Merle Norman Cosmetics – Anti-Aging Complex Dry Oil Serum

Merle Norman Cosmetics – Anti-Aging Complex Dry Oil Serum

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hi everyone it’s me Elle Leary Beauty
expert for Merle Norman now I know you guys have been loving the Anti-Aging
Complex System and I love a good system too because they’re so important to an
overall routine because they are designed to work so synergistically
together now we are introducing a whole new innovative product to our
best-selling line which is Anti-Aging Complex Dry Oil Serum it’s going to
change how you think about oils and serums drop by drop now before we dive
into ingredient technology and benefits let’s talk about why oils are all the
rage with beauty editors and bloggers worldwide in fact in Europe and other
parts of the world oils are the go-to hydrator because oils absorb more
rapidly into the skin to deliver benefits faster than a moisturizer can
now this is especially beneficial as we age in fact we start losing oils in our
skin as early as our 20s which is one of the reasons why we see signs of
premature aging they’re also especially efficient at protecting the skin’s lipid
barrier and can even help prevent moisture from evaporating from the skin
so what sets Anti-Aging Complex Dry Oil Serum apart from other oils they feel
like nothing else okay so now this is called a dry oil because it has all of
the benefits that you would normally get with an oil but it doesn’t leave you
with that kind of greasy after feel to the skin it absorbs so quickly just like
water would but we all know a product can’t just be about the feel it has to
deliver results when researching and developing our newest formulation we
found that the most successful anti aging products address three things one
dryness two appearance of aging skin including lines wrinkles sagging skin
and dull lackluster complexion and finally three the future signs of aging
triggered by environmental damage here’s how Anti-Aging Complex Dry Oil Serum
does all three to relieve dryness and a loss of lipids
it includes a special combination of natural oils to condition and nourish
the skin with maximum hydration while maintaining that wonderful dry oil feel
it’s achieved with an ingredient called plantsil which is comprised of
nourishing fast absorbing dry oils derived from actually olive oil
they provide a light smooth non greasy feeling that softens and refreshes skin
next a natural oil blend of evening primrose oil and safflower oil helps
restore the skins barrier and seals in moisture which is critical to keeping
skin looking fresh and youthful to combat those signs of aging we searched
for an advanced peptide that would complement the dry oil serum and that’s
dermaxyl this was the winner and it worked well with our ingredient
technology and performed by helping promote skin firmness elasticity and
suppleness to minimize wrinkles sagging and dullness Anti-Aging Complex Dry Oil
Serum also includes revinage an anti-aging oil blend that helps smooth
deep wrinkles helps restore firmness and texture and helps improve skin’s
radiance now to minimize future signs of aging triggered by environmental
assaults we included brightening rice brand extract rosemary leaf extract
sunflower extract and vitamin E this antioxidant complex synergistically
provides superior antioxidant protection against environmental damages now I am
obsessed with this product and one thing I love about it is the twist cap it just
dispenses the perfect amount of oil this beautiful luxurious package has an
innovative self dispensing pump that you won’t see on any other kind of product
simply twist the cap and you’ll notice that the end pops up this is to let you
know that the dropper has captured the ideal amount of oil to dispense without
any fuss or mess I’m going to dispense two drops into my hand what’s wonderful
about this dry oil serum is that you can increase or decrease the
drops based on your skin’s needs so for example you can use one or two drops
today and if you feel a bit drier tomorrow use three or four so simply
press your hands together and then press the dry oil serum into the skin just
like this make sure to press it all around your face and even down your neck
and on your decollete you don’t want to rub or slide the product all around
the face because it just gently needs to be patted into the skin and let it
absorb I just love this scent it just has a really clean and fresh smell but
doesn’t linger too long and the perfect kind of complement to whatever you have
on your skin after now immediately your skin is going to feel more hydrated and
comfortable and it will look more naturally radiant and glowing you’ll
then follow up with your regular skin care routine now if using a dry oil just
by itself isn’t for you or you need to maybe make it a little bit quicker steps
go ahead and feel free to incorporate this into your moisturizer so what you
would do is you put a little moisturizer on your hand add a few drops of the oil
mix it together in your hands and then apply like you normally would so when
you use the two together it will give you this beautiful finish and it might
just be more what’s up your alley now I know you guys out there are loving the
Anti-Aging Complex Emulsion with SPF 30 protection now all my drier
skin types however make sure or at least try to add a few drops of this oil to
your moisturizer for that perfect added hydration and moisturizer that you’re
wanting for your skin now this hydration will really give you those anti-aging
benefits you’re looking for all right you guys so I know we’ve talked about
the amazing cutting-edge anti-aging formulation the groundbreaking
technology and this cute innovative packaging it’s definitely one of my
favorites ongoing right in my bag I know it’s going to be yours so please go out
to your nearest Merle Norman Studio and I’ll see you guys in the next one


  1. hi there!!! I love love merle norman. .but could u all do more close up personable reviews applying the product or system? ..I am 29 and I use Merle norman serums creams washes ex…but no one talks about it on u tube ..thanku !!

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