Nail Biters Learn Horrifying Facts About Biting Your Nails

Nail Biters Learn Horrifying Facts About Biting Your Nails

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– My metro card, when it
falls, oh, forget about it. – I’m buying another one.
– You have no traction. (fun guitar music) – I don’t even remember a
time I wasn’t a nail biter. – I only bite my nails
when I’m actually bored, in like a movie or if
I’m sitting at my desk. – And I’m also a cuticle biter. – I bite my nails when
I’m bored, watching TV. – As you get older as
an adult and you have, like, real anxieties to deal with in real life it only makes things worse. – I guess I’ve tried to stop, it’s more of a like a subconscious thing. – I know that these are gonna be gross, but it’s kind of like one
of those things where, like when someone tells
you what is in a hot dog – Right.
– And the expected reaction is “I’m never gonna eat a hot dog again!” It’s like, that should be the reaction to, like, what I’m about to read, – Right.
– but then, like, it probably won’t stop
me because I’m garbage. – [Speaker 4] So, apparently nail biting can give you bad breath. – I mean, a lot of things
can give you bad breath. – This is true.
– That is why you gotta brush your teeth, you gotta use that mouthwash.
– Floss. – I use mouthwash two
or three times a day. – Whatever. Whatever.
– Whatever. I don’t care. – Next, next.
– I don’t care. – [Speaker 2] There is a chance that the nails you are biting
off may never grow back. – Hmm. – I can live with that. – Are you sure? – No, I can’t, I can’t live with that. – Guess what?
– I mean – That would solve all my problems. – And also to like I think
we’re almost there already, – Yeah. Yeah.
– you know, point of no return – As of now mine have been growing back, but I’ll keep an eye out for if they don’t and maybe that will help me stop. – [Speaker 2] There are all kinds of germs crawling under your fingernails, including Staphylococcus aeureus, which can lead to a staph infection. – Oh, that is not good. – Then think about the
fact that I’m putting those hands in my mouth
is not the best feeling. – Yeah, that makes me
reconsider things. Okay. – Mmm. Nice. Alright.
– That is gross. That is gross.
– Mmm. Yeah it is gross. – Oh, see, I almost did
it again, oh my god. – Not trying to get a staph
infection anytime soon. – [Speaker 3] You’re more
likely to grind your teeth – [Speaker 4] Which can
result in fracturing, loosening, or loss of teeth. – Maybe ’cause you’re
just used to biting things during the day so at night
your subconscious mind is like, “I’m gonna ruin my entire body.” – This also assumes that
we go to the dentist. – That is true, that is true.
– I mean, there’s a lot of – You don’t know, you don’t
– assumptions, yeah. – know what is going on in here. – That’s a whole other video.
– I know. – This is pretty scary that
I can actually lose my teeth – Yeah.
– just because I wanted to bite my nails.
– I think you need your teeth. – [Speaker 2] Fingertips
can turn into a “pus bath.” Basically the bacteria,
staphylococcus aeureus, there is that word again,
can work its way into small sores and cause
pus build up and those sores can open up on the fingertips. – Don’t want a nailbiter
serving you food or putting their fingers anywhere
probably near your orifices. – The combination of those
– Yeah, that’s – words, pus and bath. – You’re gonna be looking
like you just made it through the bubonic plague
if you are chewing on your fingernails, which I feel
like this is pretty drastic. – I’ve never experienced that myself, as a professional nailbiter, however, that sets me back a little bit. – I quit on this one. – You quit? Oh god.
– I quit. That is it. – Apparently, in some instances, nailbiting can lead to oral STIs. Did not know that.
– Ewww. – What a lame way to get an STI, biting your nails, jeeze. Be like, oh, why do you have herpes? Oh, like, I bite my nails on the toilet. – That is gross. – Yeah, that is like, yeah, that is – But since we’re both virgins – Oh yeah, no, you know.
– It’s totally fine. – Sorry guys. No more love for you because you might give me STIs
and no one wants that. – This is gonna making
– I have to reconsider, – me reconsider, yeah
– yeah, my entire life. – Hopefully I remember this a
couple months down the road. – I’m done completely. – You’re done.
– I’m done. – Never gonna stop. My immune system is shit
but I’m never gonna stop. – I don’t think I’m
ever gonna stop either. I think I’m just lost.
– I’m sick all the time. – Some of these are really disgusting – Yeah.
– So I have to reconsider because I’m not trying to have any of these things happen to me. And if I see her biting her nails at her desk I’m gonna call her out on it now. – Yeah, I’ll call him out too. – Final verdict: still
gonna eat a hot dog, still gonna bite my nails. – Let’s do a follow-up
in the next couple weeks – Yeah
– and see if there is any changes. – I do apologize to my mom
because she tried so hard. – I know, same.
– She tried, like, my mom tried so hard.


  1. anyone else who isnt a nail biter but a nail picker? like i dont bite it but i will constantly pick the edges of the nail til it tears off. same with my toe nails 😭😭😭

  2. My boyfriend bites his nails and the puss build up one happened to him and they had to peirce his nail with a needle and drain the puss out and his nail swell up to three times the size so big asf and everyday for two weeks he had to squeeze his finger and green puss would come out and sometimes it would squirt out of his nail and a month later his nail fell off.. True story. After I witnesses that atrocity I stopped biting my nails.


  4. i used to bite my nails super bad, but after i got braces, i stopped. when i got my braces off, i was afraid i would start biting again, but i didn’t. i also really love painting my nails (and i’m actually pretty good at it)

  5. I randomly bite my nails and people think I’m nervous, but really most of the time I don’t even notice myself biting my nails until someone tells me.

  6. Really clean people get ill, people that are medium clean that bite nails are just feeding the health immune system, and the really dirty people will get all the bad stuff

  7. Omg that one nail that looks perfect and when u are about to chip it off after biting it hurts. I hate that nail.

  8. “When you become an adult and have REAL anxieties you have to deal with…”

    Ah yes. So being a minor means your anxieties are not that bad. Just get over it!
    (This is sarcasm btw 👀)

  9. I used to bite my nails but I replaced biting nails with cutting my nails with a nail clipper, but please tell me how to stop biting the skin around the nails

  10. I bite my nails if they are too long wich they never grow very long I started at a young age and ever since I couldn't stop l
    Little update haven't bitten them in the longest time now they feel cold and weird

  11. My dad bites his nails, and one day his finger swelled much bigger and it was hurting badly. He was stubborn, so he wouldn’t go anywhere or take medicine. Eventually, he went to the emergency room and had his finger drained as well as getting a needle jammed in his nail, making it peel off.

  12. When I was younger my mom told me that if I bite my nail she will put something bitter on it but I didn't stop then she told me that if I don't stop my nail will be tiny so I stopped cause I love my nails

  13. Me before I watch the video: bitting nails*

    Me while watching the video:bitting nails*

    Me after watching the video:”eh idc about those facts” continues to bite nails*

  14. Bruh biting nails is disgusting. Im so happy that i dont do it 🤢 It looks so nasty, especially with polish. Plus, ew? Nails? Eat? No. Please, try to resist and let your nails growwwww

  15. I hate swimming because the skin I picked of my finger tip looks gross, and also opening things are a struggle, on top of all that there’s nail polish to deal with…yeah it’s bad…

  16. I’m here because I never bite my nails and still can’t understand how anyone can. Not judging just can’t wrap my mind around it. And I do have bad habits 😑

  17. Good thing about biting your nails

    It can give you a better immune system because there are only a small amount of those germs so went you eat them it helps your body learn to fight the germs therefor helping you along you less likely to actually get that that desease

  18. i bite my nails because of boredom and because of being hungry. maybe my mom doesn’t give me enough attention and food.

  19. Is anyone like me? I’m the complete opposite, I have a sensory disorder which causes my fingertips to be roughly 5 times more sensitive, touching anything at all with the bare tips of my finger (that a grown nail would cover) sends a shock down me and gives me instant goosebumps and the worst shivering feeling. So I always keep my nails long and have sense I was a little child, I could never imagine biting my nails, that sounds excruciating.

  20. This is actually blowing my mind. I think the only reason why I'm not a nail biter, is because if I bit my nails, my teeth wouldn't be able to live to tell the talee whatt 😣😭🥴

  21. Nail biting, cheek biting, and skin picking are among what are called BFRBs (Body-focused Repetitive Behaviors) and there are support groups and many people in that community that share your experiences and struggles you may have with them

  22. I can’t stop biting my nails
    I say i will stop
    I won’t
    I put plasters over my fingers
    I chew of the plaster
    I put nail polish
    I eat my nail polish
    Plus I can’t even put nail polish on my nails
    I know I am the only one 🙁

  23. I'm so glad that I stopped biting my nails. During Uni because of the stress it was really bad. Just looking at my nails now, how strong they are and the aesthetic do not make me want to bite them anymore

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