Microcurrent Facelift magic gloves review from Master Esthetician Christine Byer

Microcurrent Facelift magic gloves review from Master Esthetician Christine Byer

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Hello YouTubers
and microcurrent fans. Today I wanted to talk about
these microcurrent gloves that I have been using. I am loving these gloves. They are superconductive,
which I wasn’t sure if they would be. I’m not really even sure
what they are made of. But it feels like
a poly-cotton mix blend. But my machine –
It has color, gym, sound, frequency generator
with microcurrent, and it has sounds. So I can hear
when I am connected or not. It goes, “wee woo wee woo”. I have never heard it disconnect. With these, it is always connected. So the conductivity is really good. I ordered these from China. I have been looking
all over for them in the States. I just hadn’t seen them. I hadn’t seen them in the shows. I hadn’t seen them anywhere. I was scouring the internet
looking for them. I finally just asked Big Camel 77
on eBay. It’s Big Camel 77. I just had to email them
and say, “Listen, can you sell me just the gloves?”
and they said, “Sure”. And I said, “How much?”
and they are $35 including shipping. They just come in a little –
a bag from China. And these got here in a week. I couldn’t believe it. It’s probably because
I just needed an extra pair. These gloves –
You have to wear latex gloves underneath it or whatever you use,
vinyl latex gloves underneath them. Otherwise, you will receive
the treatment and not your client. So definitely wear gloves
underneath them. They come with this little
snap connector and I went through heck and back.
[laughs] Sorry I have a two-year-old. I don’t curse anymore. [laughs] At least not advertently. But I went to spectacular research
to try to find a way to connect this because mine –
my cables don’t connect this at all. And so what I ended up doing –
you can you see these? What I ended up doing is just,
I have the gloves on and so I am not getting
the treatment. I just stick them in here like so. I stick them up underneath here
into the crook right here and I work like that. [laughs]
which it’s fine. These things –
These chords are pretty long and so I don’t have a problem. I just wrap them behind my head
or whatever. And it works great. Yes, I am having a lot
of fun with them. What I have also discovered is
if you start out with lymph drainage moves that not only
is the treatment far better, but it’s — Doing lymph drainage
with these gloves on is like lymph drainage
on steroids. [laughs] It’s great. And so I learned
my lymph drainage just from a ton
of dermatologic classes that I took and they teach you
the IDI, they teach you the doctor water method
at the IDI and they have classes that roll around once
to twice a year that are more in depth. But I don’t do anything super,
super in depth. I spend about five minutes
in the beginning. These gloves, they are pretty soft
for the client. And what you want to do
is you put — I would brush. [laughs] I will not try to put
conductive gloves on these gel – gel on these gloves first. I would probably — What I do is
I submerge the gloves before I put them on. Put on my vinyl gloves. Put these over them. Insert these and away I go. But I have painted
on my conductive mask before I even start
because they would just absorb all your conductive gel. And if you are using
expensive stuff like I am, [laughs] I am kind of tired of that,
it just absorbs it all. Definitely, put that on first
with the brush. And then I go
and do my holding movements. I do try to change up
the different muscle lifting patterns each time to keep the muscles
guessing as to what’s coming. That tends to work
really well for me. What else? These gloves work really well. I am pretty satisfied with them. Oh, disinfecting them. Disinfecting them is tough. You need to run them
through the washer. I would not put them in the dryer. So you have to let them air dry
between each client. So that is why I have ordered –
[laughs] I just keep ordering more and more because as my microcurrent business
gets busier and busier, I have to have six pairs for the day
or five pairs for the day ready and dry and clean and everything. So that is a little tricky. Yes. So $35, Big Camel 77, pretty happy with them. I know that there are –
I think there is another company that makes these gloves. I don’t know how much they cost
but they have to have – I think they have like four channels. These are only working
on one channel. I wish it were a big sheet of energy
that went straight across like this from when I was working
on my clients, but it’s really not. It’s just one stream of energy
that is going across. And then there is another guy
on eBay that talks about this – I can’t remember his name. But it’s a really fascinating video
where he has an argon glass globe and he shows you –
like with microcurrent wands. He will turn them sideways. How much energy
is actually connecting from one point to the other. It’s not a sheet of energy
like we are open. It’s one single
stream of microcurrent. So with that in mind,
it makes it much easier to pinpoint where you’re working
and it just clicks and it makes many more sense to me
and I found out couple of years ago when they first put it up,
I was like, “Wow” [laughs]. It really helped
in my microcurrent treatments. So anyway,
I hope that this helps. I don’t want to ramble on
too long. Please subscribe
and press like if you liked it. Thank you.
Bye bye.


  1. Hi Gloria. I did a quick demo titled "Live Microcurrent Cheek, Neck and Eye Lift with Gloves" on April 5, 2012. Is there a particular area that you want demonstrated?

  2. Hi, Christine! I just came across your videos and had a question. How do you clean and disinfect the gloves? Thank you!

  3. Hello Christine love you videos using the magic gloves. The school I work for just got this machine and I wanted ask you how do you go about with sanitizing the gloves in between clients?

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