Merle Norman Cosmetics- Summer 2019 Color Collection- Lost In Paradise

Merle Norman Cosmetics- Summer 2019 Color Collection- Lost In Paradise

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hi guys my name is Victoria Bowers I’m a
guest makeup artist here at Merle Norman and today we are going to be
playing with the new colors of 2019 Summer Color Collection so I’m starting with the
lightest color called Beach Bum which is a semi matte color and I’m going to
apply it in the inner corners of the eye the next I’m gonna use a Shadow Stick
in Mystic to fill in the lashline and the outside of her eyelid and I will
follow it immediately with the brush to blend it out the second color from the
quad that I’m gonna be using is called Paradise and it’s also semi matte I will
be covering this Shadow Stick with the darkest color in this quad and the name
of it is Bahama and it’s a beautiful deep burgundy purple completely blended
out I’m going to finish this with the fourth
color and that is the only shimmery color in the quad and the name of it is
Resort it’s a luminous texture I’m taking the darkest color Bahamas and
applying it just on the outer corner of her eye on the bottom for a little
extra definition I am not going into the waterline so to frame up this look I’m
gonna be using a Liquid Eyeliner that is called Inky and it’s a really beautiful
soft black but it kind of goes more charcoal As a fun shimmery accent I’m
going to finish off this look with the shimmery color in the collection that
is called Resort We’re gonna top this look off with the Fat Lash Mascara we’re going to play with the Summer Ready Cheek and Bronze Duo I’m gonna start
with the bronze color and I’m gonna frame her face and I’ll contour very
lightly with the soft brush and I’m almost doing it in a C shape and softly
diffusing it so it does not create any harsh line so now we’re gonna apply this
beautiful peachy blush with the golden undertones that I’m totally in love with
we’re gonna apply it on the apples of the cheek where you would naturally
blush then we’re going to finish her brows We’re finishing this look with a
beautiful shimmery berry Thank you so much for joining me on this
adventure make sure to stop by your local Merle Norman Studio and they will
take you on a journey of your own Thank you guys


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