Models Without Makeup

Models Without Makeup

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– A lot of people think that
models wear makeup all the time but as a matter of fact,
when you go to the castings or jobs people always ask you to have absolutely no makeup on. Today my makeup look
is a brown smokey eye, a nude lip, and some shimmer on my cheeks. – I’m wearing a natural, soft
look but with a strong brow. – Cat eyes, couple shadow, and metallic lipstick. – I’m wearing a really
grungey, rock chic makeup, really dark eye. – Clean skin, bold brows, slight
contouring, and a bold lip. – [Vasilisa] A lot of people, in fact, think that we’re not real people. Also people don’t realize
that there’s a huge team behind that picture. It may be up to 20 people on set and I’m just talking about photo shoot. The show, could be a hundred, so it’s a big process and
it’s not only up to me. It’s thanks to all these
people who are so talented. So yeah, there is a big work behind all of these pretty pictures. – [Britt] A hard thing in
this industry is comparison but really it can apply to everyone, especially this day and
age with social media being what it is, a lot of
girls get skinny shamed. Some girls are naturally skinny. You just have to remember
that everyone’s different. – [Maria] People always
think I’m so skinny and tall. They think, like, I
don’t have pimples, I do. When I grow up, my mom says that it’s not makeup who makes you beautiful, but what is inside. From modeling, I start to learn English, talking with people and
I enjoy every second. – [Anastasiia] They all
thinking that modeling life, you wearing all these amazing clothes, champagne all the time. For some of the girls, it’s
like this but not for everyone. You waking up around six,
seven o’clock in the morning. You have to be at work already and then you shooting all day and then you going home. Some of the girls are working out, some of the girls just, you know, like to spend their
time with the families. Yeah, that’s basically the daily honestly. – [Anja] I don’t feel beautiful everyday. Sometimes I have bad skin days when I travel a lot or work a lot. Sometimes I have bad hair days and I just wanna cuddle up
under my sheets and just watch Netflix the whole day. We have our own insecurities
and we’re not perfect. – [Vasilisa] Because of my work, I have to stay in a certain
shape which is very slim, you know, very fit but it’s
not considered to be sexy. In this society, what’s
sexy is big boobs, big butt, you know, some curves
but I don’t have that and sometimes I wanna have that because I wanna feel sexy like
the other girls on the beach but I’m just, like, this flat girl. When I wanna feel sexy, it’s
like putting on high heels. I don’t care what everybody thinks. I’m the tallest in the building. – [Britt] There’s this one
quote that I always really love. It’s called “comparison
is the thief of joy.” And it’s very true and
I think that took me a little bit of time to realize because it’s really easy
to get down on yourself being older than a lot of
the models who I work with. Over time, you kind of just learn to roll with the punches more, but I think you have
to embrace who you are and what you bring to the table because I think that
will ultimately make you a more successful and
happier model and person. – [Maria] Finally I change my hairstyle because I was wearing my
long hair with extensions. Three years ago, the black
model use a lot of extension to do these shows and to do the chops so now I think the market is
more open to use your own hair. They actually now, they love a lot so that’s why I changed
and show my natural hair and everybody love it. Now, I grow up and I know that every kind of hair, they can be beautiful. – [Anastasiia] In the beginning,
when the kids are young, they can say a lot of things
but when they gonna grow up, a lot of people will be
jealous that your red hair. A lot of people will be so
jealous of your freckles. Every different person, every
different shape of the face requires a completely different makeup. Like good makeup completely depend on good makeup artist. – [Anja] As a kid, I
always got made fun of for being too tall, too skinny, and I just wanted to fit
in and look the same. I really hated my eyebrows because they were so dark and so thick but today, this is what’s in right now so it works perfectly for me. Basically, all my friends in the industry had similar experiences so I was so happy when I first started
modeling to realize that there were other people in the world going through the same thing. – Maybe when I’m done, you know, modeling I’m just gonna sit on
the most sugary diet, get some boobs and ass and just rock it. (laughter) – [Voiceover] That’s good uh… – Or some fake ones.


  1. Mild touch up is there you know tinted moisturiser, concealer for zits and cosmetic lip colours and cosmetic eyebrow touches and some people do this cosmetic eyeliner


  3. I’m still upset they look flawless without makeup and I don’t know what to do to assimilate such nice skin. But I really bow down at their hard work and dedication.

  4. They're young, healthy, take care of themselves and hit the jackpot in the genetic lottery. Of course they're naturally beautiful!

  5. Not only do they all essentially look the same without makeup, the black model in particular legit looks like a teenager, like how!?

  6. i relate to being too tall and too skinny.I used to get made fun of for my thick dark eyebrows now everyone is jealous

  7. I'm not shaming her but I actually think she looks AMAZING with no makeup on (Anastasia Ivanova). Her freckles are the cutest and her eyes! Wish her and all the other models the best!

  8. I don’t know what you’re trying to show us they look even more beautiful when they take they’re makeup off. Any girl would kill to look like one of them.

  9. And this is why they are models. Natural beauty. I look loads better with makeup, I don't wear alot but I need it otherwise I look like a drug addict.

  10. The black girl us so damn beautiful. I'm so into her face… I can stare at her the whole day 😭 and I'm so envious of their skins!😭😭

  11. I just have to echo everyone else…these women still look beautiful (maybe even better) without the makeup. When I take mine off, I look like a swamp-dwelling troll. lol. I don't cake a bunch on, but I know what to do to amp up my looks by a couple of points. And I have a fair amount of acne, too…if you took my foundation off you'd be like…..oh

  12. This proves nothing. They are still insanely attractive. Doesn't help if your face looks like a ballsack.

  13. All of these women are amazing and beautiful. They are so inspiring and ask gorgeous with or without makeup. I love their confidence. ❤️

  14. Is it just me, or is it very hard to watch this video without feeling pititiful?

    Nope…oh well it's just me…

  15. Obviously they're models because they're naturally gorgeous. Blows my mind that even people who are objectively 'perfect' still have insecurities.

  16. I have a big butt and a big boobs and I never felt sexy, I always hate my body 'cause I always wanted be tall and skinny like you girls LOL!

  17. Like im not tryna say it to be rude or to just say it and how they all look amazing without make up i think the red head was better before the make up becuz her eyes were to bold

  18. Thing is a lot of them still have makeup on by the looks of it. It's just not so obvious. If make up were to disappear altogether we could all get used to people how they look which would be NORMAL! A few years of make up free men and women and i think the world would be a nicer place and not everyone would be hung up on looks.

  19. None of these models are without makeup! Why are you lying like that?! That's the no makeup look that you used to make them look natural, but it's not natural!

  20. Good makeup depends on good skin; and when you have good skin you don't need makeup! When you shower and wash your face well, you don't need a lot of makeup or any makeup. You'll probably try it for special occasions, but you won't live in it!

  21. The girl in the white t shirt looks so much better without makeup. No offense but the makeup artist made her eyes look too far away from each other. I just expect more from a makeup artist.

  22. Well to look beautiful with make up you gotta have beautiful features atleast one or two perfect feature. I've seen so many people who don't look that good even wearing makeup. Anyways beauty is only to skin deep. What matters the most is beautiful heart.

  23. the odd thing is with these models is that they look like normal women do with makeup on. i bet so many people dislike these women for having that natural beauty to them.

  24. isn't it kind of ironic how buzzfeed frequently makes content promoting 'normal bodies' of varying shapes and sizes, all the while criticising the 'unrealistic' looks of models, and then comes out with this video, which promotes and publicises models, describing them to be normal and not what people think.

  25. I honestly love looking for the small imperfections in models, imperfection in my opinion makes people so unique and brings out more of the natural beauty.

  26. the black model is soooooooo beautiful without makeup. Her smile is jaw droppingly cute. The blonde one is also stunning. Well they all are. But they look REAL, which is to say that they look kind of tired and unhealthy and like the rest of us. They look ever so slightly imperfect. It's nice to see that none of them are "perfect" without makeup even if a few come close.

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