MY MISS WORLD EXPERIENCE | Runner up Miss World | Sophie Moulds

MY MISS WORLD EXPERIENCE | Runner up Miss World | Sophie Moulds

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Hi everyone and welcome to my youtube channel today, we’re going to be talking about my experience at the Miss World competition. I Previously talked about acne and my other videos and my experience on accutane. So if you want to check out them, go ahead They’re on my channel now but today we’re going to be talking about something a little different which is my miss world journey so at the miss world competition I actually placed first runner up, so I didn’t win but I came close and It lasted five weeks which was super super intense I hadn’t talked about it before because I actually signed a contract to say that I wouldn’t talk about Miss World For a while. I think it was five years. I think it’s been six now, so I’m safe Yeah, I think I think six it’s been a while. It’s been a while So yeah here I go. Let’s start with how I came to enter Miss World. So let’s get right into it How did I enter so obviously I’m from Wales So I won the Miss Wales competition and that’s how I got to go to Miss World which was in 2012 and I was going to say 2020 which would be this year. So I entered miss Wales in 2011 or 12 and I went to Miss World in 2012 and It was one of the craziest experiences of my life. It was a five-week pageant and competition where every single day you were judged on sort of your speaking abilities and your self and your personality and It was crazy crazy crazy So I entered Miss Wales when I was 19, so young now I think about it I was only 19 I was a wee baby and I entered miss Wales and I actually ended up not placing in the first year of Miss Wales I think that I sort of misunderstood what a beauty pageant was I didn’t know enough about it at the time so I had to go back and really learn more about what it was all about because I think originally, I thought that it was completely about just looks and then obviously when I was in the pageant I was around all these Incredible women and I understood. Okay, this is actually not a modeling competition. This is a beauty pageant which is completely different so I went back and I sort of Learned everything about beauty pageants and I knew what I had to do I learned more about myself that year and then I went back into miss Wales and I actually won the second year and this is What took me to miss world the 2012 competition was actually held in Ordos in Inner, Mongolia So it was very very far I was the furthest I’ve ever been from my family at that time And I remember being super super nervous when I left, but when I go there obviously I was greeted with by the Miss World Organization Which were amazing, they got us to the hotels. They saw us all out We had food and we were shown to our rooms. My roommate was Miss u.s.a So we settled in and got everything sorted and then the next day we had to get up at 5:00 a.m so there wasn’t much time to sort of rest or get ready or it was straight into it and I think for every international pageant is the same thing you get there and you’re straight with it and you get little sleep the rest the time so That was the first day I sort of learned what was expected for us the entire time and that did continue for the five weeks so we spent a lot of time going to charity dinners and Seeing the sights and we had a crazy itinerary where we would get up Sometimes we would get up at 3 a.m. And sometimes we would get up at 6 I don’t think we have a slept later than eight or maybe seven o’clock because obviously you Have to get your hair and makeup done before you even get to there Where wherever we start in the day on the bus to the next place So every single day you have to get up super super early to get yourself ready and to start the day Whatever, whatever time they say that’s what time you’re starting and you’ll be there and you’ll be ready and You don’t complain about it, you get on with it because you have to take every single day as sort of your chance to prove Yourself. So the first night we started I think I got in at around 9 p.m And the next day I have to get up at 5:00 to do my hair makeup because the day started at 7 So this was really a shock to me at the beginning because I I kind of knew where I was I was in for But I didn’t realize how little sleep we would actually get throughout the pageant But I think that was a running theme for all international pageants and I think that you really have to be in it from the beginning and Know you have little sleep, but you run on adrenaline the entire time, miss world was five weeks when I was in there So it was very very long and I think we may have had one or two days off the entire time So it’s very very intense and I think from the beginning, you know You know what you’re in for because I remembered our first night I didn’t have much sleep and I’m sort of a new surrounding but then the next day I had to just get up and do it and I think from the beginning and you really have to prove that you are Capable of doing that and capable of
having a crazy schedule Because obviously if you do win then that’s what you’re gonna have – a crazy schedule So the first I think two weeks were sort of visiting going to charity dinners and everyone getting to know each other and Interviews on camera and I would say a warm-up for what was actually to come them last couple of weeks I’m not sure if it’s still the same I think that it’s actually less now, but when I went to obviously was five weeks they do obviously the talent competition the swimwear competition the beauty with a purpose, your interview, so these were actually Filmed and took place. I think it was the third and fourth week Because the first two weeks we are sort of all together and I did Definitely notice that I think the first two weeks everyone’s super happy to be there and everyone’s together and everyone’s really enjoying themselves But then when the competition actually kicks in obviously you’re being judged the entire time But the competition really kicks in then third and fourth weeks where the talents going on and the beauty with the purpose and people again announced and girls start to see People’s names coming up and coming up and the same names and everyone sort of reminded with a cold hard shock – this is actually a competition which obviously everyone knows but what I mean is the feeling definitely changed I’d say the week three and four because that’s when the preliminary rounds were happening and everyone the pressure sort of kicks in for every country obviously because you’re representing your whole country and You want to do them proud? So that’s when the pressure definitely kicked in for me. Anyway, I Didn’t actually enter the town round because I wouldn’t say I don’t have a talent but I didn’t I was 19 at the time, I couldn’t, in my head I couldn’t sing, I couldn’t really dance So i didn’t enter the talent round, because I didn’t feel comfortable which is absolutely fine You don’t have to enter you didn’t have to have this crazy talent. Obviously, the previous winners have had amazing talents, and that’s great. I Didn’t enter the talent round. Maybe that’s why I didn’t win but who knows? Um, I Didn’t enter it but I did actually win the swimwear round which was the beach wear and I actually won that which was amazing and Obviously all the girls bodies were insane and I was 19 I did train before I went but I don’t think if I was doing the same now I think I would probably train a little bit more But obviously I was young at the time and I won in the beach way. So I was super super happy and and obviously because I didn’t enter talent I knew I kind of had to place in these other rounds in order to place overall So I was super happy when I placed in Beach I also placed beauty with the purpose and I did place quite high in my interview round So the interview is one of the most important rounds at Miss World and I’m sure every single pageant the interview is so so important because obviously if you win you’re gonna go interviewed constantly and The Miss World at that time we didn’t have single interviews I’m not sure if that has changed, but when I was in Miss World in 2012, we had group interviews So even though we had chance to speak to the judges directly as one and they did just give us all our slotted time So we actually went in as a group Which I I’m not sure how I feel about I think probably I would prefer to just gone in by myself I know obviously in Miss Wales that is how they do it and I think in Miss Universe they do it just one-on-one with the girl and the judges Which I think probably is a little bit better because obviously when you’re going in as a group You’ll normally being judged by the judges but you’ll being judged by the girls as well, which is fine Obviously you have to get used to talking in front of a crowd But I think that it would have been better just to have one-on-one One-on-one interviews with the girls So obviously the interview is super super important but I think by the time the judges by the time the interview happens the judges already kind of know who you are because these were happening the third week of Miss World And a lot of things have already happened by that point you’ve met the some of the judges because some of them are in Rehearsals with you. Obviously, you hadn’t met all of them. But you’ve met some of them you kind of know who they are. So By this point they kind of know who you are as well So obviously you’re judged on that four minutes or three minutes or whatever it is, but you’re also judged the entire time you’re there So you really have to be on top form the entire time you’re there so when the Preliminaries were happening the talent the beauty with a purpose everything was going on I remember some girls would get chosen to do certain things and I think this is when The pressure does really kick in as well because obviously if you’re not going chores and you feel why am I not getting chosen? And obviously everyone wants to represent their country so it’s really really hard because everyone wants to get chosen for everything but obviously that can’t happen because there’s so many so many girls so some people did get Chosen for more things than others and obviously it’s so so difficult – you can’t get chosen for everything It’s just not the case. I think I did get chosen for a couple of things so I was I was happy that I had had the chance to sort of represent my country and be in some of the Video and some of the interviews so it wasn’t just the final I remember the rehearsals being crazy intense We would go from the hotel to the main stage every day that last week and rehearse rehearse rehearse all day And I remember each of the girls would get chosen to be the pretend winner for that day so it was super fun to watch and I remember we had to do all the different we did a dance at the beginning and we Did so much – we had so much to rehearse But everyone was in really good spirits It was very tiring at the time because obviously you want to sleep and there is times in between Where you are not needed for half an hour an hour? so I remember that we would all just sit down and we would all be lying on each other just like Resting waiting for our time to go back on the stage, but the rehearsals were crazy for our main show Absolutely insane the judges are after rehearsals some of them because I guess this is just the way it is And I remember even though you can rest and you can chill in those times where you’re not on stage You still have to be your best self – you can’t be a diva You can’t be complaining because you’re not on stage We have to wait you’re tired which obviously some people definitely do but I think it’s super important not to do this at any pageant because You’re always being watched us while you’re there for five weeks It’s not because you’re gonna get judged on a four minute Interview and a ten minute on stage you’re getting judged for those five weeks So it is really important to be your best self at all times I remember being quite Nervous for the night, but I wasn’t as nervous as I was for Miss Wales – weirdly? I felt really calm as well. And obviously I knew that there was gonna be questions and the final question and I was a little bit nervous about speaking in front of all the people Because I will say I know that’s something you have to do, but I was fine. I was calm I remember I did think about it before because I knew I should prepare to sort of get the question And so I did think about it I did Write some stuff down and I did prepare for the final answer obviously you have to even if you don’t make the top five you have to prepare because what if you you know You just have to everyone prepares the final question even if you are not called you just do it So then it came down to the final I had actually lost so much weight when I was at Miss World My parents came out to watch the final and my mother had to do like take in My dress because it was falling off me because I literally lost so much weight when I was there I wasn’t going to the gym I was eating as much as I could but I was still losing weight So I remember well as soon as my parents came out I went to their room with my dress my final dress and my mother had to actually take in the entire thing Thinking about it now is crazy. She took the whole side of it in because it was just huge. It’s hanging off me So she took it in and it fitted and everything was fine, but I remember being really really nervous Another drama that I had was that I got bitten by mosquitoes I think one night the my roommate left the window open and all the mosquitoes came into the room in the night And when I woke up in the morning, this was like two days before the final my legs were covered in mosquito bites And I’m allergic to mosquito bites. So the bites went like 10 times the size. They were red all my legs were swollen and red It was crazy but I remember I saw the doctor and they gave me some cream but underneath my dress My legs were completely covered in this white cream on the final which is funny to think about now Obviously because you couldn’t tell her you couldn’t see but luckily I had a dress that didn’t have a huge split in it because it would have been a Super drama for me, but it was fine So when it came down to the final night, I remember feeling calm I got called The winner at the beach. I remember on the final night. All the girls were in such good spirits Everyone was just really enjoying the show I think at the time I spent a lot of time with England and Iceland and I remember we all backstage and we were all so happy and Ireland was there, I think Ireland cried at the end, which was super super nice, I still keep in touch with all the girls and I remember when I was called first runner up. She was crying so Funny other times we’d spent a lot of time together. So yeah, I remember obviously on the final night. I remember being cold cold and seen sort of the point scheme and I thought oh, I’ve got a chance here and I remembered answering my question obviously I was in 19 at the time so it’s crazy to think about now because I would even be nervous now and I’m and I’m Older so even like doing it at 19. This is just hilarious to watch now, but yeah, I got called I did my answer and I came first runner-up which I was super happy with Obviously everyone wants to win but I remember being really really happy at first runner-up I was so happy and I was super happy for the winner. She was amazing the entire time She was beautiful. So we were all really in good spirits in the last night We all went to a dinner afterwards and sort of a celebration My parents are super happy that came to see and yeah It was just a really really good experience for me. And I would it again tomorrow. It was amazing So yeah, that’s kind of my Miss World journey, but I also just want to touch on really quick is the support I got from All countries was so so nice. I remember obviously, I got support from Wales because I was representing them but when I got to Miss World, I had so many people message from all other countries like the Philippines and Columbia and all these other countries like got In touch and the people really supported me which was just amazing I was super grateful for all the support I got it was amazing. So that is it for me guys. That is my miss world experience. I hope you enjoyed the video I definitely enjoyed talking about it again because I haven’t spoken about it for so long So I hope you enjoyed don’t forget to subscribe and comment below. Let me know what you think Let me know if you do pageants Or ,if you like them or whatever you’re here for? Let me know what to do another video on give me some ideas and I’ll see you all soon

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