MY SKINCARE ROUTINE x My First YouTube Video ♡

MY SKINCARE ROUTINE x My First YouTube Video ♡

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Hey guys, so in this YouTube video I’ll be sharing with you my skincare routine I’ve been waiting to make a youtube channel for the longest time So I hope you enjoy! I’m starting off by just putting my hair up and getting it out of the way I usually start off by doing this so its just out of my face but of course my hair band breaks so we have to do this whole process again So anyway once my hair’s up we are ready to start and I’m starting off with a full face of makeup that I’ve been pretty much wearing all day and and to take it off I use this Clinique cleansing balm with some superdrug wipes I love this product because it really melts off your makeup And breaks down all the oils in it I actually filmed this at the start by accident so this is why you’re seeing it with my face still on but this is the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser and I love this product. It’s been working amazingly for me. So this is the cloth that comes with the product and it was amazingly because it acts as an exfoliant and again, just grabs all the stuff that you have missed and you probably can’t see So moving on to this next product This is the Nip and Fab glycolic scrub and it works amazingly well with my skin, not only has it got glycolic acid in it But it also works really well with texture. But, I only use this about once a week just because I don’t want to tear away my skin too much So moving on to toner, I use the Pixi Glow Tonic Toner which is absolutely amazing I fully live by this product. It has 5% glycolic acid in it, which is amazing for getting rid of spots and breakouts but also decoloration, which I struggle with a little bit So for my moisturizer I use the simple everyday moisturizer which I forgot to show, but literally you can get it in any high street store Again, I love it because it’s lightweight and super easy to use in the mornings. Then I pair it with the eye Roller as well, which just depuffs my eyes and makes me feel more awake This is probably my favorite part of the routine but it’s just to spray my face with some Mario Badescu rose water and then massage my skin for a little bit with a jade roller.. *me pretending like I know what I’m doing* pretty much for my lips, I pretty much chuck anything that I have, but today I was just using the Nivea lip balm. and that is the completed skincare routine! so I really hope you enjoyed this video guys, and you got some tips or Some ideas of what products to use for your skincare routine… this has been keeping my skin pretty clear, so I hope it works for you too (: bye guys!


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