Nail Care Routine – Long natural nails, CUT and POLISH

Nail Care Routine – Long natural nails, CUT and POLISH

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hey guys remember me hmm
yeah guys so I’m finally back I’m gonna be giving you an nail update on I’ve been
doing on my whole nail journey I’m gonna give you a little bonus clip something I
recorded a fe w months ago but did I just left it um you know me ‘ripping’ my nails
taking my nails off! painful but it has to be done it was
already a bit you know ripped um and this video just gonna be really about I’m
gonna be cutting my nails basically and then I’m just gonna show you my nail
care routine because I know some of you guys have requested that and then from then
I’ll just be like doing a little updates and go along I was just thinking like I
can’t really do anything …because like these are my real nails basically like what do you guys
want to see cuz I can’t obviously post about nail growing things every week
because you know it’s a nail you know and it’s gonna grow its own pace and
whatever so I might turn this into a little lifestyle YouTube or whatever whatever i don’t know, tell me what you guys want! Do you just want to see my hands
on my nails like just tell me guys I’m drop it in the comments below like,
subscribe and yeah you guys know what to so yeah my face won’t be in the actual nail video, you’ll just see my hands because I need my both of my hands to do
that and I don’t have a stand yet my arm
really hurts right now so I’m gonna put the camera down and I’m just gonna talk
through what I’m doing , so yeah see you later guys know it hurts me to get rid of my long
long nails but as you can see some are uneven some are chipped some are just actually too long for me so Hello? oh my gosh gurlll yeah I know right!
me too really girl come on that’s great yeah okay bye what am i doing now okay
grabbing a mirror showing off my nails some more yeah pretending to do some
makeup… am I done now? yes I am done! Thank you guys so so much for tuning in I know
it’s been so long but I’m finally back and it’s here and I hope
you enjoyed


  1. The length of your nails before you cut them was a nice length. But I’m glad you didn’t cut them all the way down. You have very pretty hands and they look great with long natural nails. Thanks for sharing them with us. And do you have long toenails?

  2. Hi girl
    You are finally back.
    So how are you?what is going on your life?
    I hope that you make more videos and don't stop making them
    I hope for you to have a million subscribers and succeed

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