Nach Haartransplantation: 5 Tipps zur Heilung und Verlauf – ab wann Medikamente?

Nach Haartransplantation: 5 Tipps zur Heilung und Verlauf – ab wann Medikamente?

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Hi guys, I’m Hilal I’ll show you guys what the bag contains which you receive after the hair transplant so you guys know what you’ll have to expect and what to do at home If you return back home you’ll still have the head band on the head band has to be woren another 3 days at night the head band shall be pulled down to your neck and every 30 mins move it a little so it doesn’t stick to the back of your head if you are at home and it’s getting night time and it’s time to sleep you’ll need the neck pillow the neck pillow should be used so that you don’t turn yourself whil sleeping it’s obviously supposed to be put around your neck all the liquids that have been injected into your scalp flows out of your neck area. Don’t worry it’s no blood. It’s only a saline solution We also included a sheet so that your bad stays clean and dry this sheet has an absorbent side you can stick the back side on the bed you put the absorbent side on top and then you put the neck pillow on top then place your neck pillow into your neck and then lie flat on your back without using another pillow. Only the neck pillow. In the next morning you’ll see a lot of liquid will have left your neck area but as said don’t worry it’s no blood! It’s just a saline solution after that it’s time for the medecine in the bag are three different drugs which you are supposed to take. Don’t worry you’ll get an Information sheet so that you’ll know when to take what the first you’ll need to take is Minoset take 2 pills then you’ll be pain free it has the active ingredient from Paracetamol. If you need to then directly after the surgery just make sure you don’t take to many what’s very important is to make sure that you keep hydrated after you eat it’s time for the precort it has the active ingredient Prednisolone you’ll have to take three pills on the day of the surgery on the following day 3 pills on the 3rd day 3 pills and on the 4th day only 2 pills and on day 5 none anymore. The package has more pills than you need It contains 20 pills but you’ll only need to take 11 of those make sure to only use them on the days noted on the information sheet and then you’ll have to take the monodox I know it’s a lot expecially because it’s all on the same day but it’s needed because the monodox is the antibiotic, so that nothing get’s infected that is really important that you start taking those pills on surgery day you’ll have to take 2 a day for the next 14 days so if you take one pill at 10 pm then you’ll have to take the next at 10 am it’s really important. Make sure to drink enough and stay hydrated don’t drink alcohol or smoke with the pills other than that you’ll also a receive a shampoo this shampoo we’ll explain to you separately there’s a dedicated video for the shampoo you’ll also receive a few goodies those are a surprise. You’ll see when you’ll receive your bag Other than that what’s also important is that on day 13 post surgery you send us a photo of your head so that we can see the status and situaution of your scalp If you still have questions Julia is your contact person. If you have not understood something feel free to write Julia she’ll answer your questions any questions you have, just ask that’s what we are here for I’ll wrap up todays video I hope you enjoyed the video We’ll see each other soon. Take care. Bye.


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