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hey it’s Jackie and welcome back to my
channel for today’s video we are doing my first ever apartment
tour right now I have been living in San Diego I’m in a place called La Jolla
California and it’s amazing here I love it it’s like the last time that I’ll be
living here so I’m about to pack all this up and I thought it was finally
time to show you you know how I decorated the place and it definitely
has a lot of me in it so I hope you enjoy if you do make sure you give it a
thumbs up and subscribe for more videos like this as I said I am moving and I’m
moving to New York so I will be doing another one of these
and if you liked it be sure to comment down below so first when you enter my
apartment I have a welcome mat this used to be outside and I got a warning that I
wasn’t allowed to have it outside so here it is we have some little key
details and then I have some of my favorite pairs of boots here most of
them I have thrifted now we’re moving it to my kitchen so
have a lot of fun stuff in here this was what’s benefit I got this apron on the
first trip I went on it with them to San Francisco now it’s lunch and we’re
making pizzas and we got these really cute pink aprons now I can like cook in
the kitchen with a benefit in Britain so we have that and this place with a party
inside we’re not going to open because it’s messy but then here’s the fridge
again I have another benefit gift so this is a little bait that has my face
on my fridge but it was really fun in San Francisco they had these magnets of
everybody and we got to take it home I have me and Jacqueline in Montreal me
and my boyfriend in New York and just a to-do list you know a little bit of
Audrey and what I survived off of in terms of food is heat up meals so my
favorite is the Lean Cuisine the spicy penne
I’m not gonna try that last word penne arabiatta now I know what they be books
are those crazy canisters these canisters are from Amazon as well I did
the matching with the teal again I also have another one for cookies and my
first adult purchase that I love and can’t live without is my miss presto
machine so this is the style I got this is also from an espresso and I like
having the hazily no caps out it’s the only one I like so I just live off that
and then I have the hazelnut creamer – here is the stove we have the matching
teal dish towel and some more appliances that I actually do use I use this to
make an egg like every morning and then this is funny so do I usually have this
water here no but my family’s here right now and we decided to put together
something fun for this video and in here is just strawberries lemon and
mint and actually tastes really good and I got that whole thing from I don’t know
I will have it on screen it was expensive probably my dumbest
purchase here’s a closer look at the placemat
I love how this looks together I don’t think I would have been able to put
together the set myself one of the workers did at Pier one and it’s very
girly and cute so I usually don’t use these plates they’re just always there
and then my bar stools are also from Pier one
I think Pier one is going under so if you like any of his stuff you can
probably find it a lot cheaper but I don’t think I’ll be able to bring these
to my New York apartment so I’m trying to enjoy them as much as I can and I put
together pretty much everything in this apartment from Pier one and it was very
easy the only issue that I had for putting stuff together was wayfarer so
moving onto the table this table was awful you have like 50 plus steps it was
really hard to do I ended up messing it up and then had to hire someone to fix
it but I’m here I have some Poshmark stuff so I have just a cute hanger one
of the dresses that I’m selling so if you liked the Allie Hamilton dress I
have this one that was custom made and I loved it and I thought one of you guys
might like it too so definitely check the link down below these are mostly
storage and sunglasses and they’re some craft stuff a lot of craft stuff just
like hidden everywhere and I thought you might like to see some of my scrapbooks
because scrapbooking is something that I’d love to do and these ones and
Friends made for me in the woods take a closer now we have my living room so I started
with this white couch I’ve heard a lot of people’s like dumb purchases they
made in their 20s it was a white couch I fall in that category but I love this
couch it’s a little bit smaller than I guess the traditional couch for your
living room but it works for me and it’s from lazy boy I remember going in to get
it because it works shields it wasn’t these folks person at the time I love
her because I went in and I actually got a great deal the pillows on here matches
my chair which if you watch me for a while you’ll know that that was my intro
chair I used to always sit in it and now it’s in my living room I have a
different area that I did the intro but it’s one of my favorite pieces that I
got my table my coffee table I love this also anthropology oh no not a pathology
pure one sorry but these are all anthropology and they carpet which I
really like I wish it was a little bit bigger but it’s from what’s that
expensive store that I love going in but don’t buy from Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn okay and I definitely have a bit of a Paris being going on
so this artwork I feel like that’s pretty common I’ve seen quite a few
people have it and it’s from the world market and to go with that kind of Paris
centerpiece I have these cute round frames and they’re from Michaels and I
found some artwork online so I’ll try to find at the same ones and link it to
them I have this is just reserved for my Chanel right now and speaking of
french-themed in Paris I recently was in France for Paris Fashion Week and I did
a whole vlog on that so you can check that out and that is where I got my
first kind of crazy luxury purchase and this stool or all that I never talk
about furniture but this is also pure one okay last thing here I love to sit
on this couch and playing videos this is my current journal and I have a lot of
print out pictures so here’s aria my inspiration that I wish I did for my
room is aria but it’s a little bit too dark and on camera I like to have it
brighter here is a fireplace it does turn on but
I don’t think it really miss much heat so I don’t really use it but then on top
I found this tiny painting from Pier one also same with this and that but this
one reminded me of arias room in Creed Little Liars as I was talking about in
my journal I definitely love her style let’s get
cozy I got this in the winter steak when I was trying to make it just a little
more cozy and like Christmas when there wasn’t any snow which was the first year
I didn’t have that and here’s where I store a majority of
my makeup so this is from impressions vanity and I took off the mirror and the
light bulbs that you might see that it comes with use the natural light and
then I take my ring light and I put it on here and then set up my camera and
I’m just using mostly natural light I have not an alarming amount I feel like
as I got rid of a lot but things are mostly full tucked off we have some of
my more luxurious purchases this is mostly Charlotte Tilbury makeup and we
have a couple of Chanel pieces and over where it’s like glass and you can see
through I have some collections that were just a bit special to me so this
was the Cinderella matte collection some of my favorite benefit products a
benefit near there and this mirror I love it but I broken it’s from Ricky
Ricky it usually it lights up I just I destroyed it a little bit yeah the
drawers are pretty packed so this is foundations and primers really not all
that cute but as we go down I have bronzers and highlighters finally this is all Revlon I’ve worked
with Revlon for a long time so I’ve tried out like every product they have
to match it the mannequin then I have my mom actually it worked on this with me
and this is New York not Paris oh wait it’s both New York and Paris my
favorite to see a bench is realizing that now but this was from wayfarer and
we customized this with just some fabric from jo-ann it was from jo-ann yeah yeah
okay but I love the kind of vintage feel there and moving on to the other side
more makeup and a bunch of pallets these ones are my
favorite up top natural lust I use it pretty much every day when I’m not using
at my little Charlotte Tilbury pallets right here I have some of my favorite
press-on nails I genuinely use these I love them from kiss and we’ll see soon I
have nail polish wall as well here we are across from my couch and a normal
person would probably have like a TV here I don’t have a TV but my parents
help people my parents put up this sticky wallpaper and we don’t know if
it’s gonna damage the walls so I won’t give you a review in a couple days
once we know if this was good to put up or not but again we have that popliteal
and I wanted to use this as a background for hulls and then I decided to not stay
here so you haven’t seen a lot of this but I love how it turned out
we added some fringe up top kind of made it look a little less random in the face
here I have some lover journals I was so excited with Taylor it came out with
these I have the first one and I had to do a giveaway with these three so stay
tuned on Instagram if you’re a Taylor fan I know you can’t get these
everywhere I got them at Target but I thought that’d be fun for some of you
guys who maybe can’t locate it and these are my favorite toys when I was a kid I
will keep patches forever I have him with patches jr. and Koda this is
probably weird but yeah any friends of mine who knew me since I was like I
don’t know great one he’ll know how sentimental this is so they say put
another purchase I got up Amazon is this clothing rack this was the only thing
that was damaged in my move here so I read about it but I really like
how it looks and has a French grip to it to me and I’ve got satin hangers Amazon
and some of these outfits are ones that I was planning up for Paris Fashion Week
so they are there oh I love this top it’s my favorite top ever and down here
I have something a little weird we have a printer some packaging and this is
again for a Poshmark setup so when I get an order I will print out the label put
it on and it just makes it pretty convenient and we have more items for
videos like this Bayside Tigers sweatshirt because we have Kelly coming
up coming from the living room we have a small hallway and the vibe changes a bit
I feel like it’s a little bit more quirky here and in my bathroom but I
love this piece from Pier one and I just have underwear bras comfy clothes and my
perfume so I have quite a collection here and I love these I have another I
think when I show this it’s gonna make me look very vain I have a you are the
fairest of them all but it’s gold then it matches all the other gold accents
here and that’s basically it and let’s move over here here are a couple more
photos for videos that I’ve been meaning to do but here is some beauty storage and I have letters from you guys and
letters from friends I keep everything I love rereading your letters and then I
used to have these at the beginning of every video and I don’t really have a
place for them now but I love opening this up and seeing some of my favorite
characters boring stuff just towels more storage but let’s check out my through my bedroom these I’m I’m not actually sure if I
like him but we like a pop of gold so I added them there and I did a DIY on this
channel for these hanging pictures so I love how they turned out
I changed over all of the outlet covers so I replaced the white ones with these
vintage looking ones that are very earthy and gold and I have some green
ones too very extra when I first moved in I did a huge order on Amazon and for
some reason I really wanted to change over all of them painting I made in high
school I always keep that around I love the colors in it and I got this frame
from Michaels and we have the matching table that has the butterflies still
from Pier one as my living room so I love how this looks and I di wide this
which you can also see in the vintage decor tutorial my favorite candles this
is my favorite of all time angel food it’s quite sweet like you can like this
for just a little while but it’s one of my favourite senses pramantha normally
see a my intro to videos and I’ll start up with the canopy this is from Bed Bath
and Beyond I did not see eye what some of you asked me if I did or how to I
just got it like that and it’s the only one I could find nearby I’m sure you
could order online though and then the wall sconces and silk flowers I got from
Amazon and I think they really add something to the room and I love that
classical look also I have this from my best friend Lauren and in the same
butterfly print so I think it’s a really unique collection and I’m really happy
with that one this bed frame I got it because it reminded me of an ice-cream
sandwich really cozy and all of this used to be silver and I made it gold
using a metallic pen from Michaels and then all of this collection was from
Pier one I really liked it because it looked like the one from Anthropologie
but was way cheaper and this pillow Wayfarer and this one I don’t know but
we got the French theme it’s still going on and I feel like my whole bedroom set
up was subconsciously inspired by Alison DiLaurentis this room she had some
like this and can it be so cute I have the memory box that I made which I have
been adding to you can see the la jolla license plate there because I’m
believing here so it goes in the memory box and my closet is not the tiniest it
was way worse before Oh more vanity this is from benefit Canada this was when we
were in Miami that gave us all like a self a self portrait and I couldn’t
really have it anywhere else but yeah it’s in my closet so there’s me and lots
of clothes I do have a method to the madness but
hey check out my merch if you didn’t know I do have some merch on teespring
so I’ll have a link down below to that and you can see it right under the
description but it’s all kind of travel themed and really cozy so yeah check it
out and pretty much done my apartment or let
me think I hope you guys had fun at seeing what
my space looks like it is the neatest it has ever been for this tour it is bad a
lot of the time but I hope you enjoyed it and if you did make sure you give it
a thumbs up and subscribe for more typically pop culture videos at but I’ll
have a more life style if you guys like to seeing it also I do a vlog channel so
if you want to keep up with my move and some of the trips that I’ve been going
on definitely head over there I love to upload on that second channel as well if
you have got my merch recently thank you so much I love seeing your faces and
featuring you in my videos so keep on tagging me and I’ll see you in my next
video and that’s gold and a little drunk drawer and a little drunk it’s a little
junk drawer I love snow globes I just had a fruit fly problem anyway


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