My RED ⭕️ FUNNEL technique for Aquarium Soil and Cosmetic Sand

My RED ⭕️ FUNNEL technique for Aquarium Soil and Cosmetic Sand

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Hey and what’s up guys. Welcome to
another Pro Tip. It is Pro Tip Monday and in today’s Pro Tip we are talking about
this little device here. Imagine you have an aquascape, biosphere doesn’t matter
what it is. And you have an area that is very difficult to reach and you want to
fill in some substrate. You know where this going to. By the way guys you’ve
been complaining about the very long intro specifically in this short Pro
Tips. So Logan just kill the intro and the Pro Tip. And let’s move on. So I have
here a red funnel. Who knows, maybe it will become iconic and a t-shirt design
at some time. Let’s see. So you need a little funnel,
you need a little tubing, just find the ones that match in size. And you can use
this to fill in substrate material right where you need it. In your small
aquascape and your biosphere in your terrarium. It can be the cosmetic sand.
Basically in areas that are hard to reach. So you just go inside and then you
fill in your substrate through the funnel. This is super handy. And I like to
use it specifically in nano scapes where I want to fill in some substrate material
in areas that are very difficult to reach. By the way this is also a very how
to say convenient technique if you want to fill up a cosmetic sand. For this
purpose I recommend just closing the bottom part of the tube with your finger.
Then filling in the cosmetic sand and then just you know have like a little
reservoir here on the top. And then you go under water. Just make it slowly so
it kind of fills all with water and it’s wet. And then down in the water where you
need to fill up the sand. You can just release your finger and the sand will
be I don’t know if dropping down at this little path. And then you can just
close it when you´re done or when you have enough. I’ve seen green aqua guys using a
cup or a plastic bag I don’t know under water. So I think this is a lot more
convenient and specifically for like a area that is very difficult to reach.
You can fill in the material you don’t have it all over the place. You don’t
have it on the plants. And specifically if you’re working with different types of
substrate materials likes cosmetic sands. Yeah guys that was a quick one
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in the next one. Bye


  1. Can you make a video on how to keep WHITE SAND clean? I have an island setup and find it impossible….Is there a technique? Do I just scoop and replace it? Please help 🙏🏽 lol.

  2. Nice tip👌 I have seen it long time ago in one of yours video and it works perfectly for me👍 for you mate! 🙂

  3. Great tip. However, first George with the colander and now you with the funnel. If it will go on like this my kitchen will be empty.🤣

  4. Nice job…. short sweet helpful hints and techniques….. how about you give us a your of your home and tanks??? Thanks!

  5. So beautiful and amazing tip…now I have useful and unique information for aquascaping… thanks. Sir…..u r best…keep it up.

  6. This is a wonderful aquascape "hack". 🤣 Amazing what one can achieve when you think outside of the box once in a while. 👍👍👍

  7. I use the triangular disposable bags you get for icing cakes,fill with your substrate snip the end off and away you go… works every time for me,like your idea as well…. keep on tipping 🤘🤘🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  8. Nice tip 👍
    I like your comment about the T-shirt and I’ve already imagined it.
    You, Jurijs holding your tool 🆚 Gerorge Farmer holding his red colander, and above a placed cation which says: choose your weapon (like Mortal Kombat) 😂

  9. I like that you listen to your viewers comments about long intros. Substance is good while being easy on the flash. I like reviews, your opinion matters but not when the review lacks substance and smells like an advertisement.

  10. Great job with the intro! It was quite long haha. Happy to see you listen to your viewers. Keep up the good work, keep scaping.

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