My Hair Care Routine || Roxxsaurus

My Hair Care Routine || Roxxsaurus

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hello everyone today I'm going to be sharing with you my hair care routine and that's everything from shampooing to hair dyeing as you guys may know this isn't my natural hair color so I do diet a lot and you guys always seem to ask what head isaiah's and stuff like that so today is the day that you find out so for those of you who are purely here to find out what head I use to get this hair color I'm just going to get it straight out of the way the one that I use at the moment is the Garnier Nutrisse ultra color and this is in shade ice blonde and this is the one that I'm currently using I have been using various different brands of hair dyes and I've literally tried every single one in like boots and Superdrug any any sort of hair dye brand that you can think of I probably tried it so far I can hands down say that this is probably the best one yet it has definitely got rid of any like unwanted brassy tones and I'm at a constant battle with getting rid of brassy tones from my hair and it is very very annoying having blond hair is very hard to maintain it but this so far has been great for me and I've been using this a lot recently the one that I previously used was a Schwarzkopf hair mask I believe and it was in the lightest blonde color and I've also used the nice and easy hair dyes by Clairol I think that's how you pronounce it and they were really good at first then my hair got really used to it and it didn't really do much for me anymore as far as toning goes I just use a purple shampoo the one I use is the provoke touch of silver one it looks like this and this is the daily maintenance shampoo you can also use the weekly one I think it's much stronger than nurse-in pigment wise but this is basically just to protect your hair from fading and going dull and it's got a purple sort of pigment to get rid of the like brassy turns from blond hair and I've been finding this release why do is I pop this over dry hair or like towel dried hair just basically head that's almost dry and then I leave it on for like half an hour to an hour and I don't know maybe that's damaging I don't know if you're supposed to do that but it works for me and it definitely gets rid of the purple tones in my hand I do that about once a week or so and I've been finding that very helpful another thing you can do to get rid of like brassy unwanted tones in your hair is use a toner I have also gone through all the toners you can think of but the one that I have discovered recently is like a lifesaver since I started using this my hair has gotten so much better in shade and this magical product that I'm talking about is the Schwarzkopf live color XXL and this is the HD high definition toner mousse which looks like this this is about five to six pounds in boots and I was quite skeptical about it because I have got a long hair and I didn't think that this would cover my hair but to my surprise this has actually got a lot of product in on the packaging it says that for short hair you can use up to three applications like this is how much the product lasts and then for medium hair it's up to two applications and for long hair it's one application but to be honest when I use this I could probably get two your applications out of it because there is just so much products it's definitely made my hair more cool turned which is what I'm constantly trying to achieve so I think that after using this product constantly it will definitely make a big improvement in my hair color now for shampoos the shampoos that I use all the time are the Nivea shampoos and I swear by these because they're just they're so good they're so nourishing and moisturizing for your hair and it's not good as well so this is the long repair shampoo that these two are actually in Polish but I'm pretty sure you can get them in English as well my mum just happened to get these two from Poland or the photo shop I'm not too sure which one basically this is perfect for hair that's prone to breakage and also for long hair so if you have long hair that's prone to breakage and split ends and any of that stuff these are perfect and this is obviously the shampoo and conditioner combo now sometimes I like to switch up my shampoos because your hair can get used to the products that you use all the time so the ones that I reach out for are the Gagne ultimate blend conditioner and shampoo these two are called these strength restorer and they've got honey extract in it and it's the best to strengthen and nourish and protect your hair it's also for hair that's prone to breakage and just hair in general that's quite fragile and this definitely applies to my hair because of the bleaching and the dyeing and stuff like that so these two are literally perfect for hair that's been chemically treated or anything like that so between hair washes I often like to refresh my hair a little bit so for that I use a dry shampoo the one I use is the batiste one and this is called fluorescence is I really love this stuff I have tried all the other like batiste ones plenty plenty of them but this one is by far my favorite because of the floral scent and it's just perfect for summer if it she smells like a perfume I really really like this stuff if I want to treat my hair a little bit more than usual I reach out for the Garnier um what's it called I think it's called something like oh this is gonna bug me I can't be bothered to go upstairs to get it basically I know that it's a hair mask by Garnier and it's like he activated so you put on your hair and then you can blow-dry it and it works better so basically I like to leave a hair mask overnight usually and I know it's kind of like disgusting to put hair products on your hair and then sleep in it but you can always get one of those hair caps and sleep in that even if you don't want to UM sleep with a hand mask on then you can always just put it on in the morning if you've got nothing going on and just work throughout the day around the house and it's definitely going to benefit your hair because it's like constant moisture in your hair for like the whole day and that's like so good for your hair now for heat I don't actually put any heat on my hair apart from blow-drying so the heat protection that I use is the trailermate expert selection keratin smooth heat protectant and this is the heat protection shine spray it looks like this um it's really good it smells amazing makes your hair really soft and also find that spraying this for your hair makes your hair like easier to comb out after you've washed it so I really recommend this stuff now for haircare like after I wash my hair I don't actually use that much all I use is this little bad boy and this is actually from Asda as the zone brand and it's a smooth nourishing and gloss enriched serum with a Moroccan argan oil so you can literally use any Moroccan argan oil and it will do the same thing pretty much so I just happen to need this one because it was cheap but I do really like it it does give a nice shine to the hair and makes it much easier to like brush out and limit your hair just really smooth to the touch and I really like that so this is all the products that I actually use on my hair but recently I have added a new addition to the sort of like haircare routine and it's some dietary supplements and this is by Hairfinity I have been using this uhm for maybe like a month or something like that and I don't know like I'm thinking about making a video on like first impression sort of thing or like um what I think about it and how it's worked for me so if you guys are interested in that sort of thing then definitely comment down below and give this video a thumbs up so I know I have got quite a lot to say about this product and my opinions on it and stuff so I think I will make a video about it but let me know what you guys think about that so that is all for my hair care routine I hope you guys enjoyed this but before I go I do have a very big announcement to share with you guys and that is that I have launched an Etsy store with my artwork and I sell my original pieces on there and prints of the work and stuff and you can find pieces like this and it's all hand drawn by me and sides and stuff like that so if you guys are interested in my artwork or if you guys would like to support me then definitely head on over there and the link will be down below and definitely go check it out because that's really exciting for me and I hope you guys like it and yeah so that is all for this video I hope you guys enjoyed this and let me know what you guys want to see next I'm sorry for being absent recently I have been on holiday and stuff like that so yeah I hope you guys forgive me but I'm back now I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and I'll see you in my next video bye


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  3. Makes my fluffy, dry, and curly hair feel so soft! I use Argan life Shampoo in the shower on my hair and it makes my hair so soft. I highly recommend it, especially for people who have dry or damaged hair like me!

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