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Oh my god, I look weird without lash extensions. I’m not used to seeing myself like this now I look like a baby alien Hey guys it’s me Sylvia back with another video welcome back to my channel so for today’s video I actually went on Instagram and asked my followers to help me out. I posted this clip so today I’m gonna film for tomorrow’s video, so I want you guys help with this one I’m gonna film my Instagram followers use my makeup and all you got to do is answer the polls and the next few stories and Then we’re gonna see what my makeup looks like afterwards So basically I put up a poll for each category of makeup that I want to put on for a full face and you guys Chose one or the other but because Instagram only has two options in their polls to make it even more interesting When I was picking out those two products I did it totally randomly I closed my eyes and just like picked out stuff from you know my primer drawer my foundation drawer, or whatever whatever whatever It’ll be even more interesting to see what one you guys picked out out of the two and hopefully We can create a look by the end of this I was inspired to do this idea from James Charles cause he actually did something Similar with his Twitter followers and using polls for them to pick out his makeup And it was very entertaining and I want to try it with my gram fam If you are not following me on my Instagram Already make sure you’re following me all my socials are actually at Sylvia Gani So make sure you just follow me on everything because then you can be part of future videos when I do stuff like this yeah I know you wanna. I know you want to go follow me. Go. You’re just I’ll wait. I’ll wait So you can go follow me (do it) alright, so we’re gonna get right into today Make sure you subscribe though to my channel if you’re not yet subscribed if you hit the notification bell and get notified that means you’ll probably be watching my video first and for the first hour of My video being uploaded I always am replying to you guys commenting so if your part of the early gang I will most likely get the chance to talk to you so turn on those notifications Without really do let’s get right into the video so for primer I randomly chose the Becca first light priming filter and also the Urban Decay self adjusting complexion primer between these two the winner was the Beca first light priming filter It was a very close call but the Becca one did win at 51% Let’s use this guy. I’m really happy about this one because I really like this primer. This one is just so refreshing It’s like a citrus smell, so it really feels like you’re at the spa, it’s purple Which is kind of scary? But you can see it like blends out completely sheer and that purple color helps to combat dullness it brightens up your skin And it’s also meant to like blur pores I don’t feel like it does because it has like this luminosity to it like it makes my skin Super kind of shiny you can see A little bit so the primer completely applied looking luminous feeling good moving on to the foundation So for foundation, I randomly picked out a foundation I haven’t used in a really long time the Maybelline Dream cushion versus the new Marc Jacobs shameless I was kind of wanting to try this one again, but you guys by a long shot chose the new Marc Jacobs foundation So we’re gonna go in with that one again sixty-one percent of you said Marc Jacobs well I kind of just lathered this on my face not realizing like it might not be my color. Okay. Let’s try this again Now I’m using the shade are 250, so this is a light to medium coverage You know it’s supposed to give you that like your skin, but better type of look I do really like this foundation, but it’s super controversial some people like it some people hate it I think this one really just depends on your skin type and your preferences if you apply a little bit more I feel like you can build it but it’s more like the type of foundation that you would need to spot treat with some concealer in the areas that you need a Little extra help, and I cannot stress enough like this foundation will not work if you’re not using a hydrating base Not sure how it would work for people with a dry skin if you’ve used this and you have dry skin Let us know what you think of it down below because I think that’s why there are so many mixed reviews It’s probably the only foundation that I think really resembles Natural skin the most and you can’t even detect it really like in natural sunlight and stuff like that so a huge fan of this Foundation great choice by you guys so for concealer the two options were the morphe concealer or the Kat Von D Lock-it concealer so the majority of you chose the Kat Von D Luckett concealers, so we’re gonna stick to what we know today This is a more full coverage concealer, which I really like and it’s also a luminous finish, which I think is gonna Go well with the foundation because they both have more of that satin natural finish line that oh my Real Techniques sponge I’m not mad at any of the products that I’ve won so far. I was thinking maybe you guys would like troll me Hey a flawless blend loving that concealer so next up asked you guys to choose a setting powder It was against the Becca cosmetics under-eye brightening setting powder and the Ben Nye Luxury banana powder this one was pretty close to it looks like the majority picked the Becca one I’ve reviewed this one in the past And I probably used it once for that first impressions video and never again because it actually does have flashback Let’s give it another try. I don’t know maybe it was just having the bad day Let’s bake one half of the face and just lightly dust on the other half and see if we get flashback would either I normally do like to bake though because it really locks it in for a long period of time and keeps my oil-control throughout the day, also helps like brightening in pictures So I will always want my loose setting powder to be flashback free so we’ll leave that on there while we do brows Next up I asked you guys to choose a brow product now I picked out pretty vulgar brow pencil and the YSL Couture brow marker I’ve never tried the pretty vulgar one and the YSL one I’m not really a fan of it’s a very thick marker so both of these I’m like me but since they know the results a pretty vulgar you guys want me to use that one And I’m glad you did because I’ve never tried it this packaging is beautiful. It’s like rose gold. It’s got a very blunt tip It’s one of those thicker brow pencils And it also has a spoolie brush on the end so I assumed you guys in so you can see how it applies Let’s first brush out all that foundation out of my brows And I think as it’s brand new we can still kind of use it as a really precise tipped brow pencil let’s just do little flicks and imitate small hairs at the beginning here and Let’s do the shape so far so good And I think cuz it’s new it’s sharp enough that I’m able to create really small hairs So it’s very easy to fill in though now Let’s just brush it all out and see what we got I feel like this is a long-lasting Product because brushing it out like usually I have to go back in and really fill in some more cuz it’ll completely brush away But the product actually stayed in really well even when trying to blend it out with the spoolie, okay? So there’s the finished brow. I do really like how it turned out I probably would choose a little bit of a lighter warmer brown color just because I liked it to kind of match my hair So this is the bride showed you guys and this is what I just did off camera I think you can really see that Once the product softened up a bit and the edges got used and worn down you can see it’s a lot more of a blunt tip thicker Strokes and a lot harder to control so because my brow hairs are so thick like it pushed the pencil down here And I couldn’t really get the product in between those hairs So that’s exactly why I don’t like these type of brow products that have a really blunt tip at the end there So both brows are done I was able to kind of create brows that I like the first one is a lot easier to control with when the product is a little bit harder But I just probably won’t reach for this one too much because it’s not the type of brow product that I prefer But if you do like this type of brow pencil I think it is a good product So I’ve definitely forgot to ask you guys about an eyeshadow primer So I’m just gonna go ahead and use what I normally use at my soft ochre Paint Pot from that so now It’s just away that Becca powder You can see it does kind of leave a white film even when I’m like trying to completely dust it off I’m gonna kind of set with whatever’s looking for my brush set my eyeshadow primer I’m gonna try and push it into my skin a little bit. Let me take a flash picture Okay, so looking at this picture you can really definitely see what side I baked and what side I didn’t my under-eye look so much smoother on the side that I Actually used that powder to fake on the side that I didn’t bake I just like dusted it on my concealer is already creasing you can really see like my socket there that I have eye bags a little bit and Overall I feel like I don’t have flash back It does look a little bit brighter So I’m actually gonna bake that other side cuz I really like the way it made my under eye look and using it here like On my forehead. It’s helping to fill in those pores and make it a lot more smooth, too, so I like this powder Let’s move on to the rest of the face so for bronzer I picked out the Too Faced unicorn tears, and then also randomly picked out the Bobbi Brown Bronzing powder in golden light. I wanted you guys to choose the bugger on one so badly But 56% of you chose the Too Faced unicorn tears bronzer So this bronzer actually is like super shimmery And then it also has like this unicorn that is totally a really bright like iridescent highlight So I was so skeptical when I first tried it But when I tried it the first time it actually turned out really well And it gives your skin like a really nice subtle glow you definitely can’t use too much But if you’re just doing a light layer, it’s a really pretty bronzer. I’m really into like shimmery blushes and bronzers Recently because it just gives your cheeks like a really pretty healthy glow I’m really pale right now, so this one might be a little bit too dark when I first tried it I had a spray tan and it was like koalas, but it’s looking like I need a bronzer That’s a little bit less intense once. I’m blending it more and more I feel like I’m liking it you see that I was a little bit of a shine to it That’s that shimmer in there You only want to be careful with that if you have any acne on your cheeks like when I’m breaking out on my cheek I? Can’t use like cheek products bronzer blush that have shimmer in it because it really emphasizes That I always use matte when that’s the case so for blush I chose the hourglass ambient lighting blush and the Smashbox lendable lip and cheek color 71% of you chose the hourglass one this is in the shade incandescent Electra which is more of like a very coral very summery flirty shade the formula of the hourglass blushes are Absolutely phenomenal. I love the hourglass ambient lighting collection like they have bronzers They have blushes those all give you a really nice glow because they have a little bit of shimmer to them like you can see my cheek has a Beautiful glow so a little tip if you go a little too heavy-handed on your bronzer or your blush I’m gonna quickly dip into my Mac Studio Fix Foundation powder and just lightly dust that with a really big fluffy brush right on top and this is gonna Just tone it down so next up. Let’s apply some highlight I gave you guys the option between the Maybelline master chrome highlight in Multan rose gold or the artist Couture diamond glow powder in Illuminati and the Majority of you wanted me choose the Maybelline master chrome that 57% decided on this one Let’s go ahead and apply if you don’t know about the master chrome highlighters They are all bomb they’re affordable and they do have like a really great formula And they’ll give you a super blinding highlight for an affordable price, so I can see why you guys chose this one Okaaaaay The affordable option won this round And it is beautiful blinding put a little bit of my Cupid’s bow and a little bit bright bridge of my nose there and to keep my Overall glow around my face. I mean also put something on my forehead And a little bit on my chin And now we have a beautiful glow about us so now that I’ve got my face makeup done I wanted a setting spray your options were between the Marc Jacobs Perfecting a coconut setting mist or the Too Faced hangover three-on-one replenishing primer and setting spray 54% said two-faced setting spray, I’ve used this one so many times in my channel I’ve only used this one probably like one so I was surprised by this So let’s go ahead and apply that before we do our eye makeup So we’re not worried about like the mascara smudging or the eye shadow getting all creased up I really like that setting spray. I think that one for sure makes your makeup last a lot longer, but it also gives you that Hydrated look now. Let’s move on to eyes. I asked you guys to choose an eye shadow palette It was between the Kylie Royal Peach palette or Juvia place the new bin Nubian palette don’t announce anything there He goes again can’t you read anything without mispronouncing it you guys chose Kylie cosmetics I kind of figured 64% of you wanted me to use this one I’m going in with this shade right here as the transition shade Applying that right above my crease below my brow bone. Just gonna blend back and forth I’m gonna bring that all the way out to the tail of my brow here and flick it outwards now I’m anyone with this shade right here And I’m gonna place that right in the crease and deepen it up also flicking it outwards towards the tail of my brow Now I’m just gonna clean it up and cut the crease with my foundation on a detailing brush now I’m just going to use a foundation powder to set that it’ll even know the streakiness of the foundation now I’m gonna take this shade again, and I’m just gonna smoke out my lower lashline with that I’m gonna flick out that eyeshadow, so it’s kind of lined up with the floating crease that we did I’m gonna take that crease color And I’m gonna line closer to my lower lash line Do the same gradient that we have on that floating cut crease so next up is eyeliner I randomly chose the ICO London precise smudge proof liquid liner pen which I was hoping you guys had picked but then I also ended up picking out the little liner from morphe Which is like a metallic gold and you guys chose that one I feel like with this eye look I need a black liner, but you guys also want to see me use this one so I think I’m gonna do both We’re gonna be extra if I’ve never used this ICO one it looks like the tip is quite thick so I don’t know how I feel about that so I’m gonna start just by creating a Regular wing okay, so the eyeliner is on? I don’t know They’re kind of wonky the belt tip part was kind of stiff So it was hard for it to like glide right on my eye to kind of fix up like the wonkiness of it because some Areas are thicker than others? I’m going to go over it with black eyeshadow, and that should help to soften it up a bit so black liner is done let’s go ahead and use the more few one that you guys wanted me to use and I feel like I don’t really know where to put this maybe we’ll just kind of like Cut the floating cut crease with it I don’t know This is just doing too much at this point all right, so that’s a tie right you can barely see it Especially because I have such deep set eyes, okay So next up is mascara you guys had the option between the Lancome also your big waterproof And then the other one is the covergirl pumping a blast low low pro 56% of you said yes the monster big Waterproof so at least I’m good if I cry I guess I really love this mascara It really adds so much volume and thickness to your lashes like it’s incredible this has got a big Fluffy wand I like it a lot for my upper lashes But because the one is so big it’s kind of hard for my lower lashes But it’s worth it if you really are careful and can get it in there it does wonders for lower lashes There we go mascaras on they actually just came out with that waterproof version, so I haven’t really tested it I don’t know how waterproof it might be, but we shall see so next up. I asked you guys to choose a glitter topper I’m not sure why I just thought maybe I could like save the look with glitter if you guys chose some crazy stuff for the eyeshadows But I feel like a glitter l’Opera at this point won’t do much so you had to choose between The heavy metal Urban Decay glitter the liners so There was pyro which is a white glitter one and then there’s cat paw which is more of like a burgundy glitter one you chose Cat Hall by 51% it was very close. I don’t really know what to do with this at this point Let’s do like a little dot right there alright. Well now we have a glitter dot it looks good so far right now It’s Instagram picture worthy, which is like paint so her falsies It was between Lily lashes in Miami love these or these individual lashes from Ashley Tisdale in BH Cosmetics Club the majority of you 71% chose the Lily lashes in Miami, so let’s apply these oh my god It’s so weird to actually be able to apply false lashes and mascara now cuz I had lash extensions for so long there we go these are Beautiful crazy look at them drama for days honey. Okay, so lashes are on I Love these lashes great choice you guys I feel like these ones were the better choice Especially since we did the more dramatic eye look I think they suit the eye look a lot better so last up is lips so surprise round last up already honestly This is going so well. This is one of my favorite makeup looks I’ve ever done so far Here’s a killin it so I asked you guys we had like a nude lipstick and a dark lipstick This is the ofra long lasting liquid lipstick in mina And the Estee Lauder pure color love lipstick in Naked City and that is the one that you guys picked 69% of you So the majority for sure wanted a nude lip which I’m happy about cuz it’ll go with the eye look perfectly I’ve never used this particular shade in this Estee Lauder lipstick But I love the formula of these lipsticks that is such a pretty nude. This is a beautiful nude lip color I feel like it goes really well with the eyes, but it for sure needs a lip liner I mean it’s looking kind of wonky so I’m gonna go put liner on and wrap this up alright you guys so this is the Final look we managed to do a peach cut crease with a beautiful new lip Glowing skin bomb brows I mean I’m feeling myself. I can’t help it I was not expecting to even create a wearable look much less one of my favorite makeup looks and I’ve done so you guys absolutely Killed it you chose some really great products, but it was a lot of fun And it definitely got me to use products that I haven’t reached for in a really long time got me to play with products in different ways and Love how it turned out. Let me know if you want me to do a part two of this Maybe the next time I can do it on my Twitter poll, but that’s all for today’s video I hope you guys loved it if you did and make sure you hit that subscribe button Before you go because you like me stay a while and then check out these other videos of mine keep watching we can become Friends we can get to know each other you can have a Silvia Gani Marathon all you got to do is just click one of these boxes right over here. I’ll just wait for you to do it I’ll just wait to do it. Okay bye see you my next one mm-wha bye


    (thank you to everyone who participated in this video – love you guys!!)

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