MONTHLY FAVORITES: JUNE/JULY 2015 | Dolls Kill, Polymer Clay, Color-Changing Nail Polish

MONTHLY FAVORITES: JUNE/JULY 2015 | Dolls Kill, Polymer Clay, Color-Changing Nail Polish

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Hi everyone! Man, it feels like it has been so long since
I’ve made my last Favorites video. Even though really, I have only missed a month. But it feels so much longer than that, doesn’t
it? I have found lots of cool things in June and
July, so I can’t wait to show you. So let’s just get started! I’m going to kick this video with an all-time
favorite, not just a monthly favorite. You guys already know her, I’m sure. This is my cat Pipes. She is the best kitty
in the world. She is the reason there wasn’t a Favorites
video last month. She has been very sick lately. I think we have been to the vet eight times
in the last month and a half. She has a liver disease so she lost a ton
of weight really, really fast. But she is responding very well to treatment. She’s gained all the weight back. And I just wanted to let you guys know what’s
been up with her and that she is doing much better. Yes! Good job, kitty! My favorite clothing this month is from Dolls
Kill. They have a huge, huge variety. They have like super cutesy stuff that I like. They also have some gothy stuff. They have
like punk stuff. They just have a huge range of different street
styles. It is so easy to find something that you like
on that site. So the first thing I want to show you is my
favorite thing that I got. It’s this alien emoji tank top and it is like the alien emoji repeating over
and over again in front of like a spacey background. It’s really, really long so it’s good for
leggings and I like the loose fit of it. And it’s just the best shirt in the world. If you follow me in Instagram, you probably
have already seen this shirt. It says “Eternal Pizza Party!” and coincidentally, I’ve already got pizza
sauce stained on this shirt. Typical. If I had to be stuck at a party forever, a
pizza party is where it’s at. Sign me up. I will see you there. This shirt could not describe me any better. This is my cute style and this is my tough
girl tattoo style. And this is a little Chibi Moon, um, halter
crop top. So super, super cute. I also got this little unicorn milk purse. And I bet you didn’t know that the nutrition
facts on unicorn milk include rainbows, love, sparkles, magic, and supah
powers! Adorable! I also got a few other little accessories
from there too. This is a bunny pen, poop pencil, and a, um,
flower headband. Like that. So cute! They also carry a bunch of brands that I really
like. Like they have Killstar. They have Japan LA. They have Irregular Choice which is like shoes
that light up for adults. They have Jeffree Star makeup. They have Sanrio. Tokidoki. They just have so many really cool brands. Oh- also! They have this jacket that is a
90s cartoon print. So it’s got like… Seriously it’s like every cartoon from my
childhood is on that jacket and it’s so crazy looking and awesome and
I love it and I need it! They have just a bunch of brands. You can check em out if you want to see everything
that they have. It’s just a super cool shop. I’ll link it
below. You’re gonna like them, I promise. So I don’t know if I have ever talked about
this on my channel or not, but I love crafting! And my new favorite hobby
is polymer clay. I used to play with polymer clay a lot as
a little child, but I haven’t even thought about it in years
and years and years and years until about a week ago when I was thinking
that I wanted to start a new hobby. And at the same time, I was trying to coordinate
these cute new outfits that I got from Dolls Kill. And I was thinking, man, if only I had a pizza
necklace to go with this pizza party shirt. Fast forward to me searching on YouTube for
kawaii pizza, uh, jewelry tutorial or something like that and that brought me
to polymer clay. So I followed the tutorial which was really
easy and I made this little guy to go with this pizza party shirt. And then I decided I wanted a hair clip to
go with it as well. So I made this little cute french fries to
go with it with a speech bubble that says “YUM!” And then after I made these two cute little
accessories to go with my pizza party shirt, the custom jewelry floodgates just opened
and it’s all I want to do now. So I also got this alien shirt from Dolls
Kill that I just showed you guys. And I wanted to make some alien themed accessories
to go with it. So I started by making this little UFO necklace
with a little alien inside. The truth is out there! And I also made this alien head and I glued
a safety pin on the back of it so I could stick it on my little space hat. So then I was thinking about other charms
I could make. I knew I was making a Black Widow tutorial, so I made this SHIELD logo and um, a black
widow. And then I’ve seen like Xbox controller charms
so I wanted to try to make one. I wear this one a lot because it’s just something
that I really love is playing video games. I made this cookie charm also following a
YouTube tutorial which I will link somewhere on the screen and also you can find
these tutorials in the description box below as well. This one is going to be a necklace and I’m
going to put these chocolate pieces on two hair bows for an outfit that I’m working
on with a shirt from Living Dead Clothing. Hold
on, I’m going to show you… Sneak peek! Chocolate Alpacas! This is the back. Alpaca Squad! Isn’t this
cute? With the little cookie necklace here and then
like these chocolate things in my hair. So cute! You guys know that I am obsessed with Pokemon. Obviously, I have them everywhere. So I followed another tutorial on YouTube
about how to make Pikachu. So after I kind of got the idea of how to
make the Pikachu, I made all of the other original starters
in like, chibi form. This is Charmander and Squirtle. And Bulbasaur. This one took forever but it
turned out awesome. And then I made tiny little charm versions
of them as well, for a necklace or a like, a bracelet or something. I haven’t quite decided yet what I want to
do with them. And okay. Let’s talk about yesterday. So yesterday I decided I wanted to make, um, some Attack on Titan figures to sit on my
desk. So I thought it was going great. I made Eren
and Mikasa. I used some clay for their faces that apparently
was kind of translucent which I didn’t know at the time of making
these. It didn’t look translucent at all until I
baked it and then it was like super see-through. And uh, because Mikasa’s hair is black and
her face is see-through, she kind of turned out a little bit… grey? She looks very sick. Eren looks a little better but he also looks
sick as well. So I’m probably going to have to, uh, paint their faces with like a human skin tone. I still think they turned out cute… I just… They need a little more attention. So once I paint their faces and make Armin, I will post a picture of them all together
on Instagram. So follow me there @alexapoletti if you want
to see them when they’re done. So channels that I used to help get me started,
um, in polymer clay, NerdECrafter has a great section, um, that
she calls the Newb corner. And it talks about super basic stuff to get
you started working with polymer clay. And she also has a lot of super cute tutorials
and more advanced stuff on the rest of her channel. I’ll link her
below. Also, I used aCupOfCakeTV. They’re the ones who made the kawaii pizza.
They have a think called Kawaii Friday where they put out tutorials on Fridays and
it’s so cute and awesome. I think I also found the Pikachu tutorial
there but I’m not really sure. And the cookie tutorial is from Toni Ellison. So I will link all of these channels and tutorials
in the description box below. There are so many polymer clay tutorials- actually there’s just tutorials for everything
on YouTube, so if this is something you’re interested
in learning, just give it a search. You can learn how to
do anything on YouTube. I have super enjoyed it. It is like seriously
all I want to do. I want to fix these two right now! My favorite wig this month is the one that
is on my head right now. It is Gothic Lolita Wigs Lace Front Yaki Straight
in Turquoise Mix, I think it’s called. This is my daily wig right now. Like, I’m
wearing this all the time. This whole collection is gorgeous. This is
just the only one that I have from that collection right now. Oh, but I just want to get my hands on all
of them. I love them so much. So I do want to show you want it looks like
without my hat on. I’m sure I have a mark my forehead from the
hat. Pretend I don’t. It is just so much more natural looking than
like a standard wig cap uh, with bangs, that just kinda sits on your head. This one actually looks like it’s growing
out of your head because of the lace front. The Yaki Straight comes in mostly natural
colors right now, like it’s a range from black, to like a bunch of different browns and blonde. And then also, it comes in bright red and
this turquoise color. But I hope that they expand the line to like
every color of the rainbow. I have a little insider tip for you. I’ve seen sneak peeks on Instagram. Um, I know it’s going to be coming out in
pink, uh, because Gothic Lolita Wigs posted a preview
of their photoshoot. And it also is coming out in purple which
is like my dream color for this wig. I saw that one on Instagram too. Uh, if you guys aren’t following @hopiechan,
who is a model for Gothic Lolita Wigs as well, she also shoots a lot of the wigs for the
website, so she posts sneak peeks from time to time. This is coming in purple. YES! And another new addition since I made my last
Favorites video, is I now have a discount code for Gothic Lolita
Wigs and RockStar Wigs. This discount code is Alexa10. It gets you
10% off anything on either one of those sites forever. The lace fronts are on sale right now so get
them while you can if you want to get them for cheaper. And if you want them even cheaper, use my
code. It’ll get you 10% off. I am so excited! I was so hoping this would
come in the mail today and it did! So I’m going to open it now, kind of as like
an unboxing video along in my Favorites video. So this is from Madam Glam. These are Madam Glam’s new Chameleon Gel Nail
Polishes and they change color with temperature and
I can’t wait to see what they do. I’m so excited. We have Love On Top, Hot Hot Hot, and Glamorous
Me. So I’m going to take off my nail polish that
I have on now so that I can try these out. I am really excited!
Yay! So I’m going to start by putting the base
gel on my fingers. I have done a full tutorial on how to do gel
nail polish that I will link right now if you want to
watch it. So I’m going to do one color on each finger
just to see what they look like and what colors they change to. I’m going to start with Glamorous Me. It’s
like a magenta color to start with. This is already changing colors and I haven’t
even cured it yet! This one is Hot Hot Hot. Ahhh! This is so awesome. Ok, so this one is Love On Top. I think this one turns white. Okay so I’m going to cure these for 30 seconds. So now I’m going to do another coat of each
color just to make sure that they each have full coverage so we can really see
the full color and all that. I am going to top it off with Madam Glam’s
Top Gel Polish. And we are all done. Okay so I filled these two containers up with
water. This one is hot and this one is cold. Okay, so this is into the hot water. Whoa, did you guys see that!? That was so fast. Ok, this is so cool. Awesome, okay, so now I’m going to put it
in the cold. And here we go! Whoa! I didn’t speed that up at all, you guys. This
is like… how fast they actually change. This water
is starting to cool off a little bit so it’s not going as fast. But if it’s like
an extremely big change, like super super hot and then really cold, it’s
gonna change faster. Ya know? You could do like fun little tips. This is so cool. I really wish I had this
one when I filmed my, um, Charmander video. That would have been perfect! I’m like so amused right now. You guys have
no idea. Okay so these two are really similar. Um, it’s Love On Top and Glamorous Me. It’s just this one is more of like a white
kind of silver when it’s hot, and this is a light pink. But they’re both
kinda the same shade of like magenta pink when they’re cold. So I would recommend getting one or the other
because they are very similar. So the Chameleon Gels come in a big range
of colors. Uh, you can get them on I do have a discount code. It is Alexa30 for
30% off. If you want to see me try more colors of these, uh, let me know in the comments below and
I’ll see if I can arrange that for you. I think this is awesome. I don’t know if you can tell how amused I
am. And that is it for this month’s favorites.
These two months? These two months. June and July. I hope you guys found some things that you
also really like. For example, if you like this video, give
it a thumbs up. Check out the description box for links to
everything. You can find me all across social media. Uh, you can subscribe to my channel… What
else? I think that’s it. So thank you so much for watching. I will
see you guys next time. I love you all very, very, very much! Bye!


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  15. My cat was the same breed and she had the same prob with her liver…she died just the other day 🙁 but don't worry she lived for 17 years

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