12. I have an unrelated question.. I am an at home nail enthusiast and I have done a few full sets. These damn nails keep falling off. I’m using name brand gel products (mia secret e nail couture, etc.) but they won’t stay on! I have tried different combos and nothing. I prep, dehydrate, prime, and still 2-3 days later. They pop off. Any help?

  13. Lmao suzie my nails grow every week but only some of them can u make a video on how to grow beautiful nails cuz I only trust you though I got all the nail care products can u make a video pls!!

  14. I just wanted to thank you so much for all the help you have given me with your brilliant instructional videos. From knowing nothing about acrylic nails, I am now the proud owner of my own nails. Rather than pay for someone to do it for me, I learned to do it for myself. I am looking dow on a perfect set of thumbs in chamelian Green/Purple and starting to work on correctig my index fingers. I always wanted nice nails, spent an age biting them until my job required me to manicure them as they were on show all day long (recording engineer). With your instruction I am now free to explore the possibilities. Thank you Suzie,
    Rob Waldron

  15. As always, another beautiful set of nails. But please, OH please, do an ASMR video. When you were unwrapping those beautiful crystals, i was getting all sorts of relaxing tingles. You and cameraman would do so well with ASMR. Maybe think about it and get back to me?
    Love you. XOXO

  16. Would it be possoble to do a video on natural nails and nails bits, ie efiling? O have heard that over time using the nail drill ruins natural nails and k would like to know the truth behind this. Thank you.

  17. Hi Susie! I love your videos. You do it very professionally. It feels like you are talking directly to me, but you won’t answer my questions at the time. How frustrating! LMAO My biggest question: I’m not a professional manicurist (I didn’t go to school), anyone who puts acrylic on my nails is perfect. I can sometimes go 5-6 weeks before needing my nails done. Now that I’m doing my own nails, I have to do them almost every week. I don’t have lifting by the cuticle but I can feel the edges and they catch my hair and the other problem is that the acrylic will sometimes pop of my nails, the lengths of my nails, not like a break or cracking showing; it’s like the acrylic wasn’t stuck to my nails or something. Help me please; I’m trying to save money by doing them myself and they look great, not perfect, but definitely acceptable according to my friend who is a tech. She’s very impressed even with my non-dominant hand. 😁

  18. that gel polish is super bright and shiny! but with that mermaid powder it made it out of this world sparkly!

  19. Amazing video!!! When are you bringing back your acrylic starter kits?! I want to get my hands on it so I can do it to! Much love ❤️

  20. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your work. But I don't understand how you can support a company that has many compliments put on them and how a lot of people admit, nail techs included, they do not deliver what they are selling. And apparently when people order from Enail couture their packages come either damage or spilled without offering refunds. I know you have to pay your bills, but can't you sponsor a company that isn't very deceiving..please don't tale this comment as attack on you. I am being serious.

  21. Why is it that you put the sticky stuff (for the gems) underneath the top coat? Can you stick the gems on with just gel top coat?

  22. I have a practice nail..And everytime I go to practice….I get the nail formed and when I go to file it…it just falls off the practice nail. How to I get that to stop??

  23. Your videos have inspired me to be a nail tech. Most of what I know is from your videos. love from Swaziland.🇸🇿

  24. I bought stamping disc and rubber applicator like what you have, when I used it for the first time the rubber applicator wouldn't pick up the nail polish from the stamping disc. Should I have done something to the rubber applicator?

  25. Who are you and what did you do to Suzie?! Where did the almond-shaped nails go?

    Love the design though. That sparkly gel is so gorgeous, I choked!
    Also, I love that mauve/lilac color combination you got there.

    I think it would also look good with a lavender-peach ombré… ^^

  26. I’ve had my nails done since 1998 never without them until now when I spent 6 weeks in hosp and they grew out. My first colour was this purple mood changer. I’ve loved it most. By toma but they stopped making it. I found the changer again but it’s not like the one you have. I’m so happy to see it again.
    However I’ve been watching you for past 6 weeks and decided to do my nail myself and just ordered a starter kit Can’t wait to practice what you’ve shown. I live in Alberta 👍🏽🥰 thank you. I’m 73 lol wish me luck my nails are naked for first time in 20 years. Lol never to old to learn eh! Oh ! My first nails were done with wraps do you remember them ? Lol 👍🏽💞

  27. I bought chrome powders from Amazon, and they don't work no matter how I try to apply them. I've use no-wipe top coat, and it doesn't stick. I've tried regular gel top coat, nothing! HELP!

  28. I had the mauve mood changer back in the 90’s in UK in polish. I bought the kits sky gel that u used and it did not come anyway close to yours after applying. I cured it and put 2 coats. It came out clear. 🤦🏽‍♀️in the 90’s it was my fav colour. And longed for it to return. TOMA made the Polish. 😭😭

  29. Stunning! I especially love the sparkly purple gel you put on your ring finger, that's the most beautiful purple I've ever seen.

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