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Hello Girlfriends, welcome to another episode
of Tried and Tested! By my outfit, can you guess what episode we
are doing today? We’re going to be testing out some metallic
makeup products! This is the Metallic Magic Chrome Mirror Effect
Nail Polish. Now, we tried something like this before in
an older episode, but that was chrome powder. This is in a nail polish form, so it should
be easier to use. It’s basically supposed to turn your nails
into chrome mirror! First, you have to use the base coat. So now that the base coat is dry, I have to
put on this Magic Chrome Effect. I have to shake it really well. What I noticed right off the bat right, is
that this, is the most liquidy nail polish I have ever seen. Huh? What’s going on? Oooh, this is interesting. Oh my god! This is really magic! Now I know why they call it the magic chrome
mirror. It was so easy to do! The last time when we did chrome nails it
was like, buff buff buff, put powder, buff, everything falling everywhere, and this was
just – I didn’t even have to dip into the bottle again, at all, for one nail. And this is so reflective! Oh my goodness, I can see light just bouncing
right off it! And guys, like legit can see my whole face. I could maybe – I dunno, can I touch up my
eyeliner in here? No. I don’t know what to say! This is magic! It’s fantastic, I would give this, this is
magical out of 10. And guys, can I just say this is only $4.40! These are from NYX, and they are the Duo Chromatic
Shimmer Lip Gloss. These are supposed to deliver awesome shine,
have a hint of colour in an intense 3D finish. Wow! Right now, the colours are looking incredibly
frosty. They all have this pastel unicorn party going
on. I think I picked the right outfit! Wow, it’s so icy! That is like a massive metallic shine. So just to let you know, before I continue
to try the other colours, I read some of the comments and actually, I purposely under line
my lips, because what I do is, I will take concealer and cover this part. Because I feel that my lip here protrudes
out a little bit, so when I cover it here, it looks more even. Considering how metallic it is, with all the
silver and all the colour, what I’m noticing is that, even when I do this, it doesn’t get
really weird and patchy and have colour going all over the place. It reflects different colours, at different
angles, and it looks quite multi-dimensional. And it covers my natural lip colour adequately. Overall I think that these are very cute. They are creamy, they are easy to apply, the
applicator is really solid, and it’s also actually quite moisturising! My lips do not feel dry at all after putting
these on, which is incredible. So in terms of that, I think it’s fantastic. I would give it a 9 out of 10. I feel like some of the colours are a bit
more versatile then the rest. My favourite one would be, I think the Gypsy
Dream. This is the Ultra Metallic Lip from ColourPop,
it’s an ultra metallic lipstick which contains high impact metallic pearls. Very exciting, this one is called mugshot. The colour payoff is incredible. This is amazing! And it’s so easy to apply, and it deposits
just the right amount of product. It’s so weird because it doesn’t feel like
I’m putting product on my lip, you know what I mean? When I go across, I can feel the applicator
going across but I don’t necessarily feel product being deposited, which is so strange. The only thing is right, this thing says Ultra
Metallic Lip, I don’t think it’s very ultra metallic. I feel that it’s metallic enough to give this
colour a bit more dimension, but when you think ultra metallic, this is not that. You know what I mean? This is a very subtle metallic colour. But then, separately, personally, I really
like it! Because to me, I think that this is just nice
for everyday wear, and it’s a nice spin on a red colour. So can I give 2 separate ratings? As an ultra metallic lip, 5.5, because I think
that when you call yourself ultra metallic, you gotta be ultra. Just take out (ultra) then all expectations
will be met! But as a lipstick, and how much I love it,
I will totally give this like a 10 out of 10 man, this is ultra to me. This is the Make Up For Ever Star Lit Palette. It is beautiful! I am loving this and how sparkly it is and
it’s so unlike Make Up For Ever. Make Up For Ever always look so serious, you
know, like that metal black and the business. This is like, girl! Hello! It’s so cute, I love it! This is a mixture of different types of eyeshadows. So you have the matte shadows up here, and
then you have the metallic shadows, which are kind of like interspersed, and then you
have the glittery shadows. Ok now, since this is a metallic episode,
let us swatch some of the metallic colours! This Stella looks beautiful! Like a bronze, taupe-y, a bit purple-y. The colour payoff is fantastic. It’s almost like a liquid cream eyeshadow. That’s how pigmented this is. This is really good. I’m going to put this here. It’s a really really good palette, the colours
are buttery, they go really well with each other, and they are also sparkly when they
need to be. There are a lot of palettes that have like
mattes and metallics and glitter, so it’s not amazing because of that, but I do feel
that the combination of colours that they’ve picked are really gorgeous. So you have the regular neutrals, and then
you all these colours that normally when they come in glitter, they are very bright. But these are so much more wearable! I feel. It’s like a very everyday, it’s quite sophisticated
versions of those. I would give this like a 10 stars out of 10. This is lit! Notice how I used all the words? This is the Sephora Cream Lip Stain Metal. It is a liquid lipstick that has a metallic
finish, and also it has avocado oil, so it’s not drying. This is 108, which is the Pink Diamond. And this is 63, it’s Golden Party. This is 106 and it is Sun Stone. It is very easy to apply, it is very light. It’s got the texture of like a cream velvet
matte liquid lipstick. Very smooth application. The first coat for this, I could see the colour
but not so much of the metallic effect, but after I put the second one, the metallic effect
is a lot stronger. So the metallic finish is subtle, but it does
give a dimension. This is also supposed to be transfer proof,
so let’s test that out. Oh yah! That’s pretty good! I don’t normally expect things like this to
be moisturising or anything, but they do say that they have avocado oil, so it’s not drying,
but I find that it makes my lips look a little bit dry. The colour I think is crazy. It’s like someone melted a pot of gold and
poured it over my lips. Actually this one is not too metallic-y at
all. You can definitely see a metallic sheen, but
it doesn’t feel like a metallic lip colour. And the colour is very wearable. Based on these 3, I think that the range is
definitely very promising, because the overall application – very easy, colour payoff – really good. I do find that on your hand, it appears basically
about the same on your lips, which is pretty cool, so it will be kinda easy to decide at
the shop. I would give the pink one like a 4.5, because
it got really quite patchy. And for the Sun Stone one, I would give this
a 6.5 out of 10, it’s very wearable, the gold one, I would give this an 8.5 out of 10. This is the Holographic Halo Cream Eyeliner
from NYX. And on their website, they said that this
was inspired by all things unicorn! So there for it! It’s a unique formula that uses ultra fine
pigments and pearls. So it can also be blended out into an eyeshadow
and it’s called Cotton Candy. Let’s try this let’s try this! It’s very creamy. To me this feels more like a cream eyeshadow then an eyeliner because the colour is not very pigmented. I think the lightness of the colour is showing
amazingly well considering how much dark eyeshadow I have underneath this. I feel you can’t really tell that it’s purple. Almost like a slightly toned down white. I quite like the way this colour is turning
out. I don’t know how much holo you can actually
see when it’s an eyeliner, I feel like if you blended it out into an eyeshadow, you
might get a cooler effect. It looks like a pastel metallic eyeliner. I’m really impressed that it shows over the
dark eyeshadow. But I did feel that I had to use a lot of
product to see an effect. Even on my hand, when there was nothing on
it, it’s very difficult to see the eyeliner. I think I would give this an 8.5 out of 10. Ok! We’ve come to the end of the episode. If you want to find out more about the products,
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