my strange dating story lol – Sophia Loren / Sharon Tate Makeup Look – GRWM |Bailey Sarian

my strange dating story lol – Sophia Loren / Sharon Tate Makeup Look – GRWM |Bailey Sarian

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hi guys how are you today my name is
Bailey Sarian and today we are LIVE well we’re not live but we’re in the Ipsy
studios. we’ve been in my bedroom forever so that’s why this video is gonna look
really bombed because they got all the good lighting and stuff at home
we got the natural light and like car accidents happening outside so this
one’s gonna be good okay no car accidents so today I thought I would do
a makeup tutorial and this morning I woke up and I was like up that’s what I
did this morning I woke up and then I was thinking I want to do like a Sophia
Loren or Sharon Tate like inspired makeup look so that’s what I’m gonna go
for today like I’m gonna combine the two I don’t know what direction I’m gonna go
in because you know with me it go either way
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on this video I can’t say thank you enough to them and to viewers like you
now to the makeup tutorial look I’m gonna show you like some inspiration
photos so we can kind of vibe together okay so here’s a picture of Sophia Loren
you see that eye she does this trick where she her I technically ends right
there but she like extends it right makes it look a lot bigger so I’m gonna
do something like that just be sure another shot you can see it more clear
see that that’s the goal today I am going to start with my foundation this
is the CYO long lasting foundation it’s life proof and this is the shade 1:07
last week I did a video where like I showed you guys this foundation and I’ve
been wearing it ever since and I’m wearing a wig so let’s just like bear
with me as this is gonna look like garbage
oh oh oh I know magic baby this is my Smith 151 brush so I showed
you guys this foundation last week if you watched my last Saturday video and
I’ve been wearing it ever since and I must say it’s so nice like it just gives
such a nice coverage and it’s drugstore which is even like a bigger bonus I just
been loving it so once I have done my foundation all over I’m going to use my
Chanel so late and a Chanel with a brush this is a morphe ey9 brush and I’m just
going to place this like on my forehead I’ve got this weird ass tan line when I
went to the beach on my forehead John zoom thank you
and it’s just you see it right there like nothing’s blending I don’t I don’t
know what to do maybe I should get bangs I don’t know cute wow Gorge love you
know my jawline sides of my nose should I tell a story while I get ready
what’s a good story oh I know okay so on my Instagram somebody was asking for
like dating tips and went on and everybody always asked me for dating
tips I don’t know why why no way cuz like I got a hottie but like I feel bad
because dating these days sucks and I feel really bad for anybody out there
who’s dating because like all the apps and everything and it just all-around
sucks and if I were single now I don’t know
what I would do I got a lot of like good dating horror stories horror not horror
horror and I feel like I could just like maybe my Saturday videos would just be
all of my dating awful stories because back when I was single it was right when
like tinder first came out tinder I was on tinder OkCupid match you know I
wasn’t on match was I Oh plenty of fish and
just met some whoa I met some very unique individuals to say the least and
it was kind of fun though like it was something to do does that mean but I’ll
never forget I was singing about this the other day about this guy I met and
he was well-educated he worked in like at a bank so he numbers Wow I was
impressed he seemed like a really cool guy whatever and he was like you want to
go back to my place because we were at this bar and this bar was closing he was
like come on back to my place we can like have a drink and watch a movie or
whatever and I was like okay oh this is jus a essential high-coverage liquid
concealer it’s creme is a shade anyway so I was like okay so I’m back to his
house and that’s when like things just were he had his own apartment which was
very impressive the first thing like when I walked in
was the smell it smelled like cat urine and steal cigarettes but here’s the
kicker he wasn’t a smoker and he didn’t have cats so I was just like mmm like
trying to breathe through my mouth I was like okay like maybe it’s his neighbor
or something I don’t know let’s not judge so I like walk in and I’m waiting
cuz he’s over by like the front door and he’s taking off his shoes and stuff so I
walk in and I’m looking and above his TV he has like three samurai sword looking
things like hanging and I was like oh okay and then I turn around for shelves
and they were filled filled with antique dolls but not like it was a creepy
antique dolls the ones that are just give you the creeps and I was just
looking at them and trying to you know process what is this what am I seeing
right so I’m just looking at it and he he notices that I’m staring at all these
creepy dolls and he’s like oh yeah mother used to collect antique dolls and
I guess I just caught that that bug I was like did he just say mother hmm says
mother mother this is what I’m thinking in my mind I’m not saying that out loud
okay non-asshole only my mind you know it’s like oh are
they yours or your mom’s and he was like oh these ones are mine and I have a
storage unit that has once more and he starts going through
all the different dolls their names like one was I think like Bethany there was
Rebecca it was weird and I was like okay so he’s like an
antique doll collector okay thank you mommy I’m not here to judge so I just
kind of like let it go but when you looked at these dolls they just gave you
that creepy feeling so it’s like you want to watch your movie and I was just
like man I just want to get outta here cuz fuckin stinks so I’m trying to think
of my excuses but I couldn’t think of anything on spots holes like okay which
if you have a bad feeling ladies just get the fuck out of there like don’t
even bullshit I don’t know why stayed for as long as I did anyway so he’s like
okay don’t you sit on the couch and then I’ll go grab some movies because I just
got some new ones I was like okay damn it so I go to sit on his his crusty ass
couch and the couch is supposed to be comfy cuz it’s a couch but it was stiff
when I sat on it like you didn’t even bounce but it was stiff and dirty it
looks like he spilled just I don’t know what I was just like sitting on the edge
of the couch because I was like I don’t get me out of here somebody and this is
when you should have a friend that you text and you’re like hey call me and
pretend there’s an emergency and this is when I should have had that but I didn’t
have that at the time so I was like trying to think of any excuse I was like
please somebody died so I could get a phone call and have to go anything so he
comes back and he shows me these different movies they’re like western
movies like classic ones that’s when I just told him that I had to go because I
got called into work early it was the lamest lie and I knew he knew I was
lying and you could just tell I felt so bad because he looked really he like he
knew I was lying and I’m too nice and I’m so nice obviously guys I’m so nice
and you could just tell he knew I was lying and I just like yeah I gotta go
so then I left and to this day though the antique doll thing creeps me out and
the fact that he called his mom mother we all have red flags baby and those two
were like in my face and that’s one story I have 3000 others
but yeah I just like feel really bad for people out there dating right now I’m
gonna put more concealer it’s hard and when I was dating I went on a lot of
dates and just could not find the one I actually met Fernando the guy I’m with
now when I deleted all of my dating profiles and I deleted everything and I
was like you know what I’m just gonna be single like for a year and then a couple
months later I met fern at a tattoo shop and we he hasn’t left me alone sense I
keep trying to get rid of him but he will not leave me alone and that’s our
little love story I feel like right now it’s like how do you even meet people at
a bar at a library Home Depot go to Home Depot sit there that’s where you meet
all the hotties who can builds I love that so this is makeup forever matte
velvet skin blurring powder foundation I am the shade y22 5 and I’m going to use
this with my Beauty Blender I don’t know why I don’t use this sponge it comes
with I just don’t why’d you set my under eye down the center of my nose my chin
above my lip I always do my forehead after my eyebrows I don’t know why but
it’s just what I do and it works then I take my Laura Mercier loose setting
powder and translucent and then I just go over what I just did
yes it’s a lot but it looks bomb I should have done my eyes first setting
my forehead with I should have filmed this I don’t know why I did it but I use
this soap I got it at the 99-cent store oh it’s so grimy I spray it with a
setting spray I used my spoolie and I dip it in here
and then I brush my eyebrows upwards this works better than any brow gel you
will ever use holds my brows in place I do this every single day
I just never film it because I thought it was getting like I feel like I should
mention it from time to time so that’s what I did and then I set my forehead
with powder so looking at pictures if like Sophia Loren and even Sharon Tate
they hired eyebrows that go more straight up and so I’m pushing my brows
up here but since this is like my own version of these look I don’t want to be
all straight up so I just kind of brushed the soap through and then once
it dries your brows are just like stuck in place and then I fill it in soap is
called piers or pears pears 99-cent store you want a soap that is mainly
glycerin and you can tell if it’s glycerin if it’s see-through
I got you so now this is Melo brow powder duo and this is the shade caramel
or caramel and I’m gonna use the darker shade first and put this right from the
my arch downwards is where I place the darker shade and then I placed a lighter
shade of fur on so now I switch to the lighter shade I had a lot of caffeine
today my hands are so shaky okay so I did my eyebrows and now I’m going to do
my eyes so I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out what the hell I’m doing
and this is a palette from lunatic cosmetics and this is called the contour
palette just like contour palette number one damnit number two think I’m gonna go
with like this shade or should I did this one oh shit you know I don’t know
that’s the problem let’s do this one this is a very very old brush it’s I
think it’s Sephora brand it’s called The Oval blending and I think this is like
one of my first brushes I’ve ever got you guys Wow historic but just like an
all-over shadow brush matter and use like a matte pinky shade
and I’m just going to Pat this all over my eye going up towards my crease and
then I’m gonna take a little bit of this shade right here and put this right on
the outer part up into my crease okay so now I have like a very small this is
Dell iam tools 762 it’s a very small angled liner brush I am going to use a
baleen this is the gel black eyeliner I’m really shaky so let’s spray to the
eyeliner gods that this works out so I did one eye because I knew that this was
going to be a disaster right like didn’t know what I was doing so I did when I
first and now I’m gonna do it over here I’m also gonna like tweak some things
because I’m still I’m I just want to get it perfect but breathe you know
okay here’s what I did so I have that gap right there you know I found that
starting with that is probably best so right on the edge of the eye so think
like how do I even explain this your bottom waterline pretend there’s an
imaginary line that’s going upwards following that on the edge of the eye
let’s create like a little I already fucked up it’s over it’s done
hold that spot right on the edges I do like a little triangle purse now let’s
build on that right on the lash line just do like your normal liner and then
connect it with the diamond or the triangle or whatever this is but have it
come like straight across so just leave a gap there pretend your eyes longer
wider whatever bring the liner along the lash line not the waterline and then
I’ll use my little concealer brush to fix this mistake I made it would have
been better if I did my my eyes first because like at least for me personally
I’m always messing up my liner so it would have been better to do this first
book whoopsie and then I did in here which was a joke but I’m gonna try again
so right in my crease let’s use a liquid this is Urban Decay perversion
waterproof and it’s a rush tip it’s not a phone tip
so it like has flexibility to it which is nice so I messed it up I’ll fix it
after then using a white liner makeup wrapper artists color pencil in 1:04
which is a white pencil this I’m going to place right in this little triangle I
made in the corner of my eye and then in my waterline and then that pink shade
that I used for my lid I’m just gonna pop it right along my lower lash line
actually I’m sorry this one right here large trial and error a lot of practice
and patience when it comes to this shit I’m just gonna use my concealer brush
and like clean it up right here okay so I did my eyes and my eyes are watering
because my allergies so gonna move fast now we let me dust off the loose setting
powder which I have all over my face and now I’m going to put on mascara and some
lashes I guess I should just done this off-camera and put on some mascara and
lashes and I’ll be right back okay so I put on these pair of lashes they are
called double take in thereby boldface beauty and then I put on a mascara on my
lower lashes as well I think it looks nice let’s do a little bit of a contour
so this is my Smashbox contour palette and I have my angle brush my allergies
are just odd it can try but I don’t know I can’t stop it there’s really not much
you can do when that happens so cheeks forehead jawline and then I’m
going to do a smidge a blush so I do blush to see where blush where’s blush
whoa whoa yeah we’re gonna do blush this is by Marc Jacobs it’s called lush
libido and I’m just gonna take like a little swirl right oh my cheeks I like
to do it on my chin on my poor head as well just lightly and then I’m gonna do
a nude lip I am going to line my lips with makeup forever artist color pencil
number six zero six and then this is huda beauty liquid lipstick in bikini
babe okay so this is the finished look do you like it do you love it do you
want to wear it let me know down below I think it’s cute I feel cute I just wish
my eyes would stop watering but I think it’s cute let me know what you think
down below a big thank you to hello fresh for partnering with me on today’s
video also down below let me know what you would like to see
next we have a good day make good choices and I’ll see you guys later


  1. Two things real quick! 1. Sorry the camera is shaky and getting those action shots! Had some help filming this one but the moving was too much, will make sure in the future it just…. stands still. hha. yeah it was making me dizzy too. Sorry ๐Ÿ™
    2. The CYO foundation is being discontinued according to, well, everyone. so, go to walgreens and stock up hahaha or not, save your money. Also i have been informed the Soap and Glory foundation is an exact dupe. Its more pricey, which is a bummer but, if youre looking for a dupe thats it!

    hi friends happy saturday! hope you like this little tutorial, story and nonsense. haha.. my eyes would not stop watering and therefore, i will probably attempt to re do this look because I believe i can do better and i like a challenge. ahahah ANYWHO hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead and a big thank you to HelloFresh for partnering with me on this video. Love and appreciate you guys soo much and I will be seeing you very soon. ALSO, halloween look ideas?
    Go to and enter "Baileys80" and get started with 8 free meals โ€“ thatโ€™s $80 off your first month of HelloFresh

  2. I was not ready for this eye look! I love how Sophie Loren did her eyes! She's so cool! That blush was also ABSO-FREAKING-LUTLEY the perfect shade! Gorg ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  3. I always love the part where she does her eyes, its so hard to the eyes so i love investigating how Bailey does it

  4. Hey Bailey! I'd love to see you do a look using Colourpop's new Lilac collection, especially the eyeshadow palette! Loved this video and listening to your stories. Yay for no car accidents, lol! Thanks, xoxo

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    School day me: gets ready and leaves the house feeling cute.
    Also me: sees her self in the mirror at school 2:26

  7. I have been lucky dating online but ladies always meet in public and guy with your guy donโ€™t worry about being nice. Not sure how I say online dating was successful since I am single now. I am still best friends with several of the guys I dated. Being a fan of of true crime does make me extremely paranoid dating online but nothing wrong with that. This eye technique is bomb not sure I have seen it done before.

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  12. Casually eating chips
    Bailey: thereโ€™s creepy dolls and I thing on was caked Bethani (drops chip) I love your story times x

  13. I went out with a guy who told me – completely out of context- in the middle of dinner that he feels like if women lie and say theyโ€™re on birth control and get pregnant that men should be able to legally force them to have an abortion. ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜’ There are a lot of weirdos. A lot.

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  18. Thank you for making these videos Bailey. My 6 year old daughters father died from a fentanyl overdose June 1st 2019 and it has become more and more overwhelming for both her and I since he passed away. I spend every minute that I can with her helping her deal with the loss of her dad and the only time I have to myself is 2 days a week when I am off work early. Mondays and Saturdays. Mondays I watch your other series and saturdays I watch these videos and it completely takes me away from all of that sadness and into a relaxing state of mind where I can do my makeup with you and also listen to a story. So thank you! Please keep doing what you do! Xoxo

  19. Could you do a story time video all about your tattoos ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป That would be awesome! This video was bomb btw per usual ๐Ÿ˜˜

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  21. Bailey you would make an excellent daytime talk show host!! You have the "it" factor needed to make it big. You come across as a very real, smart, and beautiful person who is friends with everyone she meets. I love your videos and commentary and I will be following your career when you make it big!!!โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    Btw, my bf had never heard anyone every say that but me and when we started dating 9 yrs ago i would say it all the time and he legitimately thought id lost my last noodle ๐Ÿ˜‚ I was so excited the first time i heard Bailey say it so i could finally prove to him that other ppl besides me say it.

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