Merle Norman Cosmetics – Liquid Blush

Merle Norman Cosmetics – Liquid Blush

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hey everyone it’s me Elle Leary Beauty
expert for Merle Norman and we have Krista here our lovely model now if you
didn’t know already I’m kind of obsessed with blush now the reason I love blush
and think it’s really one of the most important steps you can do to your final
makeup look is we know when we apply foundation or tinted moisturizer we
obviously are applying it to you know take away any kind of imperfections or
even you know basically give us a lot more of an even finish right an even
canvas to deal with but you know it also can have tendency to look a little flat
one dimensional but that is the point of foundation and what blush does is it
gives everything back it gives you kind of this flush of color this youthfulness
and then also can define your cheekbones and really give you kind of a great bone
structure that you had a little bit of a tendency to kind of wipe away with that
foundation and just so you know new technology isn’t just for skincare right
Merle Norman’s Liquid Blush is the next generation of blush it’s a lightweight
super blendable buildable formula that even contains some goodies in there for
your skin frankly it’s changing the face of how you blush it has this very silky
texture and leaves a flush of color with a sophisticated satin finish liquid
blush is oil-free and designed to layer beautifully with liquids creams and even
powders it’s also transfer resistant smudge resistant and even fade resistant
it’s the long wearing formula and part of how this is achieved is by the use of
a silicone elastomer now when I say elastomer think of a
rubber band that’s able to stretch and move but yet it always returns to its
original shape this elastomer allows liquid blush to move and flex with the
skin throughout the day this helps make the blush long wearing but also really
comfortable too I mentioned earlier that this formula also has some goodies for
the skin in it it contains phyto fix which is an ingredient comprised of
sunflower seed cake barley and cucumber extract this blend of extracts all
contains soluble single lipids which is basically a fancy way of saying this is
how it holds everything together there’s also triglycerides and sterols
these are important because they are clinically proven to reduce the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as they moisturize and improve skin clarity
they also work to help prevent dryness flakiness as it helps reinforce skin’s
natural barrier there are optical diffusers to help minimize the
appearance of fine lines while brightening so skin reflects a smooth
even finish and antioxidant vitamin E increases moisturization to improve skin
texture this is truly a multitasking blush all right so let’s get to playing
with this fun blush so you guys can see what it really can do so first of all I
want to talk to you guys about the applicator now this may feel a little
bit different for you but it’s really kind of genius it has this doe foot
applicator and you see kind of this indent right here that’s where the
product sits and so when you tap it on to the skin to distribute the product it
kind of gives you the perfect amount that you’re going to need to get that
first kind of go at that skin so the first color we’re going to start with is
So Sweet and then we’re also going to do Harmony I’m excited to kind of put them
two together so you guys can really see what they look like and I really enjoy
So Sweet this is a great peach and it when you put it on it’s like kind of
this beautiful sunkissed look to it and it just really looks like skin it’s like
everyone’s dream it doesn’t look like you have actual blush on it looks like
it’s kind of oh I just woke up like this you know it’s just my natural flush right
so I’m going to show you how to apply this I’m going to take the applicator
just as you pull out of the blush with our little doe foot side with the little
reservoir product towards the skin I’m going to just tap two little dots right
just start less is more in the beginning I’m going to take the pro blending
sponge and it’s just a little bit damp and I’m going to use this kind of
rolling technique and just gonna push this product into her
skin and it’s really easy to use you know I don’t want you to feel like if
you have a little kind of I don’t know if I know how to use a cream blush this
is going to be your best friend this is not going to take hardly any time at all
for you to learn how to do this so do you see how we’re building this coverage
go ahead and smile gently and I have her smile gently so I can find that apple of
the cheek and that’s where we want this color to be a little bit concentrated
and we’re gonna do the same motion right on that little apple of the cheek and
then working our way back to our hairline look at this I mean come on doesn’t that look amazing it’s like the
perfect peach sunkissed look I’m gonna have a little bit more pigmentation on
that cheek and I’m just going to add two more and for those people that really
don’t mess around with blush this is going to be a perfect starter for you
because look how easy it blends into the skin and you see it doesn’t it’s not dry
it’s not fake looking it looks like skin people gonna be like oh wow did you get
like a tan did you just get back from vacation did you get some rest right so
that’s what we want that’s what we want look at that beautiful and this sponge
is awesome now you can use this sponge or I have a
few brushes here you can use the number 5 brush it’s a face brush so when you
tap the product onto the skin you can just use this kind of motion as you go
backwards and that will kind of deposit the product that will disperse the
product you can also use my for my favorite brushes number seven and we’re
using the slanted side towards the cheek you can use it in a stippling motion you
could use it in the kind of a circular motion kind of whatever you you feel but
I just really want you guys to see how great that looks doesn’t even tell you
can’t tell like oh she has lashauwn which is exactly what we want
all right so let’s do the other cheek I’m going to have you turn your face a
little bit this way for me all right so we’re going to tap that product on all
right so I’m going to take that sponge and use that same technique going back
up into our hairline and you guys see we’re just using a little bit and we’re
just going to blend it because we want to do a little bit and then blend and
then a little bit and then blend and that’s the way we kind of get this
beautiful kind of lived-in look right that is that kind of runway look and
this product is very sheer so you don’t have to feel like oh I just put a little
bit too much on look at how buildable it is especially with this sponge because
it’s damp it’s going to also share out the product we have So Sweet which is
the kind of peach color we also have Captivating which I’ll show you guys in
a few minutes but it’s like this beautiful Mavi kind of perfect pop of
color that’s kind of more skin like lip color but I’m going to use Harmony
now these other two have more of a skin like finish and more of a satin finish
Harmony is the only one that has just a little bit of reflective quality to it a
little bit more glow but it’s not glittery it doesn’t look you know super
dewy it just has a little bit of something special a little bit of light
reflecting properties to it just to give you a little hint of highlight alright
so we’re going to use this I’m just going to tap it right here just to give
a little bit more pigmentation in color just towards the hairline almost as if
you were using a bronzer but she’s just gonna look so beautifully sunkissed I
mean look at that can you tell that she has anything on her skin like you
wouldn’t be like oh she has a lot of blush on her she has a lot of you know
contour or anything like that so I guarantee you when she goes outside this
is going to shine so beautifully in the Sunlight and you’re going to look so radiant and healthy beautiful let’s do the other
side and again we’re just going to hit this kind of on the top points of the
face you are more than welcome to bring it into the apples of the cheeks but
just for this look we’re going to go ahead and keep it on the higher points
of the face now for you guys at home I would also suggest that you might use
your fingertips to do this I would if I was doing myself maybe you would Krista
if you are doing yourself a lot of people have a little bit easier control
over their fingers right so you just put a little bit on your fingertips tap it
on your skin and just gently kind of work it into the skin just as you would
onto the cheeks with a you know a brush or a sponge now you might get a little
bit more pigmentation because the applicator is not taking up some of the
product but hey a little bit more bang for your buck right don’t you guys love
that okay so since we’re playing in the studio today I want to show you all
three because why not right I want to just punch it up a little bit I just
want to give a little bit more love to the apples of the cheeks so I’m just
going to tap this right in the center and this is just going to give you a
little bit something special so I want to show you the difference between the
two so here we have just the two right and this is a little bit more punch here
in the apple of the cheek I just love it I’m going to want more on the other side
again using that applicator right on the apples of the cheek isn’t that a pretty
mauve color and you again can wear all of these alone so don’t feel like you
have to mix them I just did because we’re having a good time in the studio
today all right what do you guys think look how beautiful all right so here’s
the final look I think she looks amazing now remember if you can put on
foundation you can use this blush it is blendable it is buildable it is
long-wearing which we all love it also has this beautiful satin finish to it
and I know you guys are all going to love this I can’t wait to hear what you
guys think thank you guys so much for seeing us today in the studio


  1. Love this liquid blush and I hope that Merle Norman Cosmetics will introduce more shades in their inventory. For instance, I hope the Lasting Cheek Colors can be converted into the Liquid Blush. The formula is very natural and it blends beautifully into any foundation without seams.

  2. The model is a beautiful woman. She would look great without any makeup. I wish cosmetic companies would use more real, every day models who are not so perfect. After all, keeping it real is the best seller. Consumers are tired of the smoke and mirrors.

  3. Just found this, Elle. Love the look of this blush! So natural looking, like your skin is sun kissed. Best look ever!

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