MSC Seaview Cruise Ship Tour

MSC Seaview Cruise Ship Tour

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Ahoy their cruises and welcome to a full ship tour of “MSC Seaview” in full ultra HD! Let’s start with all the outdoor areas first. Here we have the incredible waterpark –
“Forest Adventure” Just above we have the sports court. Theres some pretty cool slides too. Including an interactive waterboard slide. There is plenty of places to bathe in the
sun. Interactive screens are located all around
the ship. Providing maps and details of restaurants and entertainment. There’s a jungle themed solarium with a retractable roof. Which is great for colder cruises. And this ship has so many hot tubs! Let’s take a look at the main pool area. There’s a large pool, 4 hot tubs and plenty
of sun loungers here. The “Panorama” pool-side bar offers gelato and drinks. At the very back of the ship you will find
“The Bridge of Sighs”. It’s a glass walkway at the top of the ship. Offering amazing views. If you don’t like heights dont look down! Let’s take the elevator down to the
aft pool area. Here you will find a large pool. As well as a gelato and crepe bar. And another bar which doubles as a smoking area. On Deck 8 theres a large wrap around boardwalk with seating for the buffet as well as an outdoor bar. You’ll also find the “Infinity Bridge”. Another glass walkway with awesome views of the waves below. Let’s head inside. Starting at Deck 5 we have one of the two main dining rooms – “Golden Sands”. Just next door we have the stunning four level atrium. This is one of the most impressive atriums we have ever seen. With entertainment around-the-clock on different levels. You will find guest services as well as the
photo shop and gallery on this deck. Moving towards the front of the ship we have the art gallery. Moving up to Deck 6 we have the “Odeon Theatre”. It’s small but with 3 shows a night we never had a problem booking one of the fabulous shows. Behind we have a selection of shops. As well as a small entertainment venue offering live music and game shows. Next door we have the delicious “Venchi”
chocolate bar. Offering an array of tasty treats. Yum! You can gain access to the decks above and below here. Moving into the second level of the atrium. We have the excursions desk and plenty of seating surrounding the shine bar. Don’t forget to use these handy activation points to place your credit or debit card on file. At the back of Deck 6 we have the other main dining room – “Silver Dolphin”. Moving up to the back of Deck 7 we have the
“Haven Lounge”. A large lounge with live music and entertainment. On the other side we have the “Garage Club”. A colourful themed night club. We spent many a night partying in here. It’s bringing back the hangovers. Next door we have the arcade and full bowling alley. You’ll also find the “F1 Simulator” and “4D Theatre” – this was so much fun! On the third level of the atrium you will
find the beautiful “Champagne Bar”. The “Swavosky” crystal staircases are stunning. Place your bets! Moving towards the front
we have a large casino and bar. Let’s take the elevator up one floor to Deck 8. Ahhh. It’s time to relax in the “Aurea Spa” and wellness area. Outside there is an area with private cabanas and another hot tub. Next door we have a well equipped gym. And with all the delicious pizza this place is a must! At the centre of the ship we have the “Piazza”. With another two bars and shops. The “Sports Bar” offers lots of screens. As well as some cool private booths to catch a game. Opposite the “Sports Bar” we have the “Seaside Lounge”. Another
bar offering more live entertainment! In the atrium, on Deck 8. We have another excursions desk. As well as the french speciality restaurant
“L’Atelier Bistrot”. Unusually there’s two buffets on board. Including this one located on Deck 8. “The Marketplace” Up on Deck 16 we have the remaining restaurants. Including “Ocean Point” – another buffet. We loved that there was two buffets –
it was noticeably quieter because of this. You’ll also find the three specialty
restaurants on Deck 16. With a large bar in the middle The “Asian Market Kitchen” by chef Roy Yamaguchi offers a teppanyaki dinner show, As well as à la carte menu. It was so good we chose to eat here twice! Next door we have “Ocean Cay” by chef Ramon Freixa. It’s a beautifully themed seafood restaurant. Finally we have the MSC favourite –
“Butchers Cut” The American-style steakhouse. So what did we think of the “MSC Seaview”? We thought that she was a spectacular ship! She has been beautifully and thoughtfully designed to provide plenty of spaces to relax, grab a drink or party. And enjoy the abundance of live music offered onboard. We loved the outdoor areas and the huge glass windows all around the ship offering incredible views. This ship did not let us down! We can’t wait to be back onboard. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe below. That it until next time. Happy Cruising.


  1. Thanks Ben&David for sharing these great 👍🏻 vlogs of the Seaview’ looking forward to more!!🌟🌟🚢👍🏻⚓️😊😊

  2. My head almost split wide open because of just how awesome and clean and crisp and beautiful that ship looked. My god what a ship.

  3. This ship looks absolutely beautiful!! I've watched loads of ship tours but this looked extra special , hope it was as great as it looked .

  4. Very beautiful ship and Huge I used to watch it sail in and out of Malta 🇲🇹 when I was there for the summer our balcony was right across the road it was so big you could hear the sail away party on its way out it was amazing (its seems funny that MSC does not have any ships here out of Australia 🇦🇺
    Good to see you boys back with another Video 🇦🇺🇲🇹💕🚢

  5. Fantastic guys as usual, We're cruising on Ovation of the Seas and the ROyal Princess next year. We might have to try this one next. Which port is that?

  6. This is what I am talking about @Princess …move into the 21st century. What a magnificent ship. Great tour B and D…

  7. Wow what a stunning ship! I've always been put off MSC by hearing negative comments and reviews but this tour might just convince me to give this ship consideration. Keep up the good work B and D

  8. I miss that cruise already! Can’t wait for the maiden voyage on the Bellissima. It was so much fun on this sailing, especially with the themed parties many evenings. There were so many venues, but still can’t believe I only spotted you guys once lol.

  9. Thanks for the video, Ben & David. Is it true that MSC Cruises is the Italian version Carnival Cruises in the States?

  10. Hey! So i've been reading reviews about Msc and i have been reading some pretty worrying comments. Can i have your honest opinion on these ships?

  11. What a beautiful ship! I believe this ship is the one I was looking at for a Mediterranean cruise out of Barcelona. But I was a little confused when in their website about the different “experiences”. Why would you have to pay more for a better experience? I’m just a little confused with all that, and may end up with one of the lines I’m familiar with and cruised before—Carnival, RCCL, or NCL. Perhaps you can clarify this for me.

  12. Very very nice video…thank you. We are 7 people going on the MSC Seaview in June celebrating my parents 50th anniversary. My biggest concern is the noice on the ship. Is it possible to find some quiet places outside the cabin of course 🙂 Or is the ship just so big that the noice is at a minimum because people are all over ?

  13. Stunning ship! Won’t lie it annoys me when they create lovely spaces only for them to allow people to smoke in them and ruining it for the non smokers. I’m due to go on the seaview out of Barcelona in June.

  14. Amazing video, guys. And who the h*ll has given you 10 thumbs down for this? Am so looking fwd to our Sep sailing now 🙂

  15. I'm sailing on Queen Mary 2 in 2021 for my first cruise, but I'm adding MSC to my cruise bucket list hopefully for 2022. This ship looks absolutely amazing!

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