Most Authentic Princess Leia Makeup and Hair Tutorial | Halloween Star Wars

Most Authentic Princess Leia Makeup and Hair Tutorial | Halloween Star Wars

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say we’re fulfilment Princess Leia and
you got your Leia buns in honor of it huh all right let’s show it show
everyone how it’s done we’re gonna do Princess Leia hair and makeup okay bye
see you later okay so yeah that’s what we’re doing today we’re doing Princess
Leia hair and makeup and Kenny she just had to be like mama today you know
technically she is Leia for those of you who don’t know matt is the voice of
Anakin Skywalker and Star Wars the Clone Wars so Anakin is actually Darth Vader
and Darth Vader Vader is Leah’s dad so yeah it’s just a family thing all
right I’m gonna show you how it’s done I’m looking for a photo here for
inspiration guys because I’m doing makeup first before we do hair
I’ve already parted my hair directly down the center but this is the photo
that I’m using for inspiration and honestly she doesn’t have a whole lot of
makeup on which makes this very easy for everybody involved and Leia is such a
common costume like I don’t think in my entire lifetime I’ve ever had a
Halloween where I didn’t see a Princess Leia costume like it’s just one you
always say anyway so for eyeshadow if you look at her pictures up close she’s
me it’s pink and that’s it and it’s from lash line into the crease and a little
bit of shimmer under there so what our biggest thing is going to get our is to
get our brows to look more like hers and honestly she doesn’t have a whole lot of
brow going on so yeah so let’s start with eyes first I’m just gonna prep and
prime eyelid I’m gonna start with using some concealer to cancel out my dark
circles this is Charlotte Tilbury this is just what is this it’s I don’t I’ll
link it below I don’t know the exact name of it but this is her peach cracker
and it’s incredible and also I’m gonna correct this thing on my nose when I get
to my face because I have a war wound right there where
my husband injured me who’s gonna see if he’s gonna yell no he didn’t I just
wanted to blame it on you I did it myself I scratched myself on purpose
I just wanted to blame someone else for it okay so all I’m doing is correcting
my dark circles and you have to do this first and I’m not going to blend it in
I’m just going to apply it wherever it’s dark and then I’m gonna take some
concealer there we go I’m gonna use this as my lid primer and I’m just gonna dot
it on this is the cool thing about this costume is that honestly there’s nothing
makeup wise or hair-wise that you don’t already have to do this at home and all
you need is the actual white dress itself that’s it I’m not up on my nerd
dumb so I’m going to ask him out really quick when she’s in the white costume
does she have a saber a lightsaber and the long white dress she’s not Jedi is
she a blaster pistol that’s what I need for this then right I’m just wearing a
white turbine sweater because she’s she’s always wearing it I’m like anyways
okay so that’s done all you need is a pink blush for your lids and her blush
on her cheeks is actually a little bit now it might be the same color actually
it didn’t really go all out for this makeup did they it was the 70s guys with
Star Wars a low-budget film it wasn’t like a big blockbuster like it
is now right so the white costume the white dress that she’s wearing and with
the buns the one that I’m doing is this the first Star Wars yeah episode episode
4 okay so I’m I’m assuming that they had a lot
less money for that movie than they did all the sequels right you should just be
on camera answering Star Wars questions I found the perfect perfect shade okay
this is color pop and thumper this is the super shock cheek and this color is
amazing I’m just gonna use my finger actually and do you see how pigmented it
is I love color pop products for this reason so I’m just gonna take it and Pat
it all over my lid and once I get it really good on my lid I’ll take a brush
and work it up into my crease because this cheek super shock cheek which is
the blush is cream it’s really easy to work with your fingers so I didn’t even
need a brush but what I’m gonna do now is take a highlighter and apply it to my
brow bone I’m going to use the essence this is the pre nude highlighter and be
my highlight and just gonna put it right under my brow bone
this makeup is so simple honestly you could glam it up so much and make it
look so pretty if you wanted to which I’m super tempted to do but we’re gonna
go with a traditional Leia look if you guys want to see like a more glam Leia
like mmm the new matte matte had this idea but the new Leia Barbie we have her
and she’s amazing let us know in the comments but the thing that I’m noticing
in this picture is that she’s got a ton of highlight right here on the inner
corner of her eye what’s really interesting is when you look back at
movie makeup over the years a lot of the stuff that we do for everyday makeup now
that feels like really new is stuff that the makeup artists were doing in movies
even like way back when which obviously in black and white movies you couldn’t
really tell but like white lining or white liner on your waterline
was super super common in the 40s and 50s like Marilyn Monroe actually that
was one of her beauty secrets but then I never heard about that growing up really
until you know when you two became a thing okay so that’s it that’s all we’re
doing I shadow wise she has liner only on the lower lash line nothing on the
upper lash line so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna use my this is a liner brush
right here and I’m gonna use a dark brown this is from my Natasha to Nona
palette the mini nude palette honestly this palette is incredible and
I’m gonna apply this just to the lower lash line this is super pigmented so
it’s gonna give me exactly the effect that I want and I’m gonna get in really
really tight to that lash line for like a little bit of a smoky effect and they
carried it all the way into the inner lash line but not past the tear duct
just right up to the edge of the tear duct so that’s what I’m doing
now that we have that done we’re gonna throw on a thin coat of mascara because
honestly when I’m looking at this picture I don’t even really notice that
she has lashes on the top what lid I see them more on the lower lip which i think
is really interesting if she’s wearing any false lashes at all I would be
shocked to hear that because this picture does not make it look like she
does happen does happening on it’s what I’m trying to say so just applying
mascara to the upper and lower lashes to make my lid my eye shape look a little
bit more like hers because she is more almond eyes which I have on the guys but
hers are really almond I’m taking my mascara and I’m moving all of my lashes
to the outside corner like this which is gonna help change the illusion of my eye
shape obviously it’s not gonna change my eye shape but it’s gonna make my eyes
look like they’re shaped a little bit different so I’m just taking the one
starting at the lash root wiggling it up to the top and then over to the outside
corner and that helps drag the lashes over that direction I’m so not used to
seeing myself with only lower eyeliner on it’s really odd
okay while the mascara is drying let’s move on to the face and then we’ll come
back to the eyebrows in case you don’t know this if you mess up with your
mascara and you hit your litter or whatever don’t immediately clean it up
let it sit there let it dry because once it’s dry on your skin a little flake
right off but if you wipe it off while it’s wet or even a little bit tacky it’s
gonna smear so just don’t do that so we’re gonna go ahead and do the skin I
primed my skin first which if you are new to makeup and if you’re watching
this for the you watching my channel for the first time maybe you are new to
makeup what you want to do is prime your skin first so that your makeup actually
last longer i primed with a farce Ollie unicorn serum is like essence unicorn
essence sorry it’s like my favorite I actually don’t have it right here I used
to upstairs in my bathroom before I came down but primer is really important
because it does really help your makeup last and if you’re dressing up for
Halloween and this is a costume or even maybe maybe you’re using this tutorial
because you’re gonna go to a con of some sort prime your skin first and you can
get primer anywhere in the drugstore Sephora wherever because like I said you
you want your makeup to last so I’m gonna go with a little bit of a lighter
foundation this is my Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless foundation and number
six and I as my regular followers know I love to apply bronze drops take myself
with bronzer but Leia is not bronze so we’re going to skip that step
I’m just buffing out my foundation now with my brush and whatever you do to
your face you wanna do to your neck so take whatever is on your brush and then
work it down to your jaw line and then dunce your neck you want to flip a
seamless flawless application and you don’t want to see where your makeup
begins and ends so that’s why we do that so to get a more perfect application
amazing beauty sponge this is when I picked up at the drugstore in Canada
it’s the brand is called quo I think uuo it’s a duplicate for a Beauty Blender
and honestly it does a great job you do not use this one damp like you do a
Beauty Blender which I thought was really interesting so what I’m doing
though is I’m just it and I’m pushing my foundation into my
skin so that if I have any open pore fine lines scars whatever this is going
to push that down into those crevices and give you more of a flawless canvas
for finishing off your makeup look and as you notice I did put them foundation
on my lips I just took whatever was on the brush and then brushed it over my
lips I do that because I’m going to change the shape of my lips so just so
you know let’s go ahead and do some concealer under the eyes she doesn’t
have a whole lot of concealer going on so I’m just gonna lightly apply some I’m
using my dermablend concealer I love this concealer it’s incredible quality
and it really lasts I’m gonna take throw’em brushes now I found a concealer
brush here and just tap that into my under eye area and then just feather it
out as you can see it’s just really light tapping and it blends it perfectly
do the same thing on the side and then what I’m gonna do now is take a
translucent powder and just tap it all over my face because we’re not doing any
bronzer anywhere first I’m gonna take a little bit of a banana shade this is
from essence use my sponge actually and tap that right under the eye keep that
under eye area looking bright with the banana color and then I’m gonna go in
with the translucent powder and dust it all over my face so that my makeup stays
put so I’m using the Charlotte Tilbury era airbrush flawless finish and then my
airbrush brush from Sephora which I love and I’m just gonna dust this
all over my face I don’t typically powder my whole face but in this case
I’m going to now that I have my face set I’m gonna go with back hand with this
brush with my brown and just drag it under my lower lash line again I want my
inside corner to really pop because that’s the one thing that’s standing out
to me is the inside corners of her eyes in this picture you can really see so
I’m taking the white shimmery shade it’s not white it’s like more of a nude in
this palette any white shimmery eyeshadow will do then I’m gonna tap
that right there on the inside corner her face is super matte and all these
photos that I’m seeing but the one thing I’m noticing is her freckles and I have
freckles but they’re not gonna show through my foundation so what I’m gonna
do which leads me to believe that she’s got a very very thin layer of foundation
on taking an eyeliner brush this is damp and I’m gonna go in with the matte brown
eyeshadow that I used under my lower lash line and I’m gonna use her picture
as a map here and kind of just throw some freckles on my nose which is funny
because I naturally have freckles so these are really dark I don’t know if
you guys can see it or not I did that on purpose because it’s a whole lot easier
to tone it down than it is to keep adding to it so I’m just taking my
powder brush okay so the eyes were looking a little bit boring so I just
did the exact same thing to the upper lid as I did the lower I’m just taking
the liner brush and a matte Brown and smoking it out okay the last thing that
we have for this look there’s two things we have lips and brows so I’m just using
a matte Brown shadow hairs falling out see and we’re gonna mimic her eyebrow
shape it’s very droopy so I’m gonna just take it from the bottom change the shape
of my brow just a tiny bit so I’m taking a little bit of the arch out of my brow
by doing that and just making it more of a of a hump than a because my brow
naturally has a V shape to it and then I’m gonna do the same thing on this side and for lips she has just an orange e
red gloss is what it looks like I don’t see any liner I don’t see any real
definition it’s just her natural lip shape so the thing that I’m gonna do is
use a nude liner and kind of recreate her lip shape which she has a very full
bottom lip so I’m gonna take nude whisper from Maybelline and just fill in
my lower lid her lip and get more full than mine so I’m just over lining on the
outside corners and then underneath the lower lip so that it’s just a little bit
bigger than mine and then her upper lip is kind of simple and not there’s not a
deep Cupid’s bow there so I’m just think he’s my natural lip line for that so I’m
putting the emphasis is really on my lower lip and then I’m using this red
it’s like you’re ready orange shade from segments of liquid lipstick it’s envenom
is the color and I’m gonna dab that on the back of my hand because it’s pretty
dark do it’s a nude lip topper from jouer which I love and I’m putting them
on my hand side to side or side by side I should say like that and I’m just
gonna use my hand my finger to mix the two together to get the shade that I
want and then top it on I’m doing that because it’s gonna create more of a of a
stain than a lipstick and that’s exactly what her lips look like so now that I
toned down the lip color I’m gonna go back with this sheer like lip gloss it’s
a lip topper like I said from joy and I on top it’s a little bit more pink than
her pictures her pictures more orange and you can correct that with an orange
base lipstick if you want I’m gonna add a little but I actually like the pink
personally because I think it plays well with the eyes and then what I’m gonna do
is take my blush brush and just apply a little bit of this Pete this pink blush
that we put on our lids her her blush really starts back and works up I have a
different face shape than she does obviously
there you go there is your makeup let’s do hair now all right so I took one of
my ponytails out and what I’m gonna do is add in a couple of extensions because
Leia’s buns are really thick and although I have a lot of hair I don’t
have crazy thick hair so I’m just teasing to add a base for my extensions
to clip into I just have clip in extensions here as you can see I’m gonna
add two maybe three tracks we’ll see and the reason I’m doing this is just to
give my buns a little bit of thickness I like thick buns and I cannot lie I did a
total of three tracks of extensions and that’s why there’s a little bit of a
bump and then I just use a clear elastic band and I put it right here directly
behind my ear so I’m gonna take the thicker end of my comb and just add a
little bit of volume by back combing throughout my hair and then I’m gonna
take and twist forward like this so that it’s gonna cover my ear and I want to
take that right there and tuck that do you see because I don’t want it to have
a hump and I’m going to start connecting with bobby pins so all it is is a twist it’s a pretty good-sized twist too
so every about half an inch or so along the twist I’m gonna put a bobby pin in
to make sure that it’s anchored real well there’s no such thing as too many
bobby pins when it comes to a style like this okay so that’s a really good shape
right there so I’m gonna keep twisting so I come around and then I’ve got this
little tail and I’m gonna keep pinning it as I go and then as I get to here I’m
going to turn it and then tuck the end in so that it’s covering I’m going to
twist it a little bit better first twist it all the way to the end
tuck it so that it goes under and it covers my hair tie and then I’m going to
start pinning that tuck into place and I’m heading up and under as well it’s
like you really hold it into place and there you go you got a lay a bun it’s a
pretty good lay up on if I do say so myself
and if you have any buy bins that are slipping out you can spray a little bit
of hairspray on your bobby pin before you put it in and it’ll help it kind of
anchor and then also something you can ink anchor than make crossing them and
it gonna be just a couple of bobby pin 101 tips once we get this up we’ll
smooth this down but really a drop of pomade will hold will hold that down
give it that really perfect smooth look and then a little bit hairspray so let’s
go ahead and move on to this item and just copy that exact same thing all
right got the Leia buns done this one’s a little bit not as full as this one
because I have three tracks on this side and only two tracks on this side so as
you can see it’s a little bit a little bit thinner on the backside so I would
say that if you’re gonna recreate this use the same amount of hair on each side
so that they’re even I do have to also keep tucking in my bobby pins the reason
is is that I used bobby pins that are straight and I
actually like the ones that have the ridges like the teeth on them I think
that they hold better these straight ones don’t hold as well that’s for dang
at Shoah but overall I feel like my buns are pretty right on and I think my eye
my makeup is as well I took my turtleneck and I just tucked
it in to give it more of that lay a collar look but overall I’m pretty happy
with it again just use a little bit of pomade right there on your crown and get
your flyaways to sit and then spray it real good with hairspray and that’s it
but overall here you go this is the most authentic laya recreation you’re gonna
get hair and makeup wise I mean I looked at her photos and I copied it exactly
the way that they were so I hope you enjoyed this again let me know if you
want to see like a more glam Leia for anyone who’s gonna do any like Barbie me
Leia actually have you guys seen the new Barbie that’s Leia
the Star Wars Barbies are so cool we have all three of them but yeah let me
know in the comments what you want to see from me next I have at least one
more Halloween tutorial that I’m gonna film for y’all this this season
I’ll probably be up next I’m thinking and it’s a fun once one that I’ve been
wanting to do for a couple of years that I haven’t gotten around to but I hope
you guys enjoyed this tutorial let me know in the comments what you want to
see for me next after Halloween and don’t forget to visit me on my blog
angela Lanter calm all right guys love you so much and thank you for watching
horeb wha I mean technically she’d be Leia right she’s Anakin’s daughter is
that right daddy yeah you offered me you are Princess
Leia k.will mommy’s hair cool mommy’s here yeah
thank you so pretty thank you thank you thank you
okay tell everybody hi say hi set your lightsaber


  1. Yes girl!! I’ve been patiently waiting for a Star Wars tutorial & it’s absolutely flawless! <3
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  2. Star Wars Episode 9 will be the posthumous and final film of Carrie Fisher (1956-2016) by using unreleased footage from the previous films.

    When I look at your hair Angela Lanter, you remind me of my cartoon character that I created that is the love interest of my character (Which is Luke Davis).

    Do you love my comment Mrs. Lanter?

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