My hair care routine | reviewing Lorea'l  SERIOXYL 3 step shampoo | For long & luminous hair

My hair care routine | reviewing Lorea'l SERIOXYL 3 step shampoo | For long & luminous hair

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welcome back to my channel so today's video is all about how I maintain my hair and how my hair routine is so when I was small I used to go on normal small hair cutter person and he used to cut my hair and I wash it come and wash it but nowadays when I started growing myself up so I started watching on TV that many peoples are going in fell on my mommy was also going in salons and everywhere so I'm wherever I am going right now I recommend you guys also go and check out there it is amazing place if you stay in one if you stay in Mumbai you should visit mullenweg our mall not our city our mall invest and on 3rd floor various couples and it is a shop it is a big salon you can go and visit there they recommended me amazing product and they have like sponsor with like raw lawyer for peace lawyer people and so I have this all stuff to show you guys so this just are amazing so first I will show you a serum now sorry for saying me a serum because I used to use a serum before this nowadays I'm using this because this is empty last one take my Naga katakana body this is a lawyer expert serum it was amazing it is a pumping system serum amazing serum it is oil free it will be not statistic it is free oil free serum and the next step next is I used to use this skin this is not a jealousies of back lawyer professionals X now this is also MP I am not using this and this one retails for 575 P and this one retails for by 80 rupees they are so expensive but I have to invest one time and after that I have to take rest so that's why I have invested and there are three steps so this three steps of order here first is shampoo I am still not arousing this being properly this is see your CEO likes video leaks sorry I'm not I'm not pronouncing properly meant to leave that this is lawyer professional from Paris say yonyx you like shampoo it is a glucose booth shampoo and it is amazing something little even what I will read it for you guys it is a noticeable thinning hair step one step one shampoo so this money was a sample and this is the conditioner see trionic conditioner L'Oreal Paris this one is the second step from this the silk your hair is it dry and from this your hair will be too much silky and smooth I don't know why I'm not speaking properly because still and suffering with my mouse problem that's why I don't know winter comes take attacks on my phone sorry for my totally nonsense English sorry monitor second step is this one and sorry for the background see why people is still photographer run all the orders come out and this thing I don't know why so the third show you saw that the first step was a shampoo the second step was this conditioner and after that I come and wash I like take a clothes and wash it and dry it after that if you want your hair to be bouncy and very awesome I use this this is enough foam base if you applied you don't you think you have to wash it but you don't have to wash it here we'll show you is in the folding you saw it was in the phone base so it is an amazing product I love this all three products absolutely amazing you should visit at Milan couples you will be loving it is the Julie textual parlor and girl-guy whoever wants to go you can go and enjoy over there and sweating right now because my son is off and not speaking properly sorry for that again and again so this was the product what I use for my hair and my hair look very clean lean and musty so thanks for watching my video don't forget so don't forget to Like share subscribe to my channel and if you want to see a lot more videos so you have to subscribe to my channel ok then bye bye guys


  1. Ive just started use on Serioxyl… my first impression is that I like the conditioner… but i dont much like the shampoo. If i get a noticeable amount of thicker, denser hair… I will be happy. But i do believe the product is more a female product. Male receding and female receding are two seperate sciences.
    Mens scalps are far more sensitive

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