Meet the designer of our Sucy Cosmetic Bag

Meet the designer of our Sucy Cosmetic Bag

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Hi! I’m Elisabeth Huijskens, a founder of
Trades of Hope and right now were in Guatemala with a team of our compassionate entrepreneurs
visiting our beautiful artisans here! Beautiful and so talented! Sucy here designed this cosmetic
bag which is beautiful and functional, and has interior clear plastic lining on the inside so it’s perfect for all of your makeup and we just told them that we are placing
an order for them and we are so excited about these bags, so excited about the lives that
are being changed through the business that they are cultivating and we hope that you
are going to be just as excited about it as we are!

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  1. This is a wonderful company that empowers women to bring themselves out of poverty and take care of their families! 💜😇

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