My Pitbull Picks Out My Makeup! | Jkissamakeup

My Pitbull Picks Out My Makeup! | Jkissamakeup

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Hi, everyone. What is up? Welcome back to my channel. If this is your first time to my channel,
hi. My name is Jkissa and I love New Girl. I always say TV shows that I love, but I watch
a lot of TV and New Girl is definitely a favorite of mine. I have received so many requests when I asked
you how to incorporate this special creature into more videos. You probably, obviously saw the title. This is going to be My Dog Chooses My Makeup. So, I only have my brows on because I just
used the same thing I always do for my brows, and so she is going to be choosing everything. Whatever she wants on her mom’s face, she’s
gonna get it. I know [Kayla Hagge 00:00:36], I believe is
how you pronounce her name, has done her cat picks out her makeup. Combined with knowing that and then a lot
of you recommended that you want to see Tsuki pick out my makeup, that is what I am going
to do today. If you are new to my channel, thank you for
being here. And if you are unfamiliar with Tsuki, she
is first of all, my everything, my queen. I always call her my queen. She is our four-year-old pit-lab mix and we
rescued her when she was around two years old. And then I would say we had her for a year
before she got diagnosed with cancer, and now she is almost one year cancer free. Almost. We’re getting so close to the one year mark
and I’m so excited for her and so proud of her that she was able to beat cancer. And she’s just been doing amazing ever since
that. And a lot of you follow her on her Instagram. A lot of you have seen her journey through
my Instagram stories and I’ve talked about it in previous videos, but if you ever have
any questions about her, feel free, just let me know. Tweet me, write in the comments section. I’m always happy to talk about her and always
happy to answer any questions regarding her surgery or anything like that. I just want you to know that if you are going
through something similar with your pet, I have gone through that and it was so hard,
like unbelievably hard, and now she is just so much better and I’m just so happy for her. So let’s go visit her and she’s going to pick
out some products. I laid out for her some palettes to pick from. She has some more neutral ones here, then
we start to get into more warm tones and then we have some bright ones for her to pick out,
as well. Tsuki, come here, Tsuk. Come here. There you are. Hi, girl. Hi. Hello, my queen. It’s your job to pick out a palette. Which one do you want? Which one? Which palette? Oh, here we go. Okay, no, just walks over them. … on the palettes. You picked one. You picked this one. Good job. So she picked the Karity 21 Matte eye shadow
palette. I’ve been playing with this somewhat. Good job, sweet girl, and Karity is cool because
they donate a portion of the sales to animal rescues. So, did you know that and that’s why you picked
it? It’s hard to do this with one hand. So that’s what the inside looks like. We’re gonna be playing with color today, which
I am always excited about. Now I have a variety of eyeliner pencils,
and she’s itching to pick one out. Oh gosh, they’re all rolling. Why is this happening? Can you hear her tail? She’s ready to pick one out. Okay. You want belly rubs first. You did such a good job picking out the shade. You still have more work to do. So this is gonna be a long video if you want
belly rubs in between each color choice. This is gonna be a long video, girl. Ooh, she picked this one. This is one of my favorites, Tsuk. Torch from Urban Decay is such a good shade. Good choice, Tsuki. Okay, now it’s chin scratches. Okay. We have some highlighters here, e.l.f., Milk,
Anastasia, Pixi, and ColourPop. What one do you want mama to wear? Tsuk, pick one. Oh, you did this one. You chose ColourPop. Good choice. They help a lot of rescued animals, as well,
through No-Kill LA. So, look at that. Okay. Ready to move on to blush? You said this one? You said this one? You said this Marc Jacob one? You’re a bougie little puppy. On to concealer. We have Makeup Revolution, Wet n Wild, Milk,
and then ColourPop. I don’t know what it is about this one, she
never chews things up. But she has chewed this concealer up twice. I’ve had to buy it two times over. Here she comes. Come on girl. Okay, which concealer do you want? Which one? How did I know. How did I know. How did I know that you wanted that one? Okay. You laid on this one and you drooled on it
twice. So I assume you want this one. This is the Too Faced Melted Clover. I have not worn this yet. I do love the Melted Matte Liquified Matte
Long Wear lipstick line. Oh my gosh, that was a mouthful. And then this is named after the founder’s
dog Clover, who I’ve met. I love Clover. And they did donate a bunch of money to animals
when they created the Clover collection. So good job. Of course every good girl gets a treat. Here’s a sweet potato. Okay. Different treat. Good girl. Good job, Tsuk. You’re such a good helper. I went ahead and primed my eyes and set it
with a matte powder close to my skin tone. Tsuki picked out the Karity 21 highly pigmented
Matte eye shadow palette. It is so bright. A lot of you have wanted a review on this,
and this is probably my third or fourth time dipping into this palette. Once I try out more and more shades I will
make sure to let you know my thoughts. But I’m still kind of getting used to the
palette. I haven’t touched a bunch of shades in here. I’m really excited to try out more shades
today. I don’t know what look I wanna do. I know I have to use Torch from Urban Decay. So it could be cool to have like a really
bright blue smoky eye and then just have Torch on the water line. I did that in my e.l.f. video and I really
just loved how it looked. I’m gonna start by taking the shade Feign
and I’m gonna … I’m practicing my patience. I’m quite proud of myself. I’m gonna start by swirling this into the
crease. What I should’ve done is tweeted and asked
if you had any questions about Tsuki. Maybe I will do that after I’m done blending
this into the crease. I’m using this as a really light transition
shade. And this brush I’m using is from Spectrum
Collections and I love them. They’re always so sweet whenever I talk to
them and they have a really cute Staffy named Twiggy. I love her. I’m gonna mix Feign and Enchanted now, just
to create kind of a little bit of a deeper shade into the crease without going … Oh
my gosh. That shade Enchanted is very intense. Instead of just going in with Enchanted right
away, I’m going in with a mixture just to blend everything out. The more I’m looking at this, the more I’m
like, what am I … Do I wanna do a blue smoky eye or do I wanna do something else? It’s a little late for the upper eye area,
though. Going with a smaller brush now and just pick
up the shade Enchanted. I’m gonna just be very light handed with this. Someone asked me what her favorite toy is. And her favorite toy … She’s not really
a toy kind of girl. I mean she has so many toys and will play
with like one or two specific toys. She had this camera toy that she loved. She just holds it in her mouth and doesn’t
squeak it or anything. I don’t know what it was about that camera
toy that made her tear it up one day. And so now that that’s gone, she’s always,
always had this lamb toy. And that was like one of the first toys we
ever got her when we adopted her. And we call it Lamby, but it’s Lamb Chop. And she loves it. Sometimes she’ll sleep with it. That’s probably her most consistent toy, like
the toy that gets the most love. So someone asked, where did you come up with
her name and does it reference anything? So a lot of people think that it references
True Blood and it does not. I originally wanted to name her Moon and Chris
was like, “We are not naming our dog Moon.” So I was like, okay, okay, okay, okay. And we just ran through a bunch of other names. Her name at the adoption place was Butterfly. She’s not gonna be Butterfly in this house. And I think we had just come back from Japan
and Tokyo is … Chris and I, it’s our favorite city ever. We just love Tokyo and love Japan and just
think that Japan is so beautiful and magical. So I said, oh my gosh. What is moon in Japanese? And that is how we got her name. I think it fits her so perfect. It’s a really unique name and I just never
hear anyone else at the dog park yelling that name. Whenever we go to the dog park we always hear
this random person just yelling, “Biscuit, come here.” And we never know who Biscuit is. It’s always whenever we go to the dog park. Biscuit, Biscuit, Biscuit. And we never know who Biscuit is. Biscuit is a mystery dog. We never hear anyone saying Tsuki. And we like that. We like that her name is unique. I really don’t know what I’m gonna do on the
lid. I think I might mix a little bit of Enchanted
and Ego on a blending brush and just kind of start to work that on the lid. Maybe I’ll do this on the outer third and
then have like a bright, hot pink or something. That would be cool. Where did you adopt her from? Does she get along with other dogs and if
so, would you ever consider getting her a friend? So she loves any creature she comes across. She has met a turtle and she loved the turtle. She loves any dog she meets. Even though she was severely attacked at the
rescue she was at. She has scars on her legs from it. And she apparently just sat there and just
let the dog attack her. Didn’t fight back, didn’t do anything. It just speaks to the kind of dog she is. Because knowing her now, I know that she would
never do anything to harm any creature. And would I ever consider getting her a friend? We have toyed around with the thought of it. I don’t know. I love her so much and I would never want
her to feel left out if we got another dog. And I would never want the other dog to get
jealous either. So if you have two dogs, let me know like
what you think. I just want her to never feel left out, but
I do think having a friend would enrich her life. It’s just like one of those catch 22’s, right? Go back and forth and I’m like oh my gosh,
we should adopt a dog. Should we though? Like, I don’t know. It’s just one of those things where I’m just
not entirely sure. If Tsuki turned into human for one day, what
would you and Chris do together? Oh my gosh. That’s so fun. That makes me laugh so hard. Oh my gosh. I would like wanna just talk to her all day. I would wanna be like, tell me where you’ve
been. Like, tell me your story because I don’t know. I would just say like what have you been doing? What, where have you been in your life? I know you’ve been in the shelter for the
majority of your life. I don’t know. I think that’s what I would wanna know is
I would just sit down and talk to her. Okay, someone asked what’s her favorite snoozin’
position, on her back, belly, or side? I would definitely say when she’s hanging
out on the couch she loves to nap on her side. But if she is going … I’m taking the shade
Alexi. I’m trying to think. She loves to like hang out on her back so
she can get belly rubs. But in terms of sleeping, no, she’s a side
sleeper. Because I always hold her at night. Where’s her favorite napping place? On the bed. Sometimes I’ll go work out and I will come
back home and I’m like where is she? And she’s on the bed. And our bed is pretty high, so I’m really
curious as to how she manages to get up there. Because it’s a lot easier for her to jump
down because she’s missing a back leg. But to get up places is a lot harder. So I’m just like where, how did you get up
here? I don’t know if I like this look. I don’t know how I’m going to tie in the orange
in the lower lash line. What are our favorite things to do. We love to take her to the dog park and just
watch her like roll around in the grass. Sometimes she rolls around in the dirt and
then has to get a bath after. Honestly, we just love giving her love. One of my favorite things to do is to just
cuddle up on the couch and just lay with her and to just pet her and Chris, I feel like,
would say the same thing. … just love to give her love. Truly, one of our best friends. Someone asked, how has she adapted to her
life as a tripod and was it easy? Please describe the process a little bit. With the Milk concealer, I feel like I’m in
between fair and light, so I’m gonna mix fair. It’s getting hot in the filming room, so that’s
why I look a little blotchy. I’m just gonna apply some under my eyes and
around my nose. So her adjustment to her being a tripod was
a lot easier than my adjustment to her being a tripod. When we got the phone call to come pick her
up after her surgery they were like, hey, she’s running down the hallway, so can you
come get her? We were like, whoa. No way. Like I can’t believe that. And she walked out to us, just so excited
and I was a mess. Like I was just bawling. It was so hard for me to see it. It was so graphic. And I’m using a little bit of the shade Light. And I think that her transition to hit has
been really effortless. It’s as if she has had three legs her whole
life. Her tail she uses to balance when she turns
and runs around, which I think is really … a really cool adaptation. I don’t think that she’s had really any problems
adapting to being a tripod when she was going to the bathroom for the first time it was
super easy for her. It was just all very effortless for her. I’ve noticed a lot more energy in her. I’ve noticed that she is a lot happier. She can run around for a lot longer. It’s just, it’s a really cool thing to see
and I’m so glad. We can just celebrate her life even more and
have more years with her. If she could understand what you said for
10 seconds, what would you say to her? That she is the best dog I could ever ask
for and that I will always protect her and look out for her. I don’t know if that was longer than 10 seconds,
but that’s what I would say to her. Okay, I’m gonna take the shade Lumbia now,
which is that hot pink. I’m gonna just place that on the inner portion
of the eye, maybe. I don’t know what I’m doing. … your funniest picture and memory of her,
’cause she’s cute AF. Oh, thank you. Funniest picture we have of her is where she
is laying upside down and she’s smiling ’cause she’s … I think she was getting belly rubs. I’ll have to insert it here because you will
die. She looks like such a little bat. I don’t know, it’s just so funny. One of my funniest memories of her was when
Chris was traveling, my mom was here visiting, and for some reason she got the zoomies. If you’ve never heard of that, it’s basically
when a dog erupts with energy and just it’s, woo, woo, woo, woo, like running around. She got so much energy she picked up my mom’s
pajamas in her mouth and was like ripping them around. And then she was barking, which she never
barks. I’ve heard her bark like a total of four times
in the time we’ve had her. And she was just barking so, so much. It was so funny. I’m gonna take the shade Phantom just on the
same brush. We’re gonna keep rolling with it and hope
that it turns out to be better. So is she adopted or from a breeder? What breed is she and how’s she so cute? I don’t know how she is so cute. My heart melts every single day when I look
at her. She’s not from a breeder. I would not do that. If you choose to do that, that’s whatever. But I can choose to adopt and I recommend
adopting to everyone that I talk to, because dogs in shelters will give you so much love. I’m not saying that dogs that you raise from
puppies won’t, but truly a dog from a shelter, I feel like they just know and they just appreciate
life so much more. And it’s just crazy to think about how animals
here in L.A. have a 24 to 48 hour life span if they get put in a shelter before they are
euthanized. It’s … It like makes me wanna cry. I’m gonna take the shade Caress now, which
is a bright white. I’m gonna put this on the inner portion of
the eye. So I personally choose, and Chris is very
much the same, where we do not wanna ever get a breeder. We want to adopt. And we love adopting dogs and she was one
of the last dogs at the adoption center that we looked at. And we had not really fallen in love with
any dog until we found her and saw her. And it was just like … I was like, she’s
the one. Like I cannot go without her because she is
literally the coolest dog. Okay, now I’m not really sure how Torch is
going to look with this, but I’m gonna do it anyways. I mean it doesn’t look that bad. Gonna kind of focus it more so on the outer
third, kind of leave the inner portion open. So I went ahead and applied Iconic lashes
and they are still drying. I didn’t have her pick out lashes because
I just rip off my lashes and set them down, not in a container. And it would’ve just, it would’ve been a mess. I’m gonna move on to the rest of my face. But before we do that, let’s answer some more
questions. Oh this is a really good question. Is there any special regimens you have to
do for Tsuki, such as medication, special baths, or generally anything different for
a three legged dog. P.S., she’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever
seen. Thank you. I think she is, too, but I’m a little bit
biased. We do not have to do anything different. She’s not on any medications, thankfully she
didn’t have to do radiation or chemo or anything like that. I’m so thankful for that. We do try to give her fermented fish stock. And we give her fish oil, special for her. Just to make sure that her joints and her
bones are going to be healthy throughout her years. Because I would rather put in the work now
and give her the nasty smelling fermented fish stock and just make sure that it helps
her along her lifespan and to ensure that she just lives a healthy life. Because obviously there is more pressure on
her joints now than when she had four legs. And I’m gonna take the shade Kink and Kisses
Air Blush. This is the Marc Jacobs blush my bougie dog
picked out. Tsuki’s funniest habit. She farts all the time. I would say that’s her funniest habit is that
she is a farter. Oh my gosh. Sometimes … My face is a little bit red from how hot it
is in here. So the blush is looking extra intense today. But sometimes she will just fart and I’m like,
was that you, Chris? And he’s like, no, I thought that was you. And then we look at her and she’s just like
wagging her tail, like okay. It was you. That’s probably her funniest habit is that
she farts like no tomorrow. I, for the life of me, cannot find where I
put my highlighter that she picked out. It was Flexitarian by ColourPop. So I’m just gonna go in with Stole the Show
I guess. She won’t know the difference, right? Another question I have, which I think is
actually a great question is what’s one of the biggest misunderstandings people seem
to have about pit bulls and did it ever affect Tsuki? Yes. It affects her all the time. I would say the biggest one would be that
all pit bulls are going to just rip everyone’s face off. I mean, obviously not the case. Another big misconception is that pit bulls
have lockjaw, which they do not. They have very strong jaws, yes. Lockjaws, no. I would rip my heart out of my chest and hand
it to my dog and have it in her mouth and I know that she wouldn’t do anything. She gets affected all the time by these stereotypes. People will be like, oh my gosh, get your
pit bull away from me. We’re like, okay. First of all, 1-800 did I even ask? Second of all, do you even know her? No you don’t. And it’s just really sad. I think she would make the best advocate for
people that are scared of pit bulls and to show them that they are really kind and that
they love endlessly, I think she’d be the best advocate for that. We’ve seen kind of like every stereotype. We’ve had people be like walking on the other
side of the street when they see her. We’ve had people be like don’t let your big
dog near my small dog. And it’s like, okay, but she’s not gonna do
anything. And then the same people, when she has three
legs are like, oh my God, strong girl, brave girl. And it’s like yeah, but two weeks ago you
didn’t want anything to do with her. That is so frustrating to me and something
that I will always stand up for with pits is that they are just so loving. Does she know any tricks. P.S., tell her I love her. Okay, I will. I will let her know. No. She doesn’t. She doesn’t know any tricks. She knows how to give you puppy dog eyes. And that’s pretty much it. Do you know what her life was like before
the shelter? My dog had a really bad life before, so I’m
interested in other dog’s experiences. I’m taking Melted Clover, which I think will
actually look pretty good with this look. I have no idea what her life was before the
shelter, unfortunately. And I always wonder about that. I always wonder like what did you go through? What was your life? How did you find her? So we found her … We originally were looking
at and inquiring about this other dog named Maggie who was a white pit. I always want to adopt pits, by the way. I always love pits, have loved pits, will
love pits forever. And we got to the animal rescue and they said
Maggie will basically never be adoptable. I don’t know what they said why she wasn’t
ever gonna be adopted. Gosh, it is hard to do lipstick and talk. I’m gonna take my Pixi Glow Mist now. There’s so many funny questions. If they made make up for puppies, do you think
Tsuki would like having you do her make up? No. If I have a clean brush, ’cause I’ve seen
those pits that love to have like fake make up where it’s nothing on the brush, but they
just love to be pampered. She hates it. So I don’t think she would like that at all. And would Tsuki go for a neutral eye with
a bold lip or smoky eye with a nude lip? My girl loves to eat, so I think she’d probably
do a smoky eye with a nude lip. And because her eye color’s so pretty, I think
that she’d really wanna do accentuated. I’m quickly gonna go do my hair and then we
will ask Tsuki what she thinks about this look. I think she’ll like it. I actually like the way this look turned out. At first I was like, I don’t know what I’m
doing, but now I really, really like it. And I love the blue with the pinks and I think
it looks really cool. What do you think of my make up? Do you like it? do you like it? I think she does like it. Thank you to everyone who sent in questions
for me about her. I had so much fun answering them about her. And if you have any more questions, definitely
let me know in the comment section below. If you can take anything away from this video,
besides the make up and her, just give pit bulls a chance. Give dogs in shelters a chance. That is all I could ask for and I just hope
that that’s something you take away form this video. That dogs in shelters are no less than other
dogs from breeders. They are just as amazing. They are going to love you just as much. Especially animals that are adult in shelters
don’t get adopted as much. So please think about adopting adult animals
in shelters. Any animals in shelters. Please just consider adopting them if you
are looking to adopt an animal for life. I love this dog so much. I don’t know what you’re starting at, silly
girl. What are you staring at? And she enriches my life and brings me so
much happiness, I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s doing her own thing right now. Anyways, thank you for watching. And I hope you enjoyed this video. I had so much fun doing it and I really like
the look she came up with. So, yeah. I will see you guys next time. Bye. Can you say bye, Tsuk? Can you say bye?


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    Developed body mutilation syndrome and ended up eating his foot which cause septicaemia which made the whole leg go. He was so chirpy and hoppy with three legs. Also developed cancer after that and sadly didn’t make it from his age 😭 but also a rescue and was the best thing to ever happen to me 💕
    Animals and doggos are a gift we don’t deserve.

  26. I am in ove with pitts. They are the absolute sweetest ever. When I eventually settle down and have a lifestyle that is conducive to having a dog a pittie is going to be the first dog I get. And Shelter animals are THE BEST!

  27. This was by far my FAVORITE video EVER! Im glad u r spreading the good word about pits and adopting..I WISH more influencers would use their platforms to help educate ppl about this amazing breed of dog and how desperately dogs and,cats r in need of forever homes from shelters (and they do appreciate it I can,def vouche for,that!) Plz do more vids with her! I have a rescued pitty too (her name is Piggy) and she is my life! Xoxo

  28. Having multiple dogs is great. As long as you treat them pretty equally they shouldn’t get jealous, and dogs usually dont have any trouble getting along if they’re introduced properly or at a young age.

  29. Oh my goodness!!! I know this isn’t new but I also have a pittie!! Your baby is so so so precious 😍😍😍

  30. i have two dogs a Chihuahua and a Pitbull and Titan is the Chihuahua and Luna is the Pitbull and they both are like the center of attention in my house and they dont get jealous of each other but when i give them treats i always give Luna hers first because she a little lady and Titan does get a little jealous and barks but other then that There both fine and a little back story on Luna we got her last October and shes three and was abused her whole life but she is the sweetest thing and digs but we hate that but um other then that shes wonderful. And she had a broke hip forgot to say that

  31. I'm sorry your puppies name tsukiji or sookie?? I had a yorkie name Sookie but she passed away…. but love this video and your dog is so pretty

  32. This is absolutely adorable. What a sweet girl. I love seeing people with their animals, you can tell how much you two love each other.

  33. I agree with your opinion on stereotypes. I have a pit bull. My dog was raised to be a fighter dog and was abandoned at 1 years old. She was in the shelter for over a year and most of her life before we adopted her. She never barks and is so good with kids. My pit doesn’t like other dogs but she’s really just amazing. In our old neighborhood we would get complaints because she was a big dog. She is a medical dog for my moms anxiety and our neighborhood was just becoming a pet friendly neighborhood. They would have meeting about our dog and they kicked us out for having her. It was really rough. If that got to know her they wouldn’t seen that she’s a amazing dog and a amazing friend. Although she doesn’t like other animals because she was raised to be a fighter she still gives endless love to everybody she meets 💞

  34. the end was my favorite :'( thank you for the amazing message. And the makeup look was amazing, good job you look beautiful <3 Jenna Marbles sent me

  35. So I’m new here and have never seen tsuki but when she came out I noticed that she was missing a leg and I just thought aww and was really happy because when a dog is missing a leg it means they have gone through something. The best part is when the only different part of her is the way she walks but she is still a happy caring pitty. I feel like sometimes tripods forget they are missing a leg and it can be hilarious. However most importantly pittys are the same as every other breed THE WAY THAY BEHAVE DEPENDS ON HOW THERE RAISED! Oh and Adopt Don’t Shop!

  36. ok Tsuki is so cute and you should get her a buddy i have 6 dogs any our neighbors and friends has always been became a depressed as they became older but i also have a cat but i do not like cats

  37. I have two German Shepards and every single toy we get them they tear them up except for Lammy/ Lamb chop

  38. i have 2 dogs a pitbull and chihuaua and they love each other like i will be on the couch and the pitbull will sit on me and the chihuaua will sit on the pit they get along so great i love them

  39. We just got a friend for my dog, they're still getting used to each other, but the new puppy adores my dog:) Probably going to be a two dog house for a while.

  40. Late to finding this video but I love love love this. We also have a pittie rescue (bait puppy in dog fighting ring, later rescued by police raid). I love him so so much, and hate the stereotypes around these gentle giants. Such a fun video and plan to let my Ziggy pick today's makeup! 🖤🐶

  41. I got my great Dane from a great breader and yes I adopted two other dogs but look out of all of them my great Dane is like my sister my soul mate my best friend she treats my like her puppy she is so sweat

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