Microcurrent facelift tips:  How to lift a saggy neck

Microcurrent facelift tips: How to lift a saggy neck

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Hello microcurrent fans
this is Christine Byer from Austin, Texas. I’m a master esthetician
and I have been for, well I have been an esthetician
for 13 years. Today I want to talk about
lifting the neck with microcurrent. Microcurrent can lift the neck. A lot of things determine
how good it will do. If you have more
fat in your neck as we get into our 40s
and 50s we get fat migrations. It’s like the fat in our face will–
it doesn’t dissipate. Starts to migrate downward
and so people will get – you can see it on me
where people get this jelly thing going on. What we’re trying to do
is just take this platysma muscle and get it tightened back up. It tends to start to grow this way
and become unraveled right here. What I’m generally doing
on people is just doing a horizontal
and a vertical lift, right? You can hear my machine
at the back but it’s connected it makes sound. I just turned it on
completely, it’s kind of loud. Anyway, so I’ll do this
and depending on the client’s age I’ll hold, hold,
hold, hold, about 20 seconds if they’re over 50. If they have a lot more fat
in the area, I make sure my machine
is turned up because fat is definitely going to be more
impedance for the current you want to get through
that fat layer and down to the muscle
to really reach that platysma. If you have bending,
that bending on your neck this does work
but you’re going to want to make sure you really pull
from the belly of the muscle and from the middle of the muscle
and try to get those bands out. I don’t generally have that. I have a short neck,
so I don’t have a whole lot of banding. This does work well on banding
make sure that you’re doing like I said moving from the belly
of the muscle out in both directions. You don’t ever really want
to pull down on the muscle unless you are anchoring it
in some way, unless you’re pulling up
at the same time or have it anchored. You want to be stretching the skin
and the muscle out any more than it already is. Just to move this on to show you
some of my side movements. We’re doing this
and then we’re going to go in anchor up here. Make sure you’ve got
your conductive gel on. I’m just using water right now
because I did my makeup. I’m waiting for more clients today. You can move them together
but I really like this better. There’s a concept that I’m working on
where I work up underneath behind some of these muscles
and I’m wrapping it all the way around the neck. Although you have to be careful
when working on the neck. I wouldn’t be jiggling too much
they say that you can release things from the arteries
and that kind of stuff although that’s never been
my experience. Anyway, I think one of the most
important things to remember with the neck is a horizontal
and vertical movements and you really want
to incorporate it into the jaw. Everything’s connected
this whole big scaffolding of muscles is all connected
and so you want to make sure that you work in on the neck
and then you connect next up here,
and everything connects. If you’re not getting a lot
of lifting in one area I go to the area above it
and really work on that and see if that helps
get the lift that I want. I haven’t done my neck
with microcurrents since I’ve been on vacation, so I’m not sure
if you’ll be able to see difference between the two areas. This is my most challenging area
because I just don’t have much of a chin and I strategically placed
the light so people can’t see my chin. I have my methods to my madness
but it helps every time I do this it gets me a little more
defined chin area. And who’s not looking
for that past 40? Alright, thanks for watching
please press like and subscribe and tell your other friends,
if you have any other estie friends that are learning microcurrent
and place those comments and questions if you have any.


  1. Teresa, I have some before and afters on my website under Jade Microcurrent. I'm not crazy about any of the home units ive seen so far. They either are not too Microcurrent (too high a current) or done have wands for proper placement and lifting. Nancy at NCN skincare is coming out with one in a few months that I've helped her with a bit. It should be the most true mc machine for home use I've seen so far. It will have wands and gloves. I'm excited she saw the need and is filling it

  2. Carol, could you tell me the minute and second marker where I said that? Black people can use microcurrent of course.

  3. Hi Christine,  I really enjoy your videos.  They make want more treatments.  What brand of microcurrent machine are you using?  And, which types of machines should one look for cause there are many out there.  Thank you.

  4. Suzy, when I perform facial microcurrent treatments here in Indianapolis, I use either the Jade esthetics machine or Bio Therapeutic's Platinum machine. Both machines yield excellent results.

  5. Hi Christine. I've watched all your videos and I like all the knowledge that you provide. I've been an esthetician for over 5 years know and decided to start doing Micro current. I did purchase a machine its the Segawe 5 functional diamond machine. My problem is that I can feel the current and you said your not suppose to feel it right? I just want to make sure Im getting what I paid for. Please respond..Thank You

  6. Leanne, if you can really feel the current and it's uncomfortable, you have a problem. Many Chinese machine manufacturers make a lot of false claims about microcurrent. True microcurrent needs to be around 500 microamps to increase ATP and thus collagen and elastin production.

  7. "If you have "banding" in the neck" – how does the banding present itself? What am I looking for to determine if client (or I) has 'banding'? 
    Also, I was looking at your streaming vids for sale and sent you a query from that site. Thanks!

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