My Everyday Vintage Make-Up Routine // Ad // Vlogmas 2019 Day 6

My Everyday Vintage Make-Up Routine // Ad // Vlogmas 2019 Day 6

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Hello, lovely people. And welcome to a much requested video. How I do my everyday vintage makeup. An updated version from two years ago? I’m gonna be showing you
the products I normally use and how I actually stick it on my face. Also, it’s kind of just an excuse so I can play with the Besame
new Sleeping Beauty Palette, because have you seen it, it’s beautiful. Disclaimer, I am not a beauty channel and if you’ve accidentally
stumbled across this video, thinking that I know things,
I’m not a beauty guru, please don’t hold me in such high regard. I hope it will be useful, and
if not at least entertaining, as I take you through this. Because you know what’s cute, this look. You know what else is cute,
fiscal responsibility. Yes, that’s right, I’m going
to teach you some tips, about how to be responsible with money through the medium of a makeup video. It’s educational, it’s fun
and you’re going to enjoy it. This video is sponsored by Next Insurance. A 100% online business insurance company, which for those of you based in the U.S, provides all of your insurance
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need business insurance, maybe you’re just a small
social media based business, maybe you don’t even think
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street to film and take photos. Yes, if you’re getting paid
by a brand to take photos, you’re a business. If you’re selling things
online, you’re a business and you need business insurance, Next Insurance allows
everything to be done online. Insurance quotes, charges
and claims filing. There are no hidden fees, and no paying for like,
the weird little things that you don’t really need, because that doesn’t really
apply to your business. Click the link at the very
top of the description box to get your very own personalized quote tailored to your needs. It’s not just for online businesses, they handle businesses
in the real world too. But no matter where your business is, just make sure it’s protected. Like daily suntan lotion
protects your face. I mean, have you seen me? Im the color of a sheet Yes, this is indeed an incredibly thick 50 SPF suntan lotion, that normally one would put on the body, and yes, I do put it on my face. That was too much. It’s fine, I’ll put it
elsewhere on my person. I just love using incredibly
thick suntan lotion as a primer, because I think it just does good things to my skin. And also my makeup just looks delightful and really does stay in place. Next up, foundation, and
before I go any further, I should also menton the fact that, I know some of the brands I
used are not cruelty-free, it’s MAC, I’m looking at you. However I am transitioning
all of my makeup to being cruelty-free brands,
because I have allergies, and life is fun that way. I basically have to make sure that I don’t put anything on my face that will cause it to become
bright red and bleeding a bit. Allergies, they’re fun. If you also have eczema or skin that really readily reacts to things, please do leave me brand names down below of things that you use and you
found to be really helpful, because I could really use the advice. I have a slight issue when
it comes to foundation, that you may have realized
just by looking at me, which is that, my hands and my neck are in no way the same color. I love when people do the
little patch test thing on the hand of foundation
and they’re like, yeah. Yeah, that matches. Have you seen this? Yes, my neck is rather yellow and my hands are quite
pinkish, as is my face. It’s ’cause I have thing called PoTS, it’s a condition where your
blood just doesn’t work, you can find out more actual
explanation in the card above. So I take some kind of yellowy foundation, and add in a bit of pink concealer to attempt to make the shade of me. For a really vintage look, we’re gonna go for a very full coverage. You don’t want anything, no
tiny blemishes, no freckles, although freckles actually
can be quite cute and vintage. Anyway, I don’t have
freckles to make cute. (pleasant music) And voila, I know, it
looks slightly lighter, because there is a massive
light shining in my face. But I promise you, it does
genuinely match my neck. So there you go, and
remember, compare your face to your neck, not your hands, just like before you
sign any new contract, you should always use comparison websites. Money saving tip, see, I told you so. Time for concealer, because my face wasn’t pale enough as it was. And it’s also time to ask,
what could you be concealing? Is it your tax returns, if so, uh-oh, time to get an accountant. At the beginning it is very easy to file your own tax returns, but as you continue, oh gosh, do you need someone professional. It may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it really does help in the long run. You don’t want to get taken to court. (pleasant lighthearted music) All right, eye primer,
now, if you like me, have eyelids that go somewhere
when you open our eyes, I mean, can you see my eyelids, I can’t. They’re not there. Then you’ll probably have also tried every single eye primer under the sun, and found that they don’t. The only thing that I found
that works for my eyes, is to use concealer and eye shadow, but you have to put it on
when the concealer’s wet. But this means I get to open,
the Sleeping Beauty Palette. [fairy dust sfx] Based on the book that appears in the original “Sleeping Beauty” film, which apparently is huge and this is like a teeny, tiny, version. And there we go, I now
apparently have the color of Princess Aurora’s legs on my eye. You know what else has legs,
the make-do and mend attitude. Sometimes, it can actually be cheaper to have your clothes altered
or fixed by a tailor, than it can to just
actually buy new clothes. Time for eyebrows, and oh
yeah, I’ve got this far without mentioning them,
yeah, these are my eyebrows, this is how they grow,
I don’t even pluck them, it’s just a, they just
started falling out. [music] Vintage eyebrows are generally very thin, quite, is full the word? They don’t tend to have
gaps, that’s full, right? Yah, and always with a
lovely arch, which… We’ll get to. (bright bubbly music) Yeah, that’s as much at they grow, so let’s fake some niceness shall we. I would advise that you
follow your own brow bone, but as my wife pointed out in that wife does my makeup video, you don’t have a brow bone,
it’s just mushy really. So I just go with, whatever
shape I’m making that day. I try and make it look the same. I’m a big fan of the eyebrow pencil. Both because it just sort
of screams vintage to me, but also because I don’t have to learn how to do that modern thing
with the brush and the fade and the front and you know. Nic and easy, is how I
like to keep my makeup. You know what’s nice and easy,
using this eyebrow pencil. You know what else is easy? Making a free appointment with your bank to discuss how to raise your credit score. In some countries, England,
getting a credit card, buying some stuff and paying
it off fairly quickly, raises your credit score. However, in other countries apparently that’s not a good thing to do. Basically, don’t read any advice online. Irony. Go to your bank because they
actually know stuff shockingly. Back to eyeshadow and
I’ve decided to go with, wait, where are her eyebrows? Brows, Dust 107. Wait, I changed my mind, I
then swatched the White 107 and decided that actually,
that’s really gorgeous, it’s the skirt of her peasant costume. Thanks to my lovely little monolids, I find that the easiest
way to put eyeshadow on in a very precise, quite vintagey way, is to use a very small angled brush first, and then a better blending
brush to blend it out. You want to concentrate
most of your shadow on the outer eye. And then with the delightfully
fluffy blending brush, just blend that all out. [music] Alright, we’re then gonna put even more eyeshadow on my face. This time from this lovely Sleek palette that I have used quite a lot. And as you can see this is my favorite. Gonna be very careful, precise,
neat and blend afterwards. Using an arch as we go up. Trying to find the kind of
natural curve of your eyeball. Don’t worry if it looks really
really messy, life is messy. Life lessons with
Jessica, it’s going well. All right, now we’ve outlined
our eyeballs, time to blend. (bright lively music) Moving onto eyeliner,
the only one I have found that is really actually waterproof enough to stick to my eyelids. So this is really fun, because I’m very blind in my left eye. So I have to be able to see over my nose with just my right eye,
and it’s a big nose. You know what else is a big no? Having a really drafty house, because it’s terrible
for your energy bills. You can buy really cheap
insulation kits online, you don’t have to replace
your entire window, it’s a really cost effective
way of keeping down the price. Moving on to mascara, this one
is a real favorite of mine, because the wand bends
and that just makes it so much easier, in my mind, to use. All right, eyes done, time to move on to that little rosy glow that
your cheeks can give you. [music] So after I’ve blushed under
the apple of my cheekbone, I then tend to push down with
a lighter powder on top of it, just to give it a nice little blend, so we have no sharp lines. Yeah, I’m just bashing myself
in the face, I know, I know. You know what else will bash
you in the face, the tax man. If you’re self-employed, remember to have a separate
bank account for your tax money. And just put 1/3 of all
of your earnings in there. And don’t touch it ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. Unless there’s an impending
zombie apocalypse, in which case, money
means nothing anymore. Onto bronzer, I actually
use just a little bit around the hairline, because it makes the rest of
my face glow quite nicely. My angled brush, just
sticking the tip in there. [music] Now finally my favorite thing, lipstick. I am utterly obsessed with
Maybelline Superstay 24 Hour. And this new Matte Ink version. Why did I not know this
existed before, it’s just, you put it on your lips,
it’s so easy to apply, because you know, wand. And it genuinely just
stays there no matter what. I really had to try hard at getting it off my lips last night
for about 10 minutes. You know wat else we should try hard at? Talking to others about
finances, difficult, I know. But our friends and family can sometimes have really great tips. All right. (bright bubbly music) Ta-da, the finished look. [fairy dust sfx] There you go. Here is my everyday vintage makeup. (bright bubbly music) It’s the makeup I wear
everyday as I work from home, so I guess that makes it my business look. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and my sort of financial tips. Most important thing though, is to not just read things
online or watch videos. But to actually speak to
an expert about money. I’m not a money guru or a beauty guru, I just wanted to make this video for fun. And to give me an excuse
to play with this makeup. Also I’m just trying to help, because really sadly, we live in a society where things are very unequal, 2/3 of my generation
will never own a home, that’s mind blowing. Thank you so much for watching,
please do click subscribe if you are new here. And thank you so much to Next Insurance for sponsoring this video. If you click the top link in
the description down below, you can get your very
own personalized quote to keep you and your business safe, do it, what are you doing, come on now, it’s important insurance,
protect yourself. I’ll see you in my next video, mwha Let’s see if I can remember that I have really bad memory loss by the way This is why I have to get fed lines Um…. what did I say? That was too much, hang on It’s fine Let’s go a bit closer Really close now, aren’t we?


  1. I use a Finnish product and it's a lifesaver to be honest, It's called Chamomile Sheabutter -cream from Saaren Taika (translates to Magic of the Island). Has actually healed my skin which I thought would never happen. <3

  2. I have super bad allergies. I can get away with most products from wet and wild which has the cruelty free bunny symbol (I dont research these thing I know terrible)

  3. Dermacolor is a camouflage product made for skin conditions. It has an ECARF certificate which means it has been tested on a lot of allergies and didnt 'activate' them. Whereas "dermatology tested" doesn't say anything about the result of the tests

  4. I use a french brand called Yves Rocher. there are no stores outside of France but they do ship internationally. they are cruelty free and 90% organic

  5. I tend to be sensitive/allergic to a lot of makeup. My go to foundations are the revolution stick foundation and the BAE shake up skintint (from hema, a dutch store). My skin doesn't freak out with those two. Also, that lipstick is my holy grail as well!

  6. Not related to beauty, but watching Jessica & Claudia’s videos has taught me (a Canadian) how to pronounce British cities like Leicester and words like Worcestershire !

    So yes, very educational videos Jessica !!!

  7. Random tip, vaseline is surprisingly good at removing stubborn makeup. Might help with the removing of the lipstick.

  8. You could look into the 'clean' beauty wormhole – this is a genre of makeup/skincare that really focuses on exclusively using ingredients that are good for you and avoiding many ingredients for various reasons. These ingredient-conscious brands also tend to be conscious in many other ways too so are generally cruelty free, use ethically source ingredients and have recycled/reusable packaging. Naturisimo is a UK-friendly stockist ( I love the brand Kosas especially (owned by a gorgeous boss-lady), and have heard only fantastic things about Kjaer Weis (stUnning packaging and higher coverage base products than Kosas) and ilia (their foundation is also a favourite of many)! xxxxx

  9. 'The Ordinary' foundation and all their skincare range is absolutely fantastic. I have so many allergies and eczema and this is the perfect brand for me!!!!

  10. 1. I use primer first. I've used both Rimmel and Nude by nature and they were both great for my eyeliner. One of my eyes is deeper set than the other and the liner would always smudge. No more, though.
    2. The matte red lipstick by Rimmel "firestarter" is my go-to red and it's wonderful. Stays on all day! Which brings me to
    3. The easiest way to take off a matte lipstick if you don't feel like putting miccelar water on your lips is Vaseline. Put some on, let it sit for about a minute or so, then wipe.

  11. If you're looking for products that are cruelty free and a-ok for eczema and allergy-ey skin, try the body shop's skin products! they also have fun skincare products.

  12. I have eczema and dry skin and I find Sephora's foundation works! I'm really pale too so I'm used to always bring the lightest shade, but I'm actually the second lightest in their line.

  13. Checking into Next right now 🙂 Unfortunately, they don't seem to offer artisan insurance for stuff like selling soap and such, so that'll have to be purchased elsewhere, but they have e-commerce insurance which I need now. Yay. Now I just have to wait until I have $50 again. 😅

  14. BareMinerals have a liquid foundation called BarePro performance wear. They don't test on animals, it has an SPF, and the ingredients list is minimal as possible. They also do some nice pale shades! Nice full coverage too X

  15. Great products for sensitive skin (I have eczema): the Ordinary Squaline Cleanser- great face cleanser that also takes off makeup. I also use their hyaluronic acid and niacinamide/zinc. First Aid Beauty also makes great products targeted at those with skin sensitivities especially eczema. The Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum I use once a day. They also have an ultra repair cream that works great for general body use. The Chemistry brand also has a heavy duty hand cream: Extreme Hydration Concentrate which is great if you wash your hands a lot. I’ve also started using pure lanolin for cracked skin – it’s the moisturizer that comes from sheep/found in their wool. Just be careful cause it is almost impossible to wash off which means it’s an amazing moisturizer. There are synthetic versions as well if you are allergic to it. Aquaphor contains a synthetic version amongst its ingredients.

  16. Hi! We have the same skin tone and I also have very annoyingly irritable skin! The Mac foundation worked for me for a while and then my skin went all bumpy and rashy so I had to find something else.
    I use a foundation by La Roche Posay which is specifically formulated for very sensitive skin. This works for me and could work for you. It is sold in Boots and you can buy it online. I use the shade ivory.
    What very much bothers me about it is that they only seem to make 5 shades. Which sucks.

  17. I have the same problem!! My face is SO sensitive, so I have to use clinique (which also isn't cruelty free), but I tried Tarte mascara a few months ago, and my face doesn't hate it! I'm planning on slowly transitioning to their concealer next to see if that works…

    (Also, you look lovely, and your life advice is amazing)

  18. Great Video jessica!!
    What sun lotion was it which you used? Or where did you get it from? I'm really pale too and I am in the hunt for a good sun blocker which does not leave a greasy film on my face ://
    Thanks so much, you are wonderful! ❤

  19. I have really sensitive skin and a cruelty free certified organic brand I love is Kjaer Weis. They are a bit on the expensive side if you don’t just buy the refills like I do. But if you buy the tin they come in you can just buy the refills your next purchase. Their cream foundation and their cream blushes are my absolute favourite and don’t cause me skin any irritation. However many of their products do contain coconut oil so if that tends to break you out this might not be the product for you

  20. BH Cosmetics is a great affordable cruelty free makeup brand and they always have nice sales. They're a U.S Based company though, so they might be a little more expensive to get in the U.K

  21. Jessica! I am an alergic person and I realy recomend to you foundations from oriflame. It s not a scam 😅 It’s realy light on the face and also moisturising

  22. I’d love to see you do a more detailed eyeshadow look, because you once mentioned you can’t see out of one of your eye and woOoOw me ToO and I really struggle with the technique when it comes to doing my seeing eye.

  23. Talking about financial responsibility reminds me of the other day when I went to my bank and cried because they charged an overdraft fee to my account four times for one item that didn't even put me in the negative. Turns out it was an accident that happened to a LOT of people that day and they weren't sure why but they were returning all the fees to everyone but I was so anxious about it that I just… cried. In my banker's office.

  24. This lipstick is wonderful but a nightmare to take it off. I use olive or coconut oil to wipe it of my lips and it works great for me.

  25. Highly recommend 100% pure for foundation. They should be pretty good if you have allergies like you mentioned. Also I enjoy covergirl (but you may react to them)

  26. Next time you have a hard time getting that lipstick off your lips… use coconut oil or any oil really… it will calm right off

  27. Someone posted this on the reddit beauty guru chatter and I'm hooked! I'm subscribing because your personality is amazing !!!

  28. Wet and Wild foundation worked pretty well for my allergic skin. As far as I know, the brand is cruelty free but I have no clue if it's available in the UK.

  29. A hint for removal of Maybelline Superstay products: use oil. Oily eye makeup remover will work to remove it without ten minutes of scrubbing. In a pinch, even a cotton pad with some olive oil will work. But be warned: oily food will also remove these products. If you're planning to eat greasy food, make sure you've got your tube with you for touch-ups!

  30. I really like Aveeno moisturizer before I apply my makeup and after I wash my face at night. Aveeno is a great brand for sensitive skin.

  31. When looking for makeup and other skincare products, I've used the websites Cruelty Free Kitty and Vegan Womble to help inform my decision. I also have to find unscented or fragrance free products, so I sympathize with the struggle of finding one that ticks all the boxes, but then being disappointed that it isn't cruelty free.

  32. Hi Jessica, hope you’re having a great day! I work for Sephora in Canada and am also an independent makeup artist, so here’s a few alternates for you to try out! I don’t know if you have access to all these brands but if you do, then definitely try Cover FX and Bare Minerals. Cover fx is vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, pthalate and sulphate free, mineral oil free and fragrance free, and they make some really great products, mostly complexion based. Bare Minerals is my second choice, it’s cruelty free as well, and their products are mineral based. As far as I know they’re gluten free as well, but their original powder foundation only has 5 ingredients and will give you the retro matte look that you love 💖 also, the too faced better than sex eyeliner is very waterproof (it survived me looking for my lost cat, and I also have hooded lids), and the packaging is pink, so that’s nice. I hope those help! I’m loving your advent videos, I hope you have a merry Christmas ❄️💖💋

  33. I am new to your channel..I was scrolling through YouTube, internally screaming (..ok, externally as well) about some doctors (not my doctor, he's fantastic..hi, Dr Chubb!) not really believing that Fibromyalgia is a thing..the 'not a thing' I've had long before it was even given a thought, when doctors would say, 'the tests show nothing's wrong, you must be lying..', and came upon your videos.
    I am a tad smitten! You seem to have kept smiling through all the pillar to post shoving (hey, she bruises easily, lay off!) you went through, and realised that 'yes, Monica, other people have it worse, so shut up whinging about your weak body not behaving itself properly!'
    I must say, you and your lovely wife are just darling together! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    I'm hoping you were sitting down with a cuppa before reading this, I do tend to waffle on..a lot. 😁

  34. Aleph Beauty are a New Zealand range 100% cruelty free, vegan, no child labour, no toxic chemicals, actually improve your skin & are simple beautiful and affordable I so so highly recommend ♥️ X

  35. My face reacts to lots of make up these days but i find essence has foundation, powder and concealers light enough for me but also that don't irritate my skin ps for reference i tried a mac foundation and was the lightest shade in their ranges if that helps or 0.5 in chichi foundation 😂😂

  36. I have eczema and my skin is super sensitive, i find bare minerals make up is very good for that and i don't react to it. I also tried some laura mercier stuff (the oil-free tinted moisturizer and concealer and powder) and those are good for me too !

  37. Even cruelty free products are not really cruelty free. They benefit from the testing that was previously done by other companies on the ingredients they use. They only way to actually be cruelty free is to go and harvest the ingredients yourself (taking care not to disturb the habitat of even the smallest animal of course)……
    Oh and make sure to allow any and all insects and animals to take up residence in your house because even if you don't kill them, putting them outside may result in harm to them…..

  38. The only person I would watch a makeup tutorial of I love you Jessica. No regrets. I can't not watch a Jessica video how would that even work.

  39. I have heard and read from a number of sources that if you have skin sensitivities, you might try only 30SPF sunscreen. 30 SPF blocks about 97% of UVB rays (the ones that produce sunburns). In higher SPFs, you aren't really getting much more protection (about 1% higher), however they use much more of the chemicals that might trigger a skin reaction.

  40. Honestly, I wasn't gonna watch this because your makeup skills are so much higher than mine, but then I heard "personal finance advice plus makeup tutorial" and I was like HELL YEA. This is a format that needs to happen more.

  41. I have rosacea and my skin is quite red and I’m very fair skinned, I use bare minerals foundation in the lightest shade mixed with a bit of their lightening drops. It’s cruelty free, and my sensitive skin doesn’t react to it, and it cancels out the redness of my face. Hope this helps! Love your videos! ❤️

  42. I'm a beauty therapist and just a tip never test foundations on other parts of your body other than your jaw line. It's there to use on your face and slightly your neck not your body xxx it just makes sense xxxx

  43. I dress vintage every day and you inspire me so much. Thank you for this video on make up. I have incredibly sensitive eyes and would dearly love to wear eyeliner with cat eye, however I cannot because my eyes just water and itch. I’ve tried so many products. If you have any advice I would love to hear . # love Jessica and Claudia xx

  44. Loved how you transitions from one topic to another. Didn't expect to learn new things while watching other people's put their makeup on but that's what I got. Good one, Jessica👍👌

  45. I’m so glad you addressed your eyebrows because I was wondering what happened to them 😅. And yay fiscal responsibility! –S

  46. I like seeing how you do your make-up (and your hair!) because I usually feel incompetent when watching official pros with their mad skillz.

    I have a fondness for U.S east coast based independent brand Silk Naturals. They don't advertise, so they're able to make quality makeup and skin care at wonderfully low prices. You can order samples for most of their products (skincare, foundation, concealer, etc.) for about one US dollar so you can patch test and color match. They have a really good foundation color range (stick foundation or powder) and options in all three undertones, they ship internationally, they list ingredients directly on the product page, and they're PETA certified cruelty free.

    Random question: do you ever use a hair snood Jessica? If so, any recommendations for keeping one from falling off? Or hair from poking out the holes?

  47. Fun fact about credit scores: certain types of benefits don't "count" as income?? I have been struggling hard to find a job as a disabled lady, but when I recently got one I decided to use this time as a way to boost my credit score (with a credit card), seeing as my benefits didn't "count" before cause it wasn't the "correct type" of income. Well, almost five months of me using and paying my credit card off later I still don't have a credit score. FUN. (Can I just say how hilarious! ~not hilarious~ it is that I can't build a credit score on disability benefits but you'd better believe those benefits are taxable! wow, England. Sass.)

  48. I'm allergic too, so I ended up just not using any. I'd like to use make-up sometimes but it's too tough to find products for myself.

  49. If your sunscreen is not reef-safe please try finding a reef-safe option. From my understanding because a lot of sunscreens that are reef-safe tend to be mineral sunscreens, they normally are better for sensitive skins/ people with allergies. Like most baby sunscreens are mineral sunscreens and not chemical sunscreens.

  50. Yep Jessica, I still love watching your videos and laughing hysterically with my headphones on while my husband tries to figure out if I'm crazier or not….. Happy Vlogmas from Ohio U.S.A.

  51. The segue from protecting yourself with business insurance and to protecting your face with sunscreen was just great haha

  52. i think this line may only be sold in finland, but i have eczema and have been using lumene's nordic girl CC cream for years now!

  53. The body shop 🙂 I'm a home consultant. We are Cruelty free and use natural ingredients. We have lots of products for sensitive skin, dry skin etc xxx

  54. This place is great, I've always had the same problem as you with my skin. I'm alergic to most beauty and bath products, I can only use bath bombs from Lush and I have to be extremely careful with makeup. If I use the wrong stuff I swell up and end up with bleeding sores

  55. does anyone know what brand of eyeliner she uses here? I have the same problem where my eyelid disappear into my face and my eyeliner gets EVERYWHERE, even the """waterproof""" ones

  56. Now that you have the EDS diagnosis, have you be evaluated for/looked into Mast Cell Activation Disorder? Because it's highly co-morbid with EDS and POTS – it's actually part of what we call 'the Trifecta' and it's 100% bloody annoying! But also (generally) managable, but it still sucks hardcore…trust me, I end up either bright red or with a horrible 'rash' on my face/arms/neck/chest more times than I can count…

  57. Only makeup remover I can use is the aloe body shop makeup remover, my favourite foundation for pale ass skin (I’m paler than you 😱) is bare minerals in shade 1. I can’t use sun cream or my eczema flairs up and I can’t wear makeup for like a month

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