MAYBELLINE Super Stay Matte Ink Review/ swatches |MARWA YEHIA| اكتر روج ثابت وكمان دراج ستور

MAYBELLINE Super Stay Matte Ink Review/ swatches |MARWA YEHIA| اكتر روج ثابت وكمان دراج ستور

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Good morning or evening That’s the second part of my last video same makeup, same outfit, same veil, same everything If you haven’t watched my first video which I uploaded 2 days ago If you click the link above, it’ll take you to my last video on how to do this makeup making your eyes look bigger and everything you need to know about it I’ll give you my step by step guide on this look as well as all the products and shades used so, if you like this look, make sure to click on the link This video is a little bit different since it’s about a review and also since I’d done my review on the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde palette I’ve received so many requests on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook So many comments and messages requesting more reviews on the best drug store and high end products in details like my review on the Huda Beauty palette I was very happy to see your reaction on my last video and I decided to do a series of reviews on all the products It will include both, a series for drug store products and another one for high end products I’ll explain how every product works and my honest opinion on the most hyped up products and if you have a similar taste in makeup to mine you’ll enjoy these videos If you like this idea, leave me your comment below so I’d have a better view on what you’d like to see so just let me know I’ll be reviewing a product every one needs and uses no matter how advanced you are in makeup There will come a time when you’ll ask yourself what’s the best ” .. ” product out there ? that I’ll talk about in a minute Today’s video is about the best drug store lipstick on the market It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner at makeup there will be a time when you’ll want to find a long lasting lipstick whether it’s a special event your engagement, wedding, whatever it is you’ll need a good quality lipstick long lasting, has a lot of color variety with an affordable price and available every where and it’s rare to find a product that has all that so when I found this beautiful product, I knew that I needed to tell you more about it and give you my video review on it you must be wondering what this product is you’ve seen it in so many of my videos, and it’s the Maybelline Superstay Ink Matte liquid lipstick It’s one of the best lipsticks that I’ve been trying out and testing it out for a while now I’ve also used it in a couple of my videos I’ve worn it when I’m going out, running errands drinking , eating and just spending the whole day wearing it and lick the lipstick like most girls do and most brides do, giving me a mini heart attack so I tried to do everything most girls unintentionally do with their lips and see how it will last Let me read you what’s mentioned on the Maybelline website This lipstick originally came in 10 colors then when it reached its peak in sales and was found to be a very successful collection They released 5 more shades which insluded 2 unfamiliar shades blue and gray Let’s mention the shades that are commonly used Out of all 15 shades, I have 7 that I’ll be swatching This lipstick costs $ 9.5 Here in Egypt, it ranges between 220-250 EGP I purchased it from a page called Bella Donna The owner’s name is Molly She has all the shades as well the ones I’ll show today I’ll link her account down below for you She originally sells it for 225 EGP but nowadays, she sells them at a discounted price, Get 2 lipsticks for 400 EGP, so you’ll save up 50 EGP on both lipsticks and she has all the shades like I mentioned, and now I’m moving on to giving you my full opinion on it Like I said, I’ve done all the things any girl would do with her lips after applying her lipstick and wearing it for 12-15 hours drinking, eating, crying, trying to remove it arguing or fighting, just everything and the best case scenario I’m hoping to see would be for the lipstick not to budge, move, smudge or any of that Tis lipstick is extremely long lasting I’ve never used a lipstick that lasts as long as this one whether it’s a drug store or a high end lipstick I’ve tried Loreal, Wet n Wild, Rimmel London Huda Beauty, Kat Von D, Sephora, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Mac Forever 52, Nyx, Inglot, Color Pop I’ve tried every brand and not one of them is as long lasting as the Maybelline Liquid lipstick It’s not easily removed at all even it it’s lightly faded, and I’ll tell you how that would happen, It’s never really completely removed my favorites before these lipsticks came out were the Sephora ones, which I’ve loved since forever But If I were to mention a percentage estimate of how long lasting each of them are If Maybelline is at a 100 %, Sephora would be at 60 % Regarding the price point, the Sephora lipstick costs 350 EGP The Maybelline one ranges between 225- 250 EGP of course you can see the difference Also, the Maybelline ones don’t dry out the lips like the rest of the matte liquid lipsticks some lipsticks can dry the hell out of your lips to the point that you’d end up having cracked lips and I’m not talking about the natural lip lines that everyone has because I get asked about these lip lines and what to do about them It’s normal to have them, I do Everyone has them. our skin, too has lines I’m not getting into that right now because if I did, I’ll be talking for too long Going back to the lipstick It doesn’t dry out or crack my lips There are lipsticks I’ve used where whenever It’s winter or I would smile, they would crack my lips open and they would start bleeding because they’ve dried out my lips that much but with Maybelline, I’ve never had that at all on the contrary, it gives a polished, satin look which I find very flattering giving my lips more volume and an overall healthier look 2 cons that I have to mention about this lipstick First thing is that when I tried eating different foods at different times without a fork and a knife since the lipstick will not be affected using them so I had a sandwich,and whenever I’d have a bite, my bottom lip slightly touches my chin and by the time I was done I found these lipstick smudges on my skin on my chin not right below my lips but the lipstick itself didn’t move on my lips If I were to cover my chin with my hand the lipstick stayed exactly how you see it now it didn’t move, it didn’t crack, nothing but I had some lipstick over there and that was the first thing I noticed The second thing would be that it’s a bit sticky If I try to rub my lips together, they would stick a bit but to be honest, it only does that when you apply multiple layers If you only apply one layer, which is actually shown on their website the color payoff will still be amazing and it won’t stick it does stick when you do multiple applications Here, I’ve mixed 2 shades therefore, it gave me the stickiness that I’ve been talking about For me, it’s not something that bothers me at all even when working with a client one more con, I just remembered It’s actually a pro and a con at the same time Do you know the saying “too much of a good thing is never good” ? That’s the case for this lipstick because it’s extremely long lasting, whenever I try to remove my makeup the entire makeup gets removed except the lipstick no matter what I do to remove it It never really gets removed and it made filming this video even harder I kept asking myself how I’m supposed to show you a lot of lip swatches, when it’s hardly removed I remove my makeup using the Neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser, which is a deep gel cleanser like it’s mentioned here It removes all my makeup without sucking the life out of my skin and It never dries out my skin and I’ve never had any problems with it It’s very gentle and can be used in Winter and Summer and I love it but when I tried removing the lipstick with it, It didn’t move. I even tried Neutrogena’s daily wash and nothing changed whatsoever so I moved on to the next cleanser I’ve tried Bioderma H2O for both sensitive and dry skin they didn’t remove the lipstick In the makeup community, it’s well known how strong the Garnier and Bioderma cleansers are and how extremely effective they are so not any of them worked I swear it stayed the same I ran out of options, I really didn’t know what to do So, I suddenly remembered to use coconut oil I got this from Thailand and it removes everything and moisturizes my skin as well, it’s just perfect I got it as a part of my skin care routine and my lips too so when I applied it on my lips, it started to break down the formula but not the result I hoped for, because I would put on a layer and leave it on for 3 minutes remove it, and do the same thing over and over again and I keep going over my lips so much with the oil just to remove the lipstick for me, as much as it says a lot about how long it lasts it’s such a struggle to remove that even Maybelline released a product to remove it can you Imagine? releasing a lipstick remover? I’ve looked for it every where but had no luck finding it If you came across this remover, please let me know in the comments below so it would be easier for anyone interested in this lipstick to get the remover as well so that was my full honest opinion about this lipstick And let’s move on to the lip swatches I’ve just applied the coconut oil to remove this shade by the way, it’s available every where and I also believe it’s sold in the Imtenan shop I’m removing this because it’s a mix of 2 shades and I’ll start over so after I leave in the oil for 3 minutes then I start removing it using a cotton bud can you imagine how hard this is going to be? I’m gonna have to remove every color this way taking the Bioderma cleanser on a cotton pad and I’ll start rubbing my lips with it to make sure there’s no color left on my lips and after using the oil twice, this is the result on the cotton pad after using Bioderma so this lipstick is not the easiest to remove at all let’s get swatching first things first, before any liquid lipstick application I moisturize my lips with the aloe vera lip balm I put it on first so by the time I’m done doing my makeup my lips are very moisturized, especially during winter I also got this lip balm from Molly, the same page owner I mentioned earlier I’m staring with this rosey color #10 It’s very pale on me that’s how it looks and it brings back so much of my college memories this color was so in with the black liner on top and blue on the bottom It was so in for some reason, I don’t have any idea why so that’s #10 called Dreamer from Maybelline Do you have any idea when I should’ve filmed this? I was supposed to film this video for the longest time and a lot of weird things just started happening my entire lipstick collection got lost while I was travelling and I travelled back again to the same spot so I called the hotel, and I kept following up till I finally got my stuff back. They actually kept it aside they know me so well and I stay there a lot and I finally received it and this makeup bag had everything my lipsticks from Maybelline, Huda Beauty just all my favorites so thank God they found it then I’m trying a pink shade #15 called Lover which I’ve worn in my last video and that’s how it looks it’s one of my favorites I had to go in with powder because this lipstick can stain the lips so much Do you see this? so I wanted every shade to show its true color then we have #20, which is a stunning red shade one of the best reds I’ve ever had in my life stunning That’s shade #20 called Pioneer then comes shade #65 called Seductress which is also one of my favourites This shade is very nude If you’re a fan of cooler toned nudes, you’ll love this one stunning and it suits this eye makeup then I’ll be swatching shade #70, another favorite Did I mention how beautiful this smells? It smells like vanilla and caramel and that’s how #70 looks like and I’m crazy in love with this color I’ve shown it in many of my videos I love it so much, and it looks good with this outfit too then comes shade #75 called Fighter This color is beautiful What do you think? It’s a brown shade with an orange undertone and the last lipstick we have is shade #80 called Ruler let’s see how it looks like That was the last lip swatch in this video I finally finished swatching, and I feel like my lips are gonna fall Let me know in the comments below which shades you liked the most and what you think about my swatches If you liked this idea, let me know in the comments so I’d know what you prefer seeing whether it’s reviews or swatches and that brings us to the end of this video I hope you enjoyed it and found it helpful don’t forget to like this video, leave me a positive comment and subscribe to my channel, also click on the notifications bell for all my updates I’ll link Bella Donna’s page, where I got the lipsticks from and I’ll see you soon


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