1. I feel you 🙁 .. I used to have the occasional break out but after making the worst mistake of my life by removing facial hair with laser I continuously broke out for 2 years really badly (it was painful and depressing) …I went to 3 different dermatologists and tried everything but accutane since I was told it could have bad side effects..I felt really bad about it and didn't know what else to do..I tried one more time with a different dermatologist and everything became better …I am not at 100% but I would say I am way better than before …I feel like you have to continuously try different things to see what works best for you

  2. i'm so happy youre showing us your bare face. before I really wanted to see your foundation routine and how you apply your base makeup but you didnt have any videos like that in the past. and you don't need to feel insecure about your face. I love watching beauty videos with people that have imperfect skin that way it's more relatable and I can actually see how good the makeup actually looks. I can't tell you how many times I bought a foundation because of a youtuber (who had perfect skin) and it turned out to have bleh coverage and the skin care was so inefective. but your recommendations havs done wonders for my skin

  3. UK follower here, I have been following you for a while and am taking a few tips and tricks that you have shared. I am currently suffering from acne on face and back, and it's just not going away and have been living with it for a fare few years. I am currently using Nivea sensitive cleansing milk, Garnier refreshing toner, N07 blemish defence serum and coconut oil. I have no clue what to do for my skin plus I have no clue what skin type I have. On the whole, I am lost but trying. You can look at my last vid that I did, I look sooo tyred with dull skin so you can see what I am dealing slightly. Thanks

  4. Thanks Joan unnie. I've been suffering from acne since 4 years now. Your videos give me hope to not give up. Yes I understand that feeling of insecurity. I'm just 16. So thank you very much. 😊
    I watched many videos which said that vitamin C is very good for skin and many people including Eddy and you recommend Klairs vitamin serum. On the first 3 days of using it my skin magically cleared up quite a lot. I thought my skin was finally healing but after that it just slowly like.. stopped working. It's going to be 2 weeks since I've been using it. So I started using C21.5 enhancing sheet mask 3 days ago. But I guess it's making me breakout. breakouts are tiny but all over my face. Everywhere. Did something like this happen to you? Is my skin just purging because of C21.5 or what?? Can you help me out with these??

  5. I had a similar break out a few years ago too. I rarely had such bad acne in the past, usually just 3-4 pimples at most at one time but then when I turned 22 I suddenly started breaking out all over my face. It was such a horrible thing to go through, I hated going out and just wanted to stay in my room. I felt totally helpless but eventually my skin slowly recovered. My dermatologist prescribed antibiotics and a retin-a topical ointment. It worked for me. One time I had a deep cystic pimple on my back and he injected Cortisone (a steroid) which he said would make it "disappear". When I looked at it a few months later there was a HUGE dent where the pimple had been. Apparently the injection destroyed not only the inflammation but also some of the fat under the skin. It did go back to normal after a year tho, but when I imagine it could've been on my face I'm grateful I didn't get any there.

  6. I get acne not really on the middle of my forehead but on the edge of my forehead near my hair. Some say that it is due to an excessive use of hair products, but I'm not really sure that's true! Do you have any ideas or tips?

    Also, how do you remove dark spots from your old acne? Thanks for the help!

  7. Honestly, all of your reactions and thoughts and EXPERIENCES were exactly the same as me. I felt so embarrassed during it and like I was the only one, and then by a miracle I found you on YouTube! Acne sucks but at least it allowed me to find you here! Thank you Joan for talking about this ❤

  8. JOAN! thank you for making this video and I truly appreciate it because having skin issues are more than just surface level. My friend had psoriasis and talked to me once about how he never wanted to go out either. So in a way it is depression and it shouldn't be overlooked at all. I am beyond glad you even made this video to talk about it and you are still beautiful no matter what inside and out! <3

  9. Hi Joan! Thank you for sharing your story. I went through the same acne problems, about two years ago when I stopped taking my birth control pills. At that time, I didn't want to go to a dermathologist because, like you I was very skeptical, so I started watching youtube videos about how to heal acne with all natural products, so that's basically what I did and now it's so much better. I only have some dark spots but I feel way more confident with my skin, now I don't even wear foundation haha. Love your videos <3 greetings from Chile!

  10. Love your honesty, I appreciate it so much!!! I don't suffer from acne myself, but it is still good to learn new things, and your videos are overall very informative, helpful, and you seem to be such a sweet soul ❤

  11. I also felt so depressed when my acne was really bad 😞 it's a lot better now but I just can't seem to get rid of my blotchy skin texture…

  12. Thank you so much for being so brave in sharing your experience with everyone! ❤️ I can totally relate to what you went through! I had a really bad allergic reaction to a certain moisturizer and it took me almost 6 months to get my skin back to where it used to be (all thanks to COSRX tbh so I'm so thankful that I found your reviews!). 😉 Just hang in there! Sending hugs from Manila 😘

  13. what did you do to the acne scars? i suffers from acne scar. they are not that bad now. but you know i want to have perfectly clear skin 🙂

  14. you are still beautiful. i am really impressed about your video. i am suffering from acne for a long time too. i seem to know your mind. thank you joan and i am a real fan of you. love you.

  15. Haii Joan, have you even try zymogen product for acne? Compare with cosrx which one is the best product for acne & sensitive skin?

  16. thank you for sharing with us, Joan 🙂 this video is so helpful to me. I also have acne especially at my chin area. I'm currently using organic skincare and it's been a few months now. quite pricey for a student but I'm trying it out anyway hehe my skin still having breakouts but I think that is because of my diet and hormone. some people said that sugary and dairy stuff can contribute to acne. I'm 22 by the way… I also kinda feel irritated when people say stuff about my acne problem. I rarely wear face make up so all those imperfections are clearly visible. going to dermatologist isn't really a thing in my country, so the price is quite pricey for us college students.


    I'm glad your skin is doing better now! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  18. I had the same breakout as yours a year ago!! Even my relatives are disgusted with my face during that dark stage of my life. Now, All of my acnes are gone but it they left me ice pick scars. Any tip to at least lessen the pits of the scars? Thanks Joan. Xo 💕

  19. I love that you're so real with us. People talk about "acne" when they really haven't struggled as much. Thank you for sharing. I'm happy that you feel confident enough to share this with us.

  20. It's so hard not to fall in love with you tbh. I've always admired your genuineness. I too have had my fair share of worst breakouts thrice and I've done the same treatment for all times but a while after I stop, I start to breakout again. 💔 I live for videos like this. No click bait, just pure and sincere intention of trying to help & encourage girls like me. Keep going, Joan! Inspire thousands! ❤

  21. ;_____; thank you for having the heart to share this ! IT'S OK NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR SKIN YOUR STYLE IS ALWAYS ON FLEEK 😭 LOL .

  22. Hello Joan! I was surprised when I watched this video. Back in 2015, I got hospitalized for asthma and one of the meds the doctors gave me had steroids in it. I got better and was discharged from the hospital but a few weeks later, I started breaking out like you did! My acne was crazy, I had it on my face, chest and back! I was sooo embarassed about it, even people touching my back can feel the bumps. I thought it was hormonal acne so aside from the usual skin care, I took pills that had ingredients to make the skin look better. I visited a dermatologist and I had treatments done, bec I was really desperate to cure my acne. Fortunately, the treatments given to me worked, but I think it took a while since the steroids were still in my body. Now I know the reason for that crazy breakout. So I think I should better take care of my health too so that I won't have to take steroids again bec having that kind of acne was really difficult for me. Thank you Joan for sharing your story. 😊👍

  23. Hi Joan Unie i'v had the blackhead on my nose for a really long long time……
    i hate it so much,but i couldn't find any way to remove it from my nose forever!!!
    help me please!!

  24. I started watching your vids only today and I already love how honest you are with everything. Thank you so much for this Joan. Do keep it up ❤️

  25. Hey joan I'm wondering do you suffer from extremely blocked pores? Do you know any products that are good for that? My pores are so bad, my nose is just riddled with blackheads and I don't know what to do about them. I use an egg white cleanser, I've tried steaming my pores, I've tried using an extractor, I've tried pore strips, currently using face masks (not seeing a huge difference) I don't know what to do!

  26. hi joan! i love ur videos! its really helpful. im not confident with my skin too.. im trying out cosrx products ever since i saw your videos about it. looking forward to ur videos.

  27. i can't believe they were injecting your zits with steroids without telling you!! i think that's the problem with derm clinics in Korea, there's too many and often provide "quick fixes" with products that have a lot of alcohol and fragrance even when marketed as "natural". When I moved back to Canada derm visits always have at least a 1 month wait while in Korea you can just walk down the street and get an appointment lol. Happy that your skin cleared up so well!

  28. Hi Joan
    How many time or how long did u need to go to N-Olive after your worst breakout?
    I have acne prone and oily skin but its getting better while Im using COSRX, and I really wanted to try Troiareuke, but I dont know where to start, like which toner, which ampoule or anything that I should try from Troiareuke.
    and I have very sensitive nose, I dont know why but everytime I used cosrx oil free moisturizing my nose area feel burning, but I believe its not because COSRX, but there is clearly something wrong with my nose..

  29. Hi Joan,
    I also have some problems like you. I got break out every time I stop the skin care from beauty clinics that I go.

    Now I am starting to use over the counter product. I think it so much better.

    I agree with you. We are humans, so we need to gain our confidence and not to scared anymore about acne. 🙂

  30. im sorry for the late comment and i hope you will notice me . ok first i dont know why my face has alot of mess its was worst and it dont heal even tho im using alot of skincare, a product it still didnt heal i just lost my self esteem when im infront of my friend . can i ask some tips for healing this breakout juseyo

  31. You don't look much different from your bare face. So beautiful, a natural. I'm just like you, I started to have acne in college due to stress, lack of sleep/sleeping late and eating unhealthy food (mostly ramen and chips) to save money. I seriously thank you for this video.

  32. I'm planning to go to korea for a month soon and I've an acne dry skin and I want to find a solution for it so I decided to have a clinic like treatment in seoul but I really don't know where should I go, what should I do and how much it's cost .. Can you please help me with that and make a video about it!!

  33. Your skin is really perfect! I have the same problem now. I hope my skin will get better just like yours now, ameeennnnnn.

  34. definitely know what you mean by how acne can destroy someone's confidence, i'm still going through my acne struggles. thank you for sharing your story and I'm so happy i stumbled across your channel 🙂 <3

  35. I live in States. The best product to use when i have acne is ProActiv. I rarely got acne now. I found out the best way is to avoid touching your face, i used to have acne bec. of me like touching my face. The product i use now to keep my skin clear is Body Shop's Tea Tree Face Wash.

  36. hello joan! may I know if there is another shop in Seoul that sells bouquet garni lip balm? The link provided doesn't seem to work anymore ><

  37. Thanks for the honest video.. really.
    My acne is back after 15 years without it because I stopped using hormonal pill. Now I have to learn how to fight against it again so your videos are so helpful right now. thanks!

  38. I can totally relate to how you felt Joan! My skin is still in a mess now, quite severe acne problem with oily & dehydrated skin, I did my research, eat healthy live healthy, yet the progress is not yet seen. It is frustrating. Recently I just started to see an aesthetician again for deep extraction and VPL treatment, I hope I will learn new things from you @Joan Kim. =) I am enjoying your channel very much!!!

  39. In times like this is realize how lucky i am for not having acne problems! 😮

    And u are such a beautifull person joan… inside and out. <3

  40. I've been really depressed because I recently started getting bad breakouts for the first time in my life. Thanks for sharing this video made me feel better!

  41. Youre amazing! Im having breakouts right now and you just made me feel hopeful 🙂 Thank you!

  42. I'm so happy for you~ I hope one day my skin will heal up like yours cause I've my acne since 1st year of HS and my skin still haven't healed until now (4th yr college) D;

  43. You are by far the best youtuber when it comes to skincare!!! I love you and admire you for that, my skin got way better after I purchased cosrx products and the change it had made is amazing, in still struggling with dryness and some acne dark scars, but it used to be worse! Thank you for all the tips, for being so honest and professional!!

  44. I know how you feel 😭.
    There are times that I don't even want to go out of my room because I'm so embarassed of how I look 😭💔.

  45. You're so cute ! I know how you feel about skin induced insecurities. Have you looked into retin a ? Also , be careful of products with silicones (for example, dimethicone or ingredients ending in -one)

  46. Hey joan may i ask what's ur email so i can have a lil convo about my skin condition and maybe ask some questions (?) I have dry skin but lately my skin has been breaking out…. its inflamed and swelled

  47. Hy☺ can u recommend daily skin care routine for indian skin…i hv wierd black mark on face n it keep on increasing also i hv uneven skintone…..plz it would be grt if u could hepl…

  48. Using steroid is not that bad tho.
    Steroid in good amount is very effective and cure many disease, but the dosage, how long you should use it, how you stop it, it should be in a good way.
    Keep the note that our bodies also produce steroid (corticosteroid) as a hormone that regulate so many things in our body. (but of course too little of hormone or too many is bad, that's how our body works)
    I know you might sad because of your experience about that substance, but your words sounds like you think that steroid is a bad guy. In your case, you having withdrawal effect because stopping the substance too sudden, so the effect is contra with the real effect of steroid.
    I know this is a old video but… yea please don't think that steroid is bad… thank you. 😊

  49. I had my worst breakout after my chicken pox experience. The virus with chicken pox is the kinda same with what shingles has. I guess it has the same effect.

  50. Thank you so much for this joan 💕 I've never had a lot of acne but I recently started breaking out quite a bit on my cheeks, and chin. I've been using some of the skincare u've recommended like the neogen gauze peeling pads and it's slowly healing. I too understand how it feels to be insecure about your skin so thanks a lot for being honest about this ✨

  51. I think I will get a troipeel even tho my skin is brown so the healing cream is going to be weird on me haha x)

  52. Joan, while you are taking treatment in that dermatologist, do you take the acne extraction treatment every month in that clinic?

  53. So much love for you :), it just felt amazing when you honestly said that your skin is far from perfect and it's the makeup and camera that's hiding the imperfections. You made me love my skin tone and colour which i was trying to whiten. Thank you Joan. My true wishes for you that your skin gets better each and every day. 🙂

  54. For the longest time, a ‘good skin’ day was one when I woke up and there wasn’t any new acne. Brightness? Plumpness? Even tone and texture? Didn’t even matter. My skin has gotten much better since I’ve started taking birth control (as a last resort). Only now that I no longer have flare-ups can I see the real damage. I’m slowly introducing my skin to skin-care products again ( I quit them a few years back because my acne-prone skin was so sensitive). I keep joking to my friends about how I look younger now than I did when I was 12. My skin was in that bad of condition…

  55. I'm experiencing it now… 😭 I'm so depressed right now. People always look at me and some ask me what happened to me. T.T

  56. I grown up with clear skin until im 21 years old. And i got my first breakout in 2019. All my friends r shocked when they saw ma face and its breaks me

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