Merle Norman Cosmetics – Contour & Highlight Duo

Merle Norman Cosmetics – Contour & Highlight Duo

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hey you guys it’s Elle Leary Beauty
Expert for Merle Norman I have my lovely model Evelyn here today and we are
talking highlight and contour with Merle Norman’s Contour And Highlight Duo how awesome is this little book that comes with the compact alright so let’s talk
about first what highlight and what contour means so when you highlight
something those are the parts of the face that you want to kind of bring
forward that you want to accentuate and the parts of the face that you contour
are going to be the ones that kind of recede that you want to kind of push in
the background so for example cheekbones you might want to pop those out maybe
you want to give a little bit of highlight down the nose to maybe
straighten the nose or give that something a little bit special but one
of the big starting points to find out how to highlight and contour is to know
your face shape and they make it so super easy with this great book that
comes with the compact and it actually gives you four different face shapes now
for example I am a heart shape so that is the last one right here when I
contour i contour where the dark parts are on this face chart so around my
forehead down kind of around the temple onto my hollows of my cheeks a little
bit down my nose and for Evelyn she is actually an oval shape so we’re going to
contour just where these gray pieces are just like this says just a touch on the
forehead right here and just a touch along the hollows of the cheeks and a
little bit down the nose now for highlight you go to that same face chart
it is the lighter sections here for me a little bit on the center of the forehead
a little bit on the chin and little bit down the nose now for Evelyn
same thing a little bit on the forehead a little bit on the chin a little bit of
highlight right on top of those cheekbones and down the bridge of the
nose now this compact what makes it a little
bit different is that these shades are matte now they aren’t necessarily that
flat matte that gives you kind of that one-dimensional look they are a natural
finish to these powders so they are going to give you just a little bit of
skin light quality a little bit of life light quality to your contour now as you
can tell this contour color is very different from a bronzer and that’s what
makes a contour product different from a bronzer is that bronzers are warmer
they’re meant to give you that kind of sunkissed glow and a contour product is
to mimic shadow so it has a little bit cooler undertones a little bit grayer
undertones and that’s what it’s supposed to do so the highlight color again it’s
not shiny disco ball it’s nothing like that it just is going to give your skin a little bit of light and a realistic
finish so let’s get started to applications so I can show you kind of
how you really do this all right so the best place to start to figure out your
highlight and contour sections is your face shape now they make it super easy
with this little book that they have included but the first thing that
everybody starts with is a gentle smile cheese! right when you smile it kind of
lifts your face and really shows what your shape is so for example I’m a
heart-shaped and Evelyn is obviously oval so you’re just going to follow this
simple guide for your contour and highlight sections that they have
provided that make it super easy and very doable for everyone so we need a
few tools to get this done and again they are shown right in this little
handy dandy book and the brushes I have in front of me the first one is this
beautiful tapered brush this is the number five face brush and then I also
have this guy the eyes number three brush and he’s
small and tapered at the top for those smaller sections on the face and finally
our blending guy and he is just a full-size face number two brush and this
is I’ll show you how to do all this but this is kind of just to buff it all in
and bring it all together alright so we’re first going to start
with our number five brush and I like to start with contouring I find that when
you start with contouring it kind of is going to give you that roadmap that is
going to start to bring that shape out and then you can just add highlight on
top of it and it’s going to just bring that kind of brightness to the skin so
we’re just going to tap a little bit into the product and this color is
called Sculpt and I’m just I like to put it you know a little bit on my hand or
you can actually even use the mirror if you’re doing it at home you know you
just kind of tap this just because sometimes you don’t want to put product
right from the compact right smack dab on the face you kind of want to just tap
it a little bit to push product into the brush and then with application alright
so a great way for you to do this at home is to also suck in your cheeks like
this Evelyn perfect so you can see that this finds the hollows of your cheeks
and that’s going to be your starting point for your contour so when we’re
doing this you’re going to place your brush the angle the longest the tallest
part of the brush is going to go towards the top of the ear and you’re
going to sweep in downward motions just like this just going to pull this back
so everybody can see and you want to start a little bit with product just a
little bit of product and then you can add more and build it to your desired
look so you can build this product up to as much sculpt and face as you want or
you can go as natural as you want because contour and highlight doesn’t
always have to be on the dramatic side it can just be for everyday kind of just
giving your face a little bit of extra shape
now as I kind of build the product up I go in small circular motions but still
keeping right in that hollow of the cheek right here and I actually always
go upwards never downward so you never want to go past this section of your
face because this is supposed to remain light right we want to go light a little
bit shaded light all right and you’re already going to see that this is going
to give Evelyn’s face a great shape and a really beautiful finish and now the
contour on the forehead does not have to be dark you do not need to go in
aggressively with color you just are kind of dusting this along the hairline
again this is to mimic shadow so we don’t want anything to be too aggressive
especially if you’re going for a daytime or a more natural look and then I’m just
going to gently bring just a touch down on her jawline and that’s just a
little extra bonus I’m just going to turn you a little bit more towards me
and again she’s going to kind of suck her cheeks in and suck that in perfect
and so you’re going to see right here top of the ear sweeping down down down
just like this we’re building cheekbones here not that she has any lack of
cheekbones she has a gorgeous bone structure go ahead and relax and then we’re
going to kind of start to blend this in and really mold this into the other
powder that we’ve already have on the face from her foundation and again I’m
building up coverage and I’m building up my desired sculpting or my desired shape
or my desired drama to my shape now the powder is actually designed to give you
maneuverability with the product and to also be kind of user friendly and very
error-proof because it is so blendable it is so workable so you don’t feel like
oh I’m going to mess something up this is a great
product to start out with and it just really blends and works with you
well so you don’t have to feel scared when you use this product alright so this is
just a very natural version of exactly how contour should look just giving the
face some shape so we’re just moving into highlight now when we talk about
highlight we are going to start on the tops of the cheeks now a lot of us think
about highlights with that kind of glittery effect or that dewy effect
highlight can be both dewy and can be both matte so this is going to give you
a matte highlight it is going to enhance those features that you want you can
feel free to put a shimmery or dewy highlighter right over this but for this
kind of tutorial we are going to use a matte shade and this is actually a
little bit more of a natural approach a little bit more of an everyday approach
that we’re just trying to accentuate the features that we already have we’re just
trying to bring out our natural beauty that we already have so I’m just going
to place this literally right on top of my contour so my contours here my
highlight goes just right above it and I’m just going to do the same sweeping
motions and my pressure is very light my pressure is not aggressive into the face
my pressure is very light and in these kind of sweeping motions and you’re just
going to get this beautiful flush of brightness now remember the way that
this powder is formulated is that it is yes it’s matte but it has a lifelike
finish to it so you are still going to get a little bit of something special a
little bit of glow from this product so if you want to go a little bit heavier
go ahead and build that up a little bit and if you really want to get some of
that glow you can go ahead and put another kind of more sparkly highlighter
right on top but for this intensive purposes we are trying to go for a
natural look and a natural look does not call for a super shimmery highlighted
area so this is just perfect for someone that is looking for
that kind of look and again just on top of that contour right on top of that
sculpt color and I’m holding the brush at this angle so the tallest the part of
the brush is going up towards the eye and the tapered the smallest part of the
brush bristle is going towards the cheekbone or towards the apple of the
cheek so you don’t want to hold it like this
because we want to keep everything above that contour line look how pretty that
is that is just so stunning really beautiful and you can build this up a
little bit too if you do want to get a little bit more payoff with that all
right where else are we going to contour where else are we going to
highlight we’re going to highlight just a little bit on the chin just to kind of
bring that forward a little bit and a little bit down the bridge of the nose
and a little bit onto the forehead just to bring that out and then we’re going
to go in with our small tapered brush our eyes number three brush and I’m
going back into the sculpt color and I’m going to just ever so slightly contour
the nose and we want to go right on the nose bone right here and when you apply
it you start at the eyebrow coming all the way down to the tip of the nose and
just bringing it right in at an angle again the same thing on this side and
I’m using again a light hand you know a lot of people kind of push really hard
with their products and with their brushes and then they start to deposit
too much color so a little bit goes a long way because you have to think of
this as shading you are an artiste and you are shading the dimension into the
face and now that’s basically a beautiful sculpted nose we will blend
this all together I just wanted to show you the placement of that and for
finishing touches we’re use our big number face two brush and in
just kind of sweeping motions I’m just going to just gently work these products
together just a little bit I’m gonna do the same on the nose but I’m going to go
in upward motions and upward strokes and again blending this all together this is
just such a beautiful highlight I love it and just a little bit blending and you
can actually even kind of hold the brush like this where the bristles are a
little bit together like this and be a little bit more detailed when you blend
so the finishing touch on a perfect contour and highlight is a pop of color
on the cheek we are using lasting cheek color and Gypsy Rose and another number
five face brush I just really like to bring this all together and tie it kind
of in a bow with a beautiful cheek color now I’m just going for something with a
little bit of light reflecting properties in it as well because we have
that kind of more on the matte side of a finish for the highlight so I do I still
want to add a little bit of sparkle a little bit of something special
and I again you can see I’m just transferring that product right onto my
hand and in beautiful long big sweeping brush round strokes we apply that blush
color right on the apples and what this does it does again it starts to blend
and diffuse everything together alright go and look straight ahead and
so you guys can see the difference how the look just kind of came together it’s
cohesive and blended and diffused alright let’s finish up the other side
again right on the apples of the cheeks big circular motions going back towards
the ear and I like to focus a little bit more though on the apples of the cheeks
because most people look like they enjoy a little bit of help right there I mean
we all have a need a little help right here on the apples of the cheeks and
that pop of color will go a long way to bring everything together you guys can
just see that completed diffused and beautiful look and if you want to you
can even take that big brush again and you can blend that out if you’ve
deposited too much color this is going to be your blending friend awesome all
right you guys thank you so much for watching please go and check out this
amazing contour and highlight duo at your nearest Merle Norman Studio thanks
you guys for watching and I’ll see you on the next one bye

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