Merle Norman Cosmetics- Summer 2019 Color Collection- Sun & Surf

Merle Norman Cosmetics- Summer 2019 Color Collection- Sun & Surf

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hi my name is Victoria Bowers I’m a
guest makeup artist here at Merle Norman today we’re playing with the 2019 Summer Color Collection. To prep the eye for the color application I applied the Bronze
Age Shadow Stick in the inner corner and out of corner of her eye as well as
Fortune in the center so the first color that I’m using from the Sun and Surf
Quad is called Sun Up it’s the lightest color in the palette. I am applying the
darkest color Resort Fling on outer corner and a little bit on the
lash line in the inner corners as well now I’m taking the Stay Golden again
and adding it very gently with the angle brush on the outer corner I’m making it
thicker but toward the inner corner that line is becoming thinner and it
vanishes into nothing I want to add some fun into our look and the way I’m going
to do that is by using the blue eye shadow in a quad called Chillin it’s
going to become a belle of the ball I’m gonna go underneath the eye and
match the width of how much I applied of the blue now that we applied the blue we
want to reinforce the other colors as well and then buffing it out with this
soft blending brush So the color that I’m using of the liquid liner is called Pier and it’s a neutral brown color I’m not so much concerned about how
precisely I’m applying it because while it’s still wet you can blend this color
out with an eye brush it’s a dense brush again called face six and I’m going to
apply it and smudge it out you can go back with the same liner and create a more precise look slowly and surely build that line to
the point of a little bit of a flick and no look is complete without a generous coating of mascara and today I’m using the Fat Lash Mascara in black we’re
gonna apply a light coat of Brow Sculpting Pencil and to keep everything in place I’m going to be using a clear brow gel to finish the brows now I am
going to work with a bronzer and a blush and going underneath her
cheekbones and softly blend it and for the blush we are using Island Gal and I’m going be applying on the apples of the cheeks where you would naturally
blush I’m using a Face One brush to apply additional highlights on the
cheekbones. To finish this beautiful summer story we are going to use lip
polish in two colors I am using a Summer Fling and Dive In I’m going to apply
Dive In all over her lips and then as an accent I’m going to use the Summer Fling
color that is more golden in the center of her lip and here we are we are ready
for our summer stroll we just wrapped up our 2019 Summer
Collection shoot and we had so much fun playing with these colors and if you
want to see them up close and personal come by your nearest Merle Norman Studio
and check them out for yourself and thank you so much for watching and
hanging out with us bye guys


  1. The concept is pretty but so poorly applied. It looks like sloppy slept in make up after a night of drinking. Im so disappointed this was allowed from Merle Norman.

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