1. well actually people associate men and make up with drag queens and fem twinks more than rock and roll. XD

  2. John Stapleton, you are a really cute Artist!
    I like your video and wish my brother could understand your message… not so sure, though..
    Thank you!!

  3. Thank you for this! People don't realize how good makeup can look on men. Look around at your "hollywood hunks" bronzer, brows filled in, and mascara. Almost all of them lol. It's very easy to wear lots of makeup and have people think you're not wearing any haha

  4. Not enough people realize that makeup isn't only for women. THANKS FOR THIS <3 I was skeptical, but you look great!

  5. It's funny, a lot of people don't realize that every president since Kennedy have worn makeup., yet still think makeup is only for ladies. Whatever. Great look John!

  6. how nice that mac isnt turning a blind eye to the male customers, and i definately think its innovative that a cosmetic company does this, but i feel like the guy in the video implied that if guys are going to wear makeup, they should make it look masculine, and i think that they should also make videos for the men that dont care for masculinity, its ok for men to be flamboyant and pretty

  7. I like how your a guy & put on makeup but u dont look or act gay. Not that I have anything against them, I just think it's unique for straight guys putting makeup so fiercely. Although I'm not a bug fan of the eyeliner..

  8. I both love and hate this at the same time…I think I'd be a little bit weirded out if my guy was doing makeup in the mirror right next to me, but at the same time this guy looks sexy as hell. I secretly love the grungy rocker look. =)

  9. becoz 'pretty' makeup is what John did BEFORE adding the eyeliners! if you want to go all out, check out Petrilude's drag tutorials, the guy is unreal!!

  10. Honestly, does that matter? And to be completely honest, if you can't tell, you don't really deserve an answer imho….

  11. John s is so pretty! love this video! @3.00 yeh man just putting on my prep&prime.. made me giggle! smokey eye looks hot!

  12. honestly I would really like to know bcuz sometimes its hard to tell whether or not they are gay..I know some really hott male muas and u automatically think they are bcuz they do makeup but then its like you just don't know…he is very hott but how do u know if he is or not?

  13. OMFG!…imagine dating a guy and you're getting ready to go out on a date and he's in front of the mirror with powder and a brush applying concealor and powder….#SHAMEFACE

  14. He kinda speaks like the male version of Kristen Stewart, gestures and all! Also, I really like this look. He looks so tragic and rugged at the same time 🙂 But if anyone wants a more toned down look, gossmakeupartist has a really good one on his channel.

  15. Let me preface this by saying im a 20 year old boy, i wear foundation, concealer, powder, all subtle and due to having acne scarring, lip conditioner, all mac and i moisturize & and take good are of myself, but i find this video so cringe, and a bit rude "oh it's okay if a guy wants to wear tinted moisturiser".. what about foundation? it's nice for mac to knowledge that not all their customers are male but at the same time making us feel like only certain products are available to us isnt good.

  16. All of the MAC videos are so inspiring ! (: can't wait to work for them and become one of the MAC family members (:

  17. I love his hair and he looks kinda hot with make up, never thought I would say this about a guy but he looks better than some girls with make up

  18. I remember John from the "to the beach" orange and green eyeliner look. Love that look. Love what he did with the gloss and eyeliner for this look. I'm a girl but I'm really wanting to try it out. Nice vid MAC!

  19. wow that's interesting. i mean i knew guys could wear make-up… but that might be a bit much. what if guys don't want the grunge rock look? lap balm & face cream is good. when we start getting to like wearin liner & primer like me? i'm might start asking questions a bit LOL
    all in all, insightful, but maybe a little awkward if i'm in the mirror doin MY make-up & then my boo wants to join me & ask for some of my liner…. just a little awkward. LOL

  20. This is more of the simple man's wanna be rockstar look. Very dated and far from cool. I think the focus of men's makeup has shifted to align with women's make up, though far more subtle; with a focus on concealing and undetectable bronzing.

  21. There isnt a LOVE option. He is hot hot hot.. and I think its true, more men should take better care of themselves. Why should we have too all the time!

  22. wow I've never seen a straight man Assuming he's a straight man he appears to be one sounds like one idk assuming Jr is straight or whatever I don't know but again I've never seen a manly man wear makeup to wake up in the morning to a man preparing this way at first would be really alarming but then I love like how natural and amazing this is like ok good morning fuck it hey Bae can you spiff up my eyes to honey. he does look great amazing and he's right I never thought I'd accept it or like it on a man it's hot sexy a turn on and you know it takes a hell of a lot of confidence 4 man to do this

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