My Every Day Autumn Makeup | Zoella

My Every Day Autumn Makeup | Zoella

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why do I look like a choir boy like the long neck’s looked okay on me until I started making this video also it’s very hot in here so I think I’m just gonna have to take this off hi guys so in today’s video I am going to be doing something that is always very very highly requested each year still don’t know why it’s so highly requested because I’m not the best at makeup we’ve gathered this now everyone calls me so another beauty guru I ain’t a beauty guru I actually don’t know why people call me that so putting that title aside I am going to be doing my autumn makeup routine it is technically still autumn we’re not into winter yet which is good because I was like I’m gonna run out of time I’m not gonna be able to do it but that’s not true because it’s still autumn and I am still wearing this makeup look pretty much every other day the only thing that really changes is I either don’t put the eyeshadow on or I wear a nude lip instead of the lip that I’m going to vary in this video which is my more autumnal berry lip and this year it’s not Charlotte Tilbury glastonbury I know this is gonna be a kind of very relaxed chatty do my makeup with me video this is essentially like my everyday makeup to do I need to tie my hair up mmm probably I have already washed my face using the glossy a glossy a glossy err milk jelly Tenzer and then I have used my la roche-posay effaclar duo and a tatter harper moisturizer so my face is done I do not use primer I probably should I just always find it just kind of like rolls off my skin and I just don’t really like the feeling of it so I haven’t bothered with that now or ever really the foundation I’ve been obsessing over and loving a lot is the Fenty Beauty foundation are the reason I have two is because I ordered these and I was on holiday and I ordered shade 200 which was the perfect match when I got back of holiday it’s now not so much the perfect match it’s a tiny bit too dark I did however order this one which is 140 which I thought would be more of a kind of all year round and I’ve not been on holiday skin tone but I think at the moment I’m kind of combining the two so what I really need to do is order a new one which is somewhere in between the two but for now I am mixing them the foundation is for any of you who didn’t see my vlog where I tried this for the first time the foundation is a pro filter soft matte long wear foundation which just sounds amazing the brush I’m using Oh thought it was dripping off my hand then it wasn’t the brush I’m using is also the fenty Beauty foundation brush it’s really dirty I probably should have cleaned it if I was a real beauty guru I would have washed my brush [Music] one of the main things I think I really love about this foundation is I feel like you it blends in really really easily and I also feel like you don’t need to wear powder with it to set it because I feel like it kind of sets very quickly like it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna transfer at all right now I am going to put a little bit of the collection lasting perfection concealer in one fair under my eyes I’ve got some bright dark circles right now I honestly think it’s this time of year the clocks have gone back spring forward fall back yeah the clocks have gone back and it means that it starts to get very dark about half 4:00 in the afternoon and I think the less sunlight is affecting my skin especially the old under eyes I always find this concealer is like the only thing that feels comfortable into my eyes and brightens the area as well as concealing it it’s probably because I go like three shades lighter than my skin actually is and I actually only have one little blemish right now which is here so apart from that I’m actually enjoying my skin at the moment the next thing I use is the Charlotte Tilbury film-star bronze & Glow face sculpt and highlight but I only use the sculpt cap I’m also using the Charlotte Tilbury powder and sculpt brush and then I just attempt at giving myself some cheekbones go along my jawline and a little bit down my neck I actually just kind of forgot I was filming a video and I was just like thinking about another video I wanted to film and what I’m doing today now I have a little bit more color on my face I am going to do a big old swipe over with a bronzer this is a Kiko bronzer it’s a baked bronzer in the shade warm oh no it’s rubbed off warm in the launch and I’m gonna use a Real Techniques blue brush I love these that’s so cool and I’m just gonna throw that bird it was very close to my window I’m just gonna do this take off I’m just gonna kind of just because it’s autumn does not mean you can’t have a golden glow the next thing I’m going to use is Tanya burr cosmetics illuminating powder in peonies please which I am obsessed with I absolutely love it and I’m also using another blue Real Techniques brush this is the bo2 it’s like the perfect little shape for highlight pack it on now would you look at that have you ever seen anything more glowy and healthy-looking in your life why is the Sun trying to come out now I’m filming this video it’s so honestly it’s been the darkest most miserable day and now the sun’s coming out that makes no sense it’s just because I was filming obviously I’m gonna do brows now I’m using the Makeup Forever aqua brow waterproof eye brow corrector I love that it’s called an eye brow corrector I really like this I don’t remember how I discovered it I think it came into my peer box and I thought what a very interesting concept I always go between powders pencils waxes and then I thought I would try this and I do really really like it but I always flip I always flit I just think whatever whatever I feel like using I’m also using a little benefit brush so I’ve got a spoolie at one end and a hair in it and then the angled brush up the other just kind of dip it in the brush like that and then I just kind of fill my brows in with it here she comes thought I was gonna get away with doing a whole video without knowledge eyeing to get in that looks freakin terrifying [Music] this is literally like daily eyebrows struggles honestly I’ve said it before and I’ll say again eyebrows are sisters not twins and I mostly say that when my eyebrows look absolutely crap I’m gonna stop there folks because the more I play with them the bigger they’re gonna get I’m not sure that is the look I’m going for okay I shadow I’m gonna use a little bit of eyeshadow primer this is the Too Faced shadow insurance it is great would highly recommend I’m gonna put a little bit on my finger and then I’m just gonna rub that into my eyelids I have a dog scratching at me right now to get up Nullah you can get on this bed you’ve done it multiple times before it’s just staring at me I wish you could see her right now gets up on the bed this way come around this way come on and then up no no no oh he did it the naked Urban Decay heat palette it is full of wondrously autumn shades the shade I tend to go for the most is this one which is lombre it’s just a very nice kind of orangey shade which I find always tends to complement blue eyes and most Nullah leave my lemon cheesecake alone I’m just gonna pop that over my entire lid using this clover brush which is the three-30 n now I’m going to use a little bit of the shade which is called outs I’m just gonna put that in the inner corner pat pat dab dab dab blend blend blend okay I’m going to use this one now which is a three one one end which is just more of like a tapered blending and I’m gonna go in with this shade which is in fleiger on Fuego like a very lovely dark oh oh Bundy or Bundy organdy oh my god what is that color organdy burgundy oh my god what was I just mixing I was mixing two colors together I’m just gonna blend that in the outer in the outer corner just to give it some definition I would love to know how your autumn has been so far and also I do appreciate not everyone has autumn as a season right now so if you are in Australia what’s there I guess they’re in spring coming into summer yeah I would love to know what you’ve been up to what fun things have you been doing have you collected any conkers have you run through crunchy autumn leaves and have you made something with pumpkin in it because if you haven’t there’s still time I’m now taking a teeny tiny brush and I’m gonna just take that same color underneath my eye little bit I love how my autumn looks don’t really change the only thing that changes are the products that I’m using everything else is the same you can go back and watch all my other videos oh dropped it I mean I could probably blend it a bit more do you think blending is probably my downfall you know because I just I think I just get bored like how long how long do you blend for before it’s like properly blended you know this eyeliner is the smithing cult B line I pen which is fantabulous I love it it stays put all day it’s very comfortable to wear and it’s easy to use I tend to just use these pens [Music] I always find my left eye so much harder to do I’m not sure these are the same do you know what guys have I ever told you liner not twins sisters and last but by no means least I am using my ever trusty Maybelline lash sensational mascara I always go between this and the Smith and cut one at the moment and I’m currently loving this again so God doing your lashes actually just brings everything together doesn’t it also how was your Halloween I’d love to know I’m glad you all loved the penny wise video when I was editing that it was I mean it was about three hours worth of footage but when I was editing that I was like no one’s gonna like this because I’m a not saying anything although I guess some people might prefer that I don’t know but I wasn’t really saying things I was concentrating so hard and there was a huge part movement that was like if this doesn’t turn out well it doesn’t matter because it’s fun but then there was also a research site of me because I’m very creative and I’m such a perfectionist that I wanted it to at least look half decent so I’m really happy with how it came out I’m really glad so many of you loved that video and thank you so much for all your future what I should turn Jo into next suggestions okay I am now just being a little bit on my bottom lashes some people don’t wear mascara on their bottom lashes but I feel like mine are quite spidery on the top so if I don’t wear any on the bottom it’s very like top-heavy and there we go that is eyes at least now my eyebrows don’t look it’s terrifying I always feel like every time you do you adjust your brows and nothing else it looks like you’ve gone so overboard and then when you actually finish the rest of your face you like oh no it’s okay I feel like I’ve been on quite a discovery with lips this year eight last 18 where I realized that I don’t particularly like wearing creamy color I love creamy nudes and creamy Pink’s I’m talking about lipsticks by the way but if it’s creamy color it just ends up like on my chin on my cheeks I feel like it’s too messy to wear so I actually recently had a huge declutter of my lipstick stash and I basically got rid of any color was not matte so matte color for me and I guess for any of you that have the same problem is definitely the way forward so that does mean I have kept Glastonbury because for me it is a real classic and I love the color and I do love the formulation but I do find I have to tidy up with Glastonbury a lot more than I do with something like a liquid lipstick so I do still have Glastonbury and I do still love it but I also love this and this is what I’ve mostly been wearing this autumn is the color pot Moondancer ultra matte lip this is actually part of the My Little Pony collection color pop have like the best collections honestly oh my god it’s really cooling oh my god [Music] dah dah and there we have it this is my everyday autumn look it varies as I said sometimes I just wear a nude lip depending on kind of what outfit I am going for and sometimes I don’t wear as much eyeshadow but this is the one that I wore mostly go for I really hope you guys enjoyed this look make sure to go down there and give the video a thumbs up if you did and also subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you again very very soon with another video and it’s all about to start getting very Christmassy up in here I think this might be the last video I film or maybe not actually I was gonna say this might be the last video film with like all to me although actually I very scaled down on the autumn but yeah if it’s about to start getting very Christmassy around here so I really hope you guys are excited for that just a quick reminder actually whilst I mentioned that I am NOT doing 24 days of zoella over on this channel this year I am doing vlogmas on my vlogging channel which is more zoella which i will leave in the description I always leave a link to that in every video on this channel but in case any of you are wondering not 24 days as Wella there will still be lots of festive videos though so don’t worry I’m just not going to be doing one every single day because it will break me but I am doing every single day over on my logging channel so I really hope you guys are excited for that I am very excited and I will see again very soon


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  5. I'm in South Africa and it's like 35 degrees here🙈 so jealous of your cold weather, Christmas just isn't the same in the scorching heat!

  6. I always feel like I've gone overboard with eyeshadows until I've done brows and mascara. Before that I feel reaaaally weird

  7. I honestly think people call you a “beauty guru” because you are naturally very, very beautiful so even though you might not technically be the best at make up, anything you put on your face ends up looking flawless anyways! You got yourself some good genes, girl!

  8. I am already looking forward to your christmas videos ah they are my favorites! This is a nice video eather, haha, not complaining about that😉 You're just an amazing youtuber!

  9. I love your make-up tutorials, too! And I am glad you aren't a professional – most of us aren't, and I can't say for everyone, but I prefer watching ordinary people that are good at makeup doing makeup because then I have an attainable goal for my own makeup-doing and it's realistic! Hope that makes sense! Anyway, I appreciate YOU!!

  10. Hi, I’m from Egypt !! It’s still a little hot here but in the mornings it’s very cold!! We don’t have any conquers and all the pumpkins just look like a really weird and long alien eggs so no one carves pumpkin!!

  11. my autumn is already winter, it started snowing like a week ago, which is unusual (im west coast canadian) and our winters are usually january-march time but its started really early this year which has me thinking its gonna be bad like last years where my entire car was buried in snow

  12. I got so excited when I got this notification! 😁😁 Will miss 24 days of Zoella, but still cannot wait for Vlogmas Zoe! Love you loads❤️ BTW ZOE I LOVE YOUR MAKEUP TUTORIALS! 💞

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