Nail Care : How to Apply Dark Nail Polish Flawlessly

Nail Care : How to Apply Dark Nail Polish Flawlessly

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…nail polish flawlessly. And first, you’re
going to take the finger. Make sure you don’t get too much polish on the brush. Start out
and do one coat down the middle, to the left, and then to the right. And you might have
to go over it a little bit more. And of course, two coats is going to get the best color.
If you find you have stuff on the cuticle, you can always take a little bit of remover
on an orange wood or birch wood stick, go around the nail, wipe it off. Or they have
what they call a polish corrector pen, and you can do the same with that. Just dab it
— go around the skin. Do all ten nails, and then go back and reapply. And there you have it.


  1. The only issue I have is when I apply any dark color the first coat looks good then when I apply the second coat it kind of washes away my first coat that I put on and does not look good! Any tips? AND I DO wait for the 1st coat to dry very good…

  2. I'd assume you're using a nail polish that is crappy. For a "cheap" nail polish that works good I usually opt for NYC.

    I used to do my nails black with that quite often and it worked fine for me,

  3. @smileyface351031 Ummm, some of us are just starting out. I'm 30 years old and stopped biting my nails for the first time and am growing them out. This helped me a lot.

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