My ‘Go To’ Makeup  | Fresh skin + Bright eyes + BOLD lips

My ‘Go To’ Makeup | Fresh skin + Bright eyes + BOLD lips

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What is good my youtube friends? I hope you’re having an amazing day. Today’s video is going to be a tutorial on this makeup look. I haven’t done a tutorial in way, way, way too long. So, I wanted to show you a look that I have been using as a go-to look for me. I don’t wear makeup every single day, but when I do, I typically rotate between three or four looks that are kind of my “signature looks” and this is one of them. I really love easy, fresh skin. Eyes that you do not have to really be too precise with and a really bold, fresh lip. I love it. Today’s video is sponsored by Sephora and can we just like pause for just a moment? It’s sponsored by Sephora and I’m so grateful that in a million years I could ever work with such a company. So, thank you so much to every single person who’s watching this video right now, cause you are helping me out more than you can imagine, with working with such cool brands that I never thought I would ever get a chance to work with. So, high five to you. Thank you. Let’s do this tutorial. As per usual, I’m gonna start off with a primer, and today I’m using the Stila One Step Correct. I don’t love this with all my being, but I’m getting through the tube and it is pretty good for colour correcting, so I’m going to start off with that. I’ve had some pretty bad luck with acne the past couple of weeks, so my go-to has been a colour corrector from Becca. It is a pasty, light green colour and it’s perfect for getting rid of the redness just before I put on my foundation. I find that it’s so much easier to cover things properly when it is just colour corrected with a good base colour. So, if you do have a lot of redness or any discolouration from acne, I’d check out a product like this, cause it works really well for me. For my foundation today, I’m mixing Sephora Collection Ten Hour Wear Perfection Foundation and some of the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. I love the luminous silk but I find that I can never find exactly the right colour for me. So, I’m mixing in this lighter colour. It’s been perfect. I’m gonna mix some of that up on the back of my hand. The nice thing about this foundation combo is that it is buildable, so if I do need it more in certain areas, it’s not a problem, which is perfect cause that seems to be my life lately, like, my skin is perfect in the majority of the areas and I get one or two really big acne breakouts in one spot that require a lot more attention. That’s alright. Next up, I’m gonna use the Bye Bye Under Eye from It Cosmetics to do a bit of colour correcting underneath my eyes. I really like this product cause it’s super pigmented and I don’t really need all that much to brighten up my under eye area. I feel like foundation face is the equivalent of, you know that meme of people saying that they look like a toad or a frog when they’re in like a hairdresser’s cape? Foundation face is that for me. I just feel like a thumb. I’m gonna pat that in and then overtop of that I’m gonna use a couple dots of the Nars Creamy Concealer, just to get a little bit more pigment in the area. I like my under eyes to be really bright. Alright, pause. I need to keep everything staying in place. I’m going to use the Make Up For Ever HD setting powder. I wouldn’t recommend this if you are going to a flash photography event because this will reflect on camera with a flash, but since I don’t plan on taking any flash photos I’m gonna use this today. I just put a bit of it on my hand and pick up my Beauty Blender. It’s still damp, mind you, and I kinda roll it in the powder and then I press it in my under eye area and I drag it down the side of my nose as well. It gets a little bit messy but it’s totally worth it. I never used to do this when I put powder on, like the whole baking method. I don’t even really know if I would consider this like properly baking, but I found that it’s helped so much with my concealer and having it stay put and not crease. It’s been a real life saver. So, try the technique if you haven’t already. And I’ll leave it like this and it looks crazy, but I’m gonna move onto the eyes. So, the eyes are gonna be super quick. I’m only using a couple products. I’m starting out with Sephora Collection Crayon in Wide Eyed. This is a really light, kind of flesh toned colour. It reminds me of this Stila pencil in Topaz. I’m going to draw that all over the inner portion of my lid and using my finger, I’m going to blend it out. I use the crayon because I wanted to have a lighter coloured base and something sticky for the next shadow to stick to. Which is the Sephora Collection in What Happens in Vegas. This colour is awesome. It’s kind of like a goldy, gritty, kind of glitter. So, I wanted to make sure that there was something tacky for it to stick down to. So, just using a flat brush, I’m concentrating the colour mainly on my inner corner, but I am dragging it about a quarter of the way onto the front of my lid. And I don’t actually mind the look when I drag the sparkles just a tiny bit higher than my crease. I don’t know, it’s really subtle, but I like that it gives me that extra little bit of sparkle in the shine in that spot, but totally up to you. Next up, I’m taking Sephora Collection Crayon in the colour Taupe, and I will be tracing it along my outer lash line and slowly pulling it up a little bit towards the crease. I’m using a fluffy blending brush to blend that colour out as well as slowly drag it towards the centre of my crease, just so that the colour kind of starts right in here and ends at my outer corner. I’m gonna do another layer. Just closer to the lash line this time. Just to intensify that colour. Finally, I’m taking Sephora Collection Crayon in Love Affair and I’m tracing that along my upper tight line, slash, water line area. It can be a little bit messy, like I said before, just as long as you’re keeping really close to your lash line. I’m gonna trace that colour right into the centre of my eye, stopping right about there. So, that outer bit. And get a good lot of product in there, and then we’re gonna take a smaller blending brush and move it back and forth and slowly blur that line and blend it. And when you blend these lines, start kind of in the middle, so that the majority of the product doesn’t get dragged to the inner corner, where we’ve kind of kept it lighter. The best part about this whole look is that it does not have to be super precise. And just keep adjusting the look accordingly. If you want it to be darker, add a little bit more and keep blending. You can really go as light or as dark as you wish with this type of blendable smokey look. I’m gonna take some more of that same pencil and put it up in the waterline on the upper waterline and then I’m gonna curl my lashes. So, that’s the first coat of mascara. The powder on my face is driving me absolutely crazy to look at on camera and I can only imagine you guys probably feeling the exact same way. So, I am going to take a brush and just get rid of it. The reason why you do leave the powder on though for a little bit longer is that so it has time to properly sink and set into your skin. Which is kinda weird and gross when you really think about it but that’s okay. Makes it look good right? While I’m kind of in my under eye area, I may as well set the under eye fully before I finish off my eyes. I’m gonna use the Shade and Light palette. Mine is so old and battered cause I use it every single day, and I’m gonna grab some of the peachy colour and some of the yellowy colour, and just place that underneath my eyes in a darker spot. Hold please. Peppermint tea. There’s nothing better than a good peppermint tea when you need a good peppermint tea. Am I right? A second coat of mascara. I’m gonna take my fluffy blending brush and the Shade and Light palette and using the darker, kind of neutrally shade on the far left side, I’m gonna pick up a little tiny bit of that colour and slowly drag it, just underneath my waterline, connecting it with the colour at the side and I’m not gonna bring it all the way in. Again, I’m just gonna do about half and go out from there. And going back into my mascara, I am going to do my bottom lashes. For my daily brows, I don’t do too very much. I’m currently in the process of growing them out and “bulking” as you may. I’ve been getting them threaded at a place downtown and I really love it but I’ve been trying to let them just kinda grow in between. So, I’m gonna keep, I think the integrity of the bushiness, and just fill in kinda where I’m missing some hairs along kind of this area, through here, and not so much fill in the front area. I’m using the Brow Wiz pencil by the way. Forgot to say, and I will be setting those with some brow gel. It’s the Anastasia gel as well. So, that’s it for my kind of daily-ish brows. I don’t really do too, too much and I don’t have them like super clean or super sharp. I just kind of keep them rather natural looking and I prefer that. Let’s move on to some bronzer. This is Sephora Collection in medium. I tried this for the first time the other day and I fricking loved it. It is like the prettiest, glowy, kind of gold reflect bronzer. Let me show you. It’s like that lit from within kind of bronzed look. I really like it. I am about to put on the Laura Mercier blush in Tender Mauve. It’s a beautiful colour. I don’t think I’ve ever used it on camera before, but it is super pigmented and I like the colour. So, here we go. For this kind of a look, and with the lip colour that I’m going, I really don’t want to do anything too pink-pink with the blush. So that’s why I went with this kind of mauvey blush. For my highlight, I’m going in with Becca Opal and just on the high points of my face. I usually don’t go crazy for day to day looks but I mean you never know. Some days you just feel like crazy, disco ball highlighter and I’m all for that too. And whenever I do wear a shirt where you can see my collarbones, or my shoulders, I’ll always do my shoulders and collarbones. I don’t know, I just think it’s that added extra little bit of shine. I don’t know. I love it, I love it. Alright, we are almost done. I’m going to do a lip colour and my setting spray. I’m using the Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix, this is a new product to me, so we’ll see how I like it. Mmm, I like how it smells and I like the way that it sprays. It feels like it sprays in a much more even like (unintelligible) rather than a nozzle head that just kind of sprays everywhere. If that makes any sense. That’s a nice product. I like that. I like the way it makes my skin look. I’m going with a dark shade today. I love, love, love doing dark lips with like an easy, fresh face. I think it is so beautiful and I just, I dunno, I think that it is so put together for the actual effort that you put into it. It looks grand and you really didn’t put that much effort into things. Like, comparatively. You know what I mean? I also really enjoy the fact that the first dark lip colour that I had ever purchased, like when I first started getting into makeup, and this was probably when I was nineteen, twenty-years-old. I bought a Sephora Collection Creme Rouge in a really, really dark colour and this is just bringing back all the feels cause this is a really similar colour. This is the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in, what are you? Number 14? Sure, let’s go with that. But yeah, it brings back all the memories of my first ever dark lip colour. So, that is my completed look. I really, really love this look. It’s so simple to do in the morning, and I love that I don’t have to be precise. I hope that you guys enjoyed today’s tutorial and learned something new or found a new product to try out. Don’t forget to check out Sephora Collection products. I will leave which ones I used today, down in the info box for you. And I think that’s everything. Thank you again for watching this video, and I will see you in a new one very soon. Bye.


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